When is a more expensive coffee maker worth it?

When is a more expensive coffee maker worth it?

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  1. I found the MrCoffee makers didn’t last very long so I have bought more durable, more expensive machines which have last many years ( and I can buy parts for ).
    There are levels of expense, my company bought a fancy Italian expresso machine which made incredibly good coffee, it was connected to the water supply, you just pour some beans in it, it grinds and makes an expresso, and spits out neat little ‘turds’ of compressed coffee grounds which you have clean out now and then. I think it cost over $1000 . I wasn’t impressed with the reliability, one of our engineers seemed to spend a lot of time coaxing it to behave. I’m not sure I’d spend that much on a coffee machine even if it were reliable. I’m currently using an industrial Keurig machine which is connected to the water supply, I think I paid about $250 for it, which I don’t think is too bad. It makes really good coffee and it’s ready 24/7. I seem to get about 4 or 5 years out of these machines.

  2. Unless you often receive important guests to make an impression, it’s enough to use a Stainless steel French press . It brews coffee with the same taste or, even better, and preserves all the properties.

    When is a more expensive coffee maker worth it?

    If you should get a coffee maker for your office, that’s another reason to buy a more expensive mashie.
    To decide on the choice of an automatic coffee machine for the office with the possibility of connecting to the water supply, it’s worth paying attention to the following features and characteristics:
    the volume of the water tank, the possibility of automatic cleaning of systems from coffee fat,
    a system for adjusting the serving volume and strength of the drink,
    the possibility of cooking two servings at the same time (this option greatly reduces the cooking time, which is important for the working team),
    the productivity and resource of the machine (it must correspond to the actual consumption),
    when connected to the water supply, it’s worth installing a filtration system that will protect the device from scale and improve the drink’s taste (and if the filter is included, it will create additional protection, which will extend the life of the coffee machine).
    Of course, all these features make the coffee machine more expensive.

  3. Only if it is an increase in quality and durability. I once bought a hand coffee grinder to take with me on trips. It did an adequate job but wasn’t very reliable. It kept coming apart and the beans jammed the burr grinder. That quickly became a decorative ornament in my office. I’ve since replaced it with a better device, and it should last many, many years.
    As far as things like brew pots, etc. get the best quality you can afford from the beginning and you shouldn’t have to replace it until it’s damaged beyond repair. The longer you keep and use it the lower the acquisition cost is over time.

  4. A more expensive coffee maker has several advantages.
    Higher level of precision. The consistent and correct water pressure and temperature. This will yield a consistent result.
    The extraction time will be more precise. The rate the water is poured over the grounds and the rate the water leaves the basket will be timed to yield a better extraction. Better extraction means better coffee.
    Longevity. I have a friend who buys cheap coffee makers because when they break every 2–3 years she isn’t as upset about throwing it out and buying a new one. The maker I have now is 3 years old and it replaced a maker that was 15+ years old. I didn’t pay 5 times the cost of the cheap coffee makers. My pour-over setup is more than 25 years old.
    The bottom line; do the research. find out which coffee makers are expensive because they are a known brand and which are expensive because they are better made. Unless you really can’t afford to, buy the higher-priced, better-made coffee maker.
    Original question: When is a more expensive coffee maker worth it?


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