Where are the best, cozy places to study in Boston?

Where are the best, cozy places to study in Boston?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “best coffee shops in boston to study

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  1. There are many cozy places to study in and around Boston. It really depends what you’re looking for in terms of setting. Do you need WiFi? Do you need a restroom nearby? Do you need coffee and food?
    Im working on my PhD and my study sessions are intense. Other than various locations on my campus where I have four go-to locations I rotate between, these are my favorite Boston locations so far:
    The Explorateur Cafe. It’s right off the Green Line D train at Boylston. Really great pastries and lunch and dinner items, great coffee and fruit infused water for the taking. The space is open, well lit, and has electrical outlets and free WiFi.
    The Thinking Cup Cafe right down Boylston from the Explorateur and past the AMC Loews . Seats and tables are crowded together, but awesome coffee and food. The pastries are incredible and the soups are outstanding, hearty and flavorful. No WiFi, few electrical outlets. But if you have xfinitiwifi there is a hot spot you can access. The current code for the restrooms is 1245.
    Cafe Nero, Legacy Place in Dedham. Spacious, comfortable, seems like a library with books and cushy chairs everywhere serving great coffee and food.
    Starbucks. Numerous locations. Clean restrooms, the best chai latte in town, free and fast WiFi. I like the locations on Beacon Street in Back Bay across from Boston Common, Near Long Wharf right out of the Aquarium Subway blue line exit, in Chestnut Hill in the Chestnut Hill Mall.
    Prudential Center. It’s not really cozy. But the Starbucks in the Marriott Hotel Lobby is, and you have access to shopping, restaurants and diversions when you need a study break.
    Northeastern University recreation center. It’s right off the Greenline E train. It has a commons area wired with the eduroam WiFi network, and there is a glorious bakery cafe and coffee shop adjacent to the rec center.

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