Which coffee brewing method takes the longest?

Which coffee brewing method takes the longest?

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  1. When I cold brew coffee I make a strong batch that I can later dilute by steeping the grounds in water for 18 to 22 hours in my refrigerator. That’s much longer than I take to brew it in any other way.

  2. Cold steeped coffee. It takes about 8–12 hours of steeping, then you need to filter it and chill it.
    After that the other techniques (barring espresso) take about the same amount of time.

  3. A cold brew takes 12–24 hours
    Cold brewing is pretty simple, just put ground coffee in water for a while, then filter the coffee grounds out…but heat extracts the coffee from the beans faster.
    Cold Brew Coffee is Not Rocket Science – I Need Coffee
    The only barrier to other brewing methods is how long it takes to heat the water.
    Espresso and Drip roasts usually heat water up pretty quickly by reducing the surface area of the water and then forces the water or steam through the finer ground beans — finer ground to enable it to be pressed through more effectively — to extract the coffee.
    French pressed coffee involves pouring heated water over not as finely ground beans and letting it steep for a few minutes.
    Cold brewing is very simple, but it takes a while…and, interestingly extracts more caffeine than any other method.


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