When do girls get matches on Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB)?

When do girls get matches on Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB)?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “how does coffee meets bagel work for females

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  1. I think what you have to think is this – “Connected” happens when both side “likes”.
    So, in the scenario that you “liked” and immediately connect, I will assume that she already “liked” you, and was in your inbox (either from this batch of baguel, or from a previous). – Because it was “pre-liked”, it’s an instant match.
    When you recieved a “Connected” at 11pm, I presume you already “liked” that person. So now the reverse happened. – She happened to open the app at that time, and liked you – because you “pre-liked” her, she will see an instant match on her end, and a “delayed” one on your end.
    From the app perspective, it is simply notifying when “both” sides liked – and that happened to be 11pm, (one pre-liked, one on the spot).
    This should make sense, if you have a room with two light switches to turn on the light in the room.

  2. First off know that not everyone sits around waiting for 12-noon to decide whether they like or not like a randomly chosen single person. When I used it, the only reason I even had the app open around the 12-o’clock hour was because I take lunch at noon. So as I’m leaving the office heading to my car, I’m replying to texts, noticing missed phone calls, and returning messages. In the process I’d also check CMB. It just happened that way a lot of the time. Sometimes I’d totally forget about it until late that night or even the following day.
    After a month of using the app, I noticed I’d only check my potential match in the mornings, that’s basically 16-hrs after the user has been presented to me. And honestly it’s simply because I know that I have 24-hrs and the other person isn’t going anywhere in that time span. I wouldn’t doubt that other members act in a similar nature as myself.
    Keep in mind you may select like/not like right at noon, but the other half of the formula is when the other person decides. It can be at noon as well, a couple hours later, or 11:50a the following day. It all comes down to when they decide to open the app and check out the profile. I’ve even heard of some people get a potential match and then cross checking the CMB profile with other social networking profiles to help decide. It all depends.
    It’s like asking what time you want to get dinner. Monday may be 6pm, Tuesday may be 9pm, Wednesday you may totally skip lunch and have a big breakfast the following morning, Thursday may be at 5p, and Friday you had a big lunch so you only have a quick snack for dinner. Same thing applies for CMB. The user may like/not like, or the user may not even sign in that day.

  3. Ah, I thought I should provide more information to debunk the myth…
    I received my 21 bagels at 12:00
    She was one of the bagels (not on “Discover”)
    I made my selection at 18:00
    The match came through at around 22:00
    So either a) I was “Like” before I made my selection and there is a massive CMB delay or b) she ”Like” on Discover saying I also “Like” (but I had to initiate conversation) or c) CMB constantly update for girls and not just at 12:00 or d) we appear on CMB on the same day (but that’s not how it works…)
    Just trying to understand how this works…

  4. Girls usually get matches at noon, in their timezones.
    If a guy is interested in you, for your “Bagel” section, it would show an orange border on the bottom of the guy’s photo and say “he likes you.” [Honestly I got a bit lazy, and would only respond to those ones, but that’s my experience.] Girls can also “like” guys too, those photos/profiles will show up with a “He hasn’t seen you yet” in a blue border under the picture.
    In the discover section, I would usually have guys that were interested in me (it usually said [Connect with an orange tab under their picture], but those guys weren’t people that I was usually interested in.
    In Coffee meets Bagel, both parties have to mutually “like” each other for a chat room to open up for 7 days. The chat would expire after 7 days, and if both parties wanted continue chatting on the app, it would re-open the chat room again. If the one party didn’t want to continue to chat, and the other party did, then the other party could use their “beans” in order to open up the chat room again.
    Best of luck with your CmB adventures, and I hope that my answer clarified things for you!

  5. I believe a guy would have to express interest in them first for them to be able to evaluate if they’d like to match with them.


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