Which coffee is the best for cold brew, Starbucks or Bizzy Organic?

Which coffee is the best for cold brew, Starbucks or Bizzy Organic?

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  1. For me, Bizzy organic is much better than starbucks. Lets review both products one by one, then you can decide which one is for you.
    Bizzy Organic Cold Brew Coffee
    Bizzy organic cold brew coffee is a coarsely ground coffee meant for cold brew, especially in different flavors and blends. It is a coarsely ground coffee with smoothness. This coffee is made for busy people in particular who can’t make time to go to cafes or trying different brews. This coffee, that’s why it comes in a variety of flavors. The flavour smooth and sweet blend comes with the following features.
    All the flavours of this coffee are 67% less acidic than any other traditional coffee.
    It is ethically sourced and sustainably produced.
    The coffee is packed fresh.
    It is made with 100% Arabica beans.
    The beans used in this coffee production are collected from Central and South America.
    The company gives you different reward prizes and discounts.
    You can make a more robust brew out of it by adding less water, and you can make less strong coffee by adding more water.
    The product has a weight of 16 ounces.
    Pro and Cons
    The coffee doesn’t produce an acidic, bitter taste that other coffee producers typically make after adding a cold brew.
    The coffee is so smooth and sweet that you can even drink it black or enjoy it with Italian cream.
    The grind size is perfect. If you are a cold brew lover, you would definitely know the importance of coarsely ground beans in a cold brew. Also, adding a little bit of salt in your brew will work the best.
    The cold brew made with this coffee is smooth and sweet, but the sweetness is not overpowering.
    No negative feedback.
    Now lets talk about Starbucks coffee for cold brew.
    Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee
    Starbucks cold brew coffee is a signature black coffee that comes in pitcher packs. This cold brew can be infused with some aromatic lemonade, a hint of sugar, and sparkling water. You can change the cold brew game by adding some cocoa powder for a different and unique taste to become chocolatey. You can also use agave syrup to enlighten the strength of your cold brew and enhance the sweetness and essence of the cold brew.
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    Other Products
    This cold brew is easy to make at home. You will need time for the best brew and chocolaty notes instead of giving it heat.
    It is quick to make and not messy at all.
    The coffee beans are coarsely-grounded, and the beans are medium roasted.
    The beans used for the cold brew coffee production are 100% pure and organic Arabica beans.
    The flavor is subtle and sweet, and it gives chocolaty notes.
    The package of this cold brew coffee contains 3 boxes with 4 pitcher packets that make 6 pitchers.
    The product comes with 2.58 pounds.
    Pros and Cons
    You can fill the pitcher for more than 48oz, so it lets the price come down. This makes you the right customer of their product.
    The taste is delicious and robust.
    It is less acidic and doesn’t give you heartburn.
    The poor thing is that the seller that sells this coffee doesn’t keep notice of giving customer service. The box has often arrived poorly damaged.
    There was no expiration date on some of the coffee packs, and the coffee was also leaked due to insufficient packaging.
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