When’s the best time to drink my coffee, before or after workout?

When’s the best time to drink my coffee, before or after workout?

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  1. It matters on what type of person you are.
    The reason I say this is because although coffee may give you energy, you may also be too jittery to workout.
    For myself, I have ADHD, coffee calms me down and gives me laser focus, so I tend to drink it after a workout to go back in a work flow

  2. Both.
    For me depending on the time of your workout.
    Drink it before workout, if your schedule is around 4–5 pm, or evening workout. Coffee before workout add up a little kick on your adrenaline.
    Drink it after workout, if you’re doing a morning session, as coffee also helps with recovery and minimizing the effects from DOMS.
    These timings are also related to hormone cycle.

  3. If you’re looking to optimize coffee’s beneficial effects on exercise performance, it’s best to consume the beverage 30–60 minutes before a workout or sporting event ( 6 ). This is the time it takes caffeine levels to peak in your body ( 7 ). (Translation: Caffeine is an effective tool for helping you work out better and longer.) Timing matters, though. Caffeine’s effects on the body typically peak about one to two hours after you drink it, meaning you should aim to start your workout 45 to 60 minutes after downing a cup of joe to reap the maximum benefits.

  4. Before your workout!
    Caffeine intake will increase your metabolism that will in turn make you burn more calories provided you push yourself towards more of a workout. When you consume your coffee before an exercise it uses your fat cells to become your energy source.
    As per my experience, especially black coffee helps me out even more. Studies even say it helps you build more focus.

  5. Before a workout.
    Studies have demonstrated that caffeine can promote the oxidisation of body fat.
    Another study.
    Other studies have shown that caffeine lowers the threshold for endorphins released during exercise which makes your workout feel better.


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