What would you infer by “Drink Coffee, Hail SATAN”?

What would you infer by “Drink Coffee, Hail SATAN”?

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  1. What would you infer by “Drink Coffee, Hail SATAN”?
    An irreverent sense of humor? Pretty sure it’s not meant seriously.
    Also, okay, gonna be serious for a bit. I’ve known a fair number of Satanists. They basically fall into two camps:
    – Loudly professing a love of Satan in order to rile up authority figures or people with a stick up their a**
    – People who believe in self-worship* and also like to rile up people who have a stick up their a**.
    As far as I’m aware, nobody literally worships the Christian notion of Satan. It’s a pretty silly idea, really. But saying you do makes a certain type of person twitch and clutch at their pearls, and that’s incredibly funny .
    *self-worship doesn’t exactly mean narcissism. It’s sort of the logical endpoint of “treat your body like a temple”. It’s about taking care of yourself, being self-aware, and being absolutely in control of your destiny. A practicing Satanist could probably explain it better, but it’s not really a bad thing, though with enough mental gymnastics it can (like most principles) be used to justify some dickish behavior.

  2. Honestly- I wouldn’t infer anything whatsoever.
    I know there is a clothing company who sell boatloads of merchandise with this logo- t-shirts and coffee cups seem to be the most popular- particularly to employees of coffee shop chains- Black Craft Clothing.
    Its a logo that appeals to the twisted sense of humour that some people have- arguably they need the twisted sense of humour to continue working for their current employers……….
    I’m not aware that Satanists, devil worshipers- or any other class of religion, cult or organisation- has a particular affinity for coffee- though it is somewhat comforting to see that recent studies show imbibing coffee is good for your heart (and your health)- though my gallstones, and current pancreatitis, disagree with this assessment.
    If you were being punny- you could turn this on its head- and say ‘Drink coffee- hale Satan………..’

  3. Actually, it comes from this tale about coffee from the 1600s. The Turks were opposed to coffee and tagged it as “Satan’s Drink”
    Read this article to know how this went down for people who actually drank coffee in those days:

  4. A statement by someone who is both a coffee drinker and a Satan worshiper. I am a christian, and will use phrases like, “all I need is a little coffee and a whole lot of Jesus.” Basically, for the coffee drinker, it can so permeate your life that it becomes included in other things that are important to you. So, I would infer that statement is a coffee drinking satanist doing that same thing.


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