When does drinking coffee to stay awake become unhealthy?

When does drinking coffee to stay awake become unhealthy?

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  1. Reaction to caffeine is very individual.
    I know several people who can’t drink coffee at all because it gives them mad jitters and anxiety.
    During morning hours I drink coffee continuously, because I don’t feel dehydration from it and I don’t get jitters. It also doesn’t mess with my attention span and concentration. Coffee makes me think faster.
    If you need to stay awake, not just increase your productivity, drinking coffee is a bad way to do it. Workout in the second half of the day followed by a clean meal and proper hydration is much better.
    If you are thinking about another cup, you shouldn’t do it if:
    You are sleepy
    You feel dehydrated
    You’ve been awake for more than 12 hours
    You can’t concentrate on your work
    Getting enough sleep and planning your day is more effective in the long term than stretching your workday when you are not energetic enough.

  2. If at all possible I’d suggest rather rearranging your life such that a stimulant such as coffee isn’t necessary. I think it goes without saying that following your body’s natural rhythms for its sleep/wake cycle is the healthiest approach. Adding a stimulant usually just begets a sleep deficit that requires another stimulant to counteract it. And so on, and so on.


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