What will happen when I drink 5 Red Bulls, or 5 Monster Energy drinks, in a single day?

What will happen when I drink 5 Red Bulls, or 5 Monster Energy drinks, in a single day?

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  1. I know this is old, but my friend did this everyday for like a year and now he has to take pills for his heart because he developed a heart condition.

  2. It likely won’t be a pleasant experience.
    When I was transitioning out of the Army, I had to take a Congressionally mandated course called ACAP (Army Career and Alumni Program). It was a 5-day course and consisted of a bunch of transitioning service members in a room listening to people talk about reintegrating back into the civilian world. It was boring. So boring, during the early hours it was very easy to fall asleep (being caught sleeping meant you’d have to retake the course in its entirety).
    So I adopted the method of consuming ungodly amounts of caffeine to stay awake. It didn’t end well. For a bit of perspective, I was medically discharged from the Army because of an injury I sustained during basic training (broken hip). During that time, my dietary intake was very controlled. A big part of that diet was zero (0) caffeine. Everyday we had to function on pure willpower and bullshit, so my tolerance for caffeine was drastically decreased.
    Back to the point. During one of those 5 days, I was really struggling. It was a medium-sized room, full of people, so all the body heat in the room made me drowsy. So the first break we had, I bought a Monster. Then the next break I bought two. Then I bought two more after our meal period. By the time that day was over, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I was sweating, jittery, and my heart rate felt like a million beats per minute. I was wired for the next couple days, no joke. That’s not a good state to be in when you have to maintain military bearing at all times. I told my then- girlfriend (now wife) about it, and she scolds me and reminds me about it every time I so much as look at an energy drink.
    It’s been two years and I haven’t touched an energy drink since, until today, actually. But it’s just one, and I’ve been nursing it for about two hours.
    What would happen to you depends entirely on your tolerance for caffeine. But I wouldn’t recommend having that much in such a short amount of time. Regardless of your tolerance, energy drinks are as unhealthy as you can get, whether it’s 5 in a day or one every month. Don’t do it.

  3. You shouldn’t try to find out.
    The main risk is from consuming all of that caffeine. While some people regularly do have that much caffeine on a daily basis (whether from coffee or energy drinks), there are also very rare instances of serious health issues, or even death.
    However remote the chance of something like that happening to you, I don’t think you should take the risk by finding out.
    Even if nothing terrible happens, unless you already have a high tolerance to caffeine it probably won’t be a good experience. The effects of too much caffeine are well documented:


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