Where can I source high quality coffee beans for my coffee shop?

Where can I source high quality coffee beans for my coffee shop?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “where to buy high quality coffee beans

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  1. I’ll echo Dave’s response. I went to look up where you’re located because that is going to play a critical role in how/where you are sourcing your coffee.
    My recommendation is always to partner with a local coffee roaster that invests time and energy into specialty, direct, and transparent coffee that is traceable.

  2. Hello James,
    I’m guessing your talking about roasted coffee?
    This will be highly dependent on your location but if there isn’t any high quality roasters in your area you can usually get it shipped quite a long way. I would however try source close enough so that the shipping will be by road not air, as the altitude and air pressure can have negative effects on the coffee.
    I would try and find a few roasters that you can get samples from and just pick something that you love…
    The hard part will be finding the roasters, a method I used when first breaking into the industry was go check out the best cafe’s in your city/area and have a look at what they are using. Usually roasters will have a few blends to choose from so that you won’t mimic other cafe’s and still keep some difference.
    The top cafe’s here in Australia will have a main roaster that they use regularly and have a spare grinder that they will rotate between roasters to allow the customers to try something different and keep it exciting.
    Good luck, email me if you want some more help.
    Dan Smith

  3. You need to put your location. I can give you several options in the UK but if you’re in Honduras or Cape Verde then that ain’t gonna help!

  4. We are about to launch a coffee import business (farm to consumers)
    Coincidentally I am flying to Colombia May 1st to meet with my partners. We source single origin beans from small select farms in the various regions. We can also sell wholesale roasted or green. If you are interes…

  5. Hi James!
    If you’re in the US, I’d recommend checking out FreshRoastedCoffee.com. They have a huge variety of coffee available – single-origin and blends, organics, direct and fair trade – and the prices are very reasonable – and they have a wholesale discount program. You can get roasted or green coffee and they have a huge variety of tea available in bulk packaging as well. Shipping is fast and free for orders over $35. And most importantly, their service is spot-on.
    Hope this helps!


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