Where are some good cafes to study in Richmond, Virginia?

Where are some good cafes to study in Richmond, Virginia?

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  1. Near campus:
    Lamplighter on Addison : If you can bike a few blocks, this is the classic RVA coffeeshop — great coffee, interesting crowd, friendly to studying and loitering. Lamplighter is a bit of a “see and be seen” for the local indie scene, and best on hot days when you can use their outdoor seating. Indoor seating is limited.
    Greenbriar Coffeehouse : Quiet and less “cool” than other cafes in the VCU area, and for this reason sees much less foot traffic and is great for studying. It felt like a well-kept secret to me on rainy days when Lamplighter by campus was swamped and chaotic, but only one or two people were camped out at Greenbriar.
    Farther afield:
    Black Hand : A bit of a bike ride from campus, but this was my favorite in Richmond. Small space so can be packed, but gets you away from the studenty crowd. Quiet during mid-morning and mid-afternoon, pretty busy around lunch.
    Lift Cafe : Similar to Greenbriar, it’s less “cool,” but that’s a good thing for actually studying/reading/drawing there. Has a back outdoor patio that’s great on sunny days.

  2. When I was a student at VCU, I found out pretty quickly that if I wanted to clock in some serious study time, there was no way I could do it at any cafes near campus… Too many people to talk to and look at.
    After some (a couple year’s worth) trial and error, I found my preferred place of study: the 4th floor of the Cabbell library. They require absolute silence up there. Less distractions. Less dumbasses. Less excuse…


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