What will happen to you if you drink 300 cups of coffee?

What will happen to you if you drink 300 cups of coffee?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “50 cups of coffee a day

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  1. I witnessed a coffee drinking contest in college. I friend of mine won by drinking 17 cups in 30 minutes. Then she had to go to the hospital to get her stomach pumped due to caffeine poisoning. The ER docs were particularly unimpressed, as I recall.

  2. Ask me in 300 days. (I drink one cup of coffee a day.)
    Chances are I’ll be fine. 300 days older, of course, but probably not appreciably different than if I’d given up coffee 300 days ago.

  3. you will go a lot to the bathroom
    You probably will not be able to do anything else but drink coffee. 300 cups of coffee is 15 cups per hour (if you sleep 4 hours per day because after all you drink a lot of coffee), or a quarter of cup per minute (better drink cold coffee).
    You probably experience jitters if you drink caffeinated coffee, and gastric acidity.
    You could od on caffeine if you drink fast and strong caffeinated coffee. If you stick to espresso and you don’t have predispositions to cardiac reactions you should be ok. Caffeine OD occurs between 5–10 g of caffeine and espressos . Espresso has approximately 80 mg of caffeine, you would need between 63 to 125 espressos drunk over a very short period of time. Still 300 over the day repeatedly could kill you or you could build resistance to caffeine.
    If you survive after a while you will get yellow teeth, not only because of coffee but also because you will have no time to brush your teeth.
    You will go a lot to the bathroom 😉
    Hope that helps!

  4. It wouldn’t even be possible for you to drink 300 cups before collapsing and dying of a heart attack.
    It’s likely that you’ll die of a heart attack prior to 50 cups of coffee.
    This article claims that it would require 50–100 cups of coffee for a lethal dose of caffeine, but I’m positive that it’d be way less.
    This is how much caffeine it takes to kill an average person [ …

    Victor Allen’s

  5. Nothing if you drank them over the course of a couple months.
    You would die of cardiac arrest, if you tried drinking them within a couple of weeks or less.

  6. What will happen to you if you drink 300 cups of coffee?

    You have no duration in your question. It is the only determining factor to be able to answer your question with a definitive answer. I will answer with a long and short term answer — I won’t even go into the caffeine issue:

    I drink two cups a day:
    2 x 7 = 14 cups/week
    14 x 52 = 728 cups per year is approximately what I drink.
    If I only drank 300 cups per year, I would be cutting my consumption down by a little over half.
    So what would happen if I did this?
    I’d save a bit of money
    I’d consume less caffeine

    16 cups = 1 gallon
    300 cups / 16 cups = 18.75 gallons
    You could not physically drink 300 cups per day; your body would not allow it.

  7. Nothing because I wouldn’t do something crazy like that but if someone did that then it could lead to many health problems, starting with hyperactive, crashing after that, high blood pressure in some people, heart palpitations ect ect

    Eight O’Clock

  8. My dad is psychiatrist and one of his patients used to drink 130 cups of coffee a day.
    She Suffered from severe mood swings and sleep disorder she was also diagnosed with depression and epilepsy

  9. Well first off are you talking about an 8-ounce cup? If so we’re looking at 160mg of caffeine a cup, times 300 gives us 48,000 mg or 48 grams. A leather dose of caffeine is about 6 grams per 100lbs, 12 grams for me, killing me at around cup 75, that is if my liver and kidneys didn’t process it fast enough. Also 300 cups of coffee is 18.75 gallons (75 or so liters) so you couldnt physically consume that much.

  10. you wouldn’t get anywhere close to drinking 300 cups of coffee. You might get 10 cups max before you had to visit the hospital for caffeine overdose. A young kid actually just overdosed in town from too many energy drinks and coffee. It’s not a fun way to go


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