What would happen to you for 7 days without drinking any red bull, coffee, or energy drinks loaded with caffeine?

What would happen to you for 7 days without drinking any red bull, coffee, or energy drinks loaded with caffeine?

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  1. Im just fine and never drink them.
    You may have to wean yourself off of them slowly, as headaches may occur at first. They are addictive and your body will crave them for awhile.

  2. I would experience a slice of hell. My head would pound, I’d have headaches, probably nausea, the shakes and chills. It’s been so long since I’ve gone without coffee for a week that I can’t ever remember when that was. The last time I stopped coffee was when I had a stomach bug 6 or 7 years ago. But at that time I was sick as a dog so I didn’t miss coffee. Don’t keep me from my java!

  3. First couple days there would be exhaustion, hands shaking and headaches consistent with caffeine withdrawal.
    I’d be sleeping better than with caffeine by day seven.

  4. You’d probably look a bit like me, perish the thought.
    I never drink energy drinks, I haven’t had coffee for at least a month and though I do drink tea, which has some caffeine, I would not describe it as “loaded”.
    If you’re drinking these every day, you may have some sort of Psychological dependence on it. I’m convinced that many of my America colleagues are like this with coffee – so may say the ca…

  5. “What would happen to you for 7 days without drinking any red bull, coffee, or energy drinks loaded with caffeine?”
    What would happen to me ?
    Well, the last time I drank coffee was in 2001. I think the time before that had been perhaps 1997. So I already know that not drinking coffee for 7 ( more ) days probably wouldn’t have much of an effect on me.
    I did have a Red Bull once. I was handed a free one at an air show back around 2012. Since that’s the only time I’ve ever had an energy drink in my life then I doubt that not having another one for the rest of my life would change anything much.
    I occasionally drink tea. Perhaps the last time was about mid-January. (It’s early February at the moment). Not drinking tea for 7 days seems to have no affect on me that I can tell.
    And the last time I had a soda with caffeine in it must have been sometime in November.
    I’m just not a caffeine addict I guess. Heck, I’ve even had a chocolate bar sitting on my shelf untouched for around a month.
    But I do have some experience with stopping caffeine addiction cold turkey though.
    Back when I was in university many decades ago I used to grab a Coca-Cola between classes. One day I didn’t have any coins for the vending machine on the way to a class where I always had a Coke. About 15 minutes into the class I got twitchy. I couldn’t sit still and I couldn’t focus on what the professor was saying.
    By the end of the class I was getting a headache and nothing I tried to do for it over the next couple of hours would help.
    Those are all classic addiction withdrawal symptoms and as soon as I recognized that I stopped drinking Coca-Cola. I probably have never had more than one or two Cokes a year since then and drank even less coffee too.
    I hadn’t been into caffeine that long (It was still warm when this happened so it was probably earlier than December that school year) so my withdrawal didn’t last too long either, but since for that time I’d been a regular caffeine drinker at the same time every day (the class rotation was pretty regular when I went past the pop machines) it was fairly strong for that short time.
    I’ve never regretted cutting back caffeine to almost nothing. I think I feel more myself instead influenced by the drug.

  6. I might get a headache, but that hasn’t really happened to me in years. I will on occasion not consume caffeine for a couple weeks. As a twenty something I would sometimes get headaches from the withdrawal and that was my motivator to stop for that length of time. I will not be addicted to any thing. As I aged though, I stopped feeling any withdrawal effects, so I stopped caring about the addiction idea. Now I have coffee every weekday as I enjoy the flavor and on weekends, I only drink coffee if I happen to make bacon in the morning. That is a fine breakfast right there, bacon and coffee… mouth is watering.

  7. I would literally lay in bed and doze on and off the entire time like a mono patient. Either that or I’d have to pay an arm, a leg and part of the other arm for prescription stimulant medication
    Chronic fatigue, or lassitude as it is called by the medical folks, is the most annoying of all my MS symptoms.

    Victor Allen’s

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