Where is the best place to have coffee in San Francisco?

Where is the best place to have coffee in San Francisco?

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  1. I like the Cafe du Soleil on Fillmore. The coffee is fresh and hot and the bites are delicious. There is usually seating inside or out. It is a neighborhood place so not a lot of unfamiliar faces once you get to know the regulars.

  2. Great question! As the mother of an early-rising baby I took to visiting coffee shops around SF as my Saturday/Sunday morning activity.
    Cafe Roma in North Beach. Starting here with the non-trendy one. Old school coffee shop with a roaster in the front and the most amazing, rich coffee smell as you walk in. For my taste, they have the best espresso in the city, rich and creamy and not the slightly-astringent flavor that seems to be so popular these days. The brewed coffee is also amazing, and probably the strongest coffee I have ever had. Rocket fuel. They have pastries and ice cream, which are fine but nothing to write home about. Not trendy, a little touristy, has seating and wifi. (Not near MUNI or BART but walkable)
    Blue Bottle in the Ferry Terminal Building. Go early, lines get ridiculous after 8am on Saturday (farmer’s market day at the FTB). Very little seating, so take your coffee and go sit on benches outside and watch the ferries and shoppers. Excellent lattes and cappuccinos, they use whole Clover organic milk by default. And yes, the waffles are amazing. MUNI/BART accessible (Embarcadero)
    Sightglass Coffee by Civic Center. Trendy. Good espresso and coffee. Cool decor. I imagine it gets very busy, but early morning on a Saturday the people-watching was mostly hospital staff and a couple of other parents. Love the upstairs seating, and the hand-crafted wood case they use (used?) for their Square iPad terminal. As I said, trendy. I actually don’t really remember the coffee, but I think it was good. MUNI/BART accessible (Civic Center)
    Four Barrel Coffee in the Mission. Also trendy, also gets crowded. Also has a big roaster in the back. Excellent pastries, including some insane donuts. Also a place for lattes and cappuccinos with creamy fatty organic milk. Fun for people watching. They also have a little outdoor seating in a “parklet”. (BART 16th St)
    La Boulange . OK, yes, it’s a chain, and it’s owned by Starbucks. But the coffee is good, both espressos and cappuccinos, and the pastries and food are a real stand-out. The chocolate-hazelnut croissant is out of this world – ask them to warm it for you, and you will know heaven. The omelet-and-salad combos are great if you’re feeling low-carb. They’re now all over the city, but my favorite is one in the Westfield Shopping center. It’s right under the dome, and you can get a nice show while you sit and sip your beverage. (BART / MUNI Powell)

  3. Blue Bottle for the best tasting coffee, any of their location will do. The Indonesia Sulawesi Toarco Jaya Peaberry is some of the best coffee I have ever had, they don’t always carry it.
    Philz wonderful blended Arabic-style coffee, great use of fresh mint. I prefer the original location on 24th St at Folsom St, grimy but with character. Get the iced mint mojito.
    Caffe Trieste in North Beach is the first West Coast espresso bar and has a wonderful bohemian meets old Italy vibe. Wait for the Beat poets to show up. They have free opera performances here regularly too.
    Coffee Bar in the Mission for the wonderful environment, nice natural light, great food, free WiFi.
    Ritual or Four Barrel are both offer small, fatty milk drinks and don’t respect cappuccinos or full foam. These are not the same place but they are very similar in culture and coffee and both are located on Valencia St.
    The Mill a wonderful bakery meets coffee shop offering Four Barrel coffee and a modern/trendy, airy and light-filled shop.
    special mentions: Chai Cart for a selection of Chai options, Specialty’s for the great Intelligentsia coffee drinks (from Chicago), Dynamo Donuts for the Four Barrel coffee and fresh doughnuts, The Grove on Fillmore St for the atmosphere that transitions from morning to night and large hot chocolates, Stella Pastry and Cafe for a simple cup of coffee with wonderful Italian pastry, Stable Cafe for a good remodel idea for a small space, Haus for drinking coffee in the garden on a sunny day.

  4. There are a lot of great small and independent roasters: Four Barrel, Ritual, Sightglass, Andytown, Sextant, Mazarine, Ritual. I hear good things about Saint Frank and Wrecking Ball, but I’ve never been. Blue Bottle is consistently good even as it grows. Most of these places have comfortable, dramatically designed interiors, which for me adds to the flavor.
    My personal favorite is Equator, and my favorite Equator location is in the little 100-year-old outbuilding in the lower Fort Mason parking lot. You can look out the window or over an outdoor table to see the Marina, the Bay, and the Golden Gate Bridge. I had a special featured espresso there, I forget what kind it was, but it opened my eyes on how good espresso can be.

  5. It’s been a few years since I was last in the fair city, but North Beach long claimed Italian style espresso cafes, and my old neighborhood of the Inner Richmond had independent cafes scattered about, as did other parts of the city.
    I wouldn’t say coffee was a particular culinary focus in SF, but I would argue Golden Gate Park is one of the best places to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Listening to bird songs, sheltering from fog or rain under a tree or gazebo, admiring the many plantings and water features, or just wandering the paths through the various gardens, cup in hand was always my favorite activity in San Francisco.
    I loved waking up and walking to a cafe on 8th street just before entering the park and having the time to think while I sipped some java. Good times.

  6. There are several great places. Some of the most renowned are:

    Blue Bottle Cafe (also mentioned by Charlie Pinto )
    Philz Coffee
    Ritual Roasters
    Four Barrel

    My favorite locations are Blue Bottle Cafe in Hayes Valley, Ritual Roasters in Hayes Valley and the Blue Bottle cart at 18th/Castro (mornings only). Each are unique coffee experiences you don’t find everywhere.

    Victor Allen’s

  7. Caffe Trieste in North Beach has its rep for a reason.
    Unfortunately, the Butler and the Chef is closed, they had easily one of the top three lattes I’ve ever had (Cafe Diva in Seattle and La Note in Berkeley being the other two.).


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