Which Blue Bottle coffee location is the best?

Which Blue Bottle coffee location is the best?

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  1. The Heath location is my new favorite. First, it’s in the Mission, which is where I usually am when I’m in San Francisco. Second, it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere in the Mission, so it’s typically pretty empty. Third, it’s an open, roomy space so it doesn’t get packed even when there is a crowd. And finally, the view into the construction of the Heath factory is a pretty nifty sight.
    The Kiosk location in Hayes Valley seems to be the most consistent in their preparation of espresso drinks. It’s also a small joy to watch them blaze through a long line, the employees have a smooth working rapport.
    I end up at the Mint Plaza location very often, it’s probably the second best location after Heath. The drinks are great, of course, but what shines here is the food. It has one of my absolute favorite breakfasts in San Francisco.
    The location on Webster St. in Oakland is good, being the site of the roaster itself. The building and space are quite beautiful. Worth checking out just for the ability to peek behind the scenes.
    It’s a total mess ordering at the Ferry Building location, but it has the advantage of, well, being in the Ferry Building which has many other delights to pair with your coffee.
    The worst one might be the Berry St. Brooklyn venue, though I haven’t been to the others in New York. When I moved from San Francisco to Brooklyn I was excited that my favorite coffee would still be available. I’m not sure if it’s a difference in staff, or perhaps different milk (I usually drink cappuccinos), but it fell rather short of my expectations.

  2. My vote goes to Mint Plaza (https://my.plac.es/mm/348) for two main reasons:

    A full daytime menu (breakfast, lunch, and brunch on weekends). They have an excellent take on classics from the buttermilk waffle, to yogurt and granola (with macerated fruit), to eggs benedict. It makes for one of my favorite weekend routines.
    An incredible collection of coffee-making equipment. I believe this is the only location with a Kyoto coffee setup, full siphon bar, and a vintage machine for single-origin espresso in addition to the standard espresso bar. It’s paradise for a coffee geek.

    Close second goes to the SFMOMA rooftop location (https://my.plac.es/mm/2396)
    for serving drinks in stoneware from Heath Ceramics and offering a truly unique collection of pastries inspired by art in the museum. I believe they’re also the only location that makes their affogato with Humphry Slocombe Secret Breakfast ice cream (it needs a very cold freezer to maintain consistency).

  3. Which Blue Bottle coffee location is the best?

    Linden alley, agreeing with David Cole’s description on the coffee quality consistency. One point I may add, up until a couple of years their barista/staff retention stayed almost the same since their opening days. I knew the same folks for years, and to me a whole in the wall where they know your name and espresso drink of choice, is more important and makes me happier than fancy equipment and lots of downtown people dressed in black.
    Nothing against the Mint as I also enjoy it plenty and the fact the have the printed NYT available, just Linden is my personal favorite. All BB locations are like siblings, each has their own personality within the same family.
    Not to forget mentioning the remodel/repaving of Linden st. 2 years ago along with some organic bulky cement bench pieces to sit on and bike racks (east of kiosk, same side of street where picture was taken) was a great improvement to the alley. While the graffiti often happens, they often and rather quickly paint over it. Never ending cycle.


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