Where can I find good coffee in Los Angeles?

Where can I find good coffee in Los Angeles?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “best coffee roasters in los angeles

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  1. see:
    Where are the best specialist coffee cafes in Los Angeles?
    What are the top independent coffee shops in the Los Angeles area?
    What are the best wifi coffee shops in LA (Los Angeles)?

  2. G&B Coffee. The “B” is Charles Barbinski, the 2015 US Barista Champion. They have an Iced Latte made with freshly made almond macadamia milk that’s amazing.

  3. I feel very very confident to answer this question because well, I love coffee and I’m from Los Angeles!

    DTLA area:
    Verve Coffee Roasters : beautiful art work in each latte and great taste. If you are looking into a hype ambiance, Verve is the place in DTLA. Try the juices as well
    Impresso: I was attracted to go to this place by their logo design and interior design. I’ve tried their blendissimo and affogato. Absolutely recommended!
    Classics: Philz Coffee – Downtown (if you like the taste of mint) + Blue Bottle Coffee (try their New Orleans cold brew)
    Stumptown Coffee : I have a crush on them. Super cool industrial hype look. Love their lattes and hate their parking though.
    Blu Elefant Cafe : if you are ever near USC area, Blu Elefant is such a inspiring artistic place to go to. Live music, cool people, and great coffee.
    Silverlake/Echo Park
    Tierra Mia Coffee – Echo Park – Los Angeles, CA : if you look at their Instagram and Yelp, this place is super popular. It has a bunch of variety, from Horchata blend to Guatemalan brew. One of my favorite spots.
    Cafecito Organico : Raw Cacao Mocha is the to go!

  4. Portos Bakery, and they are in Glendale, Burbank, Downey, Buena Park and Valencia. They also have delicious pastries, cakes, sandwiches, etc, etc, etc….

  5. I will recommend you these coffee shops:
    Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea
    Cognoscenti Coffee
    Coffee Commissary
    Balconi Coffee Company
    Espresso Cielo
    Spring for Coffee
    Cafecito Organico
    LAMILL Coffee Boutique


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