When is the best time to drink coffee when intermittent fasting?

When is the best time to drink coffee when intermittent fasting?

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  1. If unsweetened and with no calories added, anytime. I’ve read where we can still have 20–30 calories per hour and still stay in ‘fasting mode’ but I defer to the purity of zero calories until 2pm and then take in calories. If you slip-up one day, it’ll pave the way to slipping up again: elimination is easier then moderation!
    For me, leaning to cope with fasting helped me realize how I was perpetually eating throughout the day and that I never tolerated sustaining hunger…I would routinely eat to gratify myself. Stop making life about consuming food during all waking hours. Hunger means your body is resorting to it’s fat for fuel, that’s the idea….trying to cheat it just makes the process ineffective. Hope that helps.

  2. If you drink it black, no sugar, no creamer, drink while fasting. It’s going to curb your appetite and help you focus on your daily tasks.
    If you don’t drink your coffee black, it, going to break your fasting, so drink it after eating.
    This obviously depends on your daily routine, and when you fast. You don’t want to drink coffee too late in the afternoon because that’s going to ruin your night sleep.
    Another trick is to drink coffee with some fat. The medium triglycerides +coffee made famous under the name bulletproof coffee is a great example. This slows down caffeine absorption so you have the energy for longer. Two different approaches, it depends on your goals.
    I hope this helps.

  3. Yes, black coffee for sure – it does not cause an insulin response and since most people’s adrenal glands are down and rely on external stimulants it is not a bad idea to taper off caffeine while maintaining an adequate fasting period, until the adrenals glands are restored to their sovereign functions without need for external stimulants.
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