What wifi router for a small cafe?

What wifi router for a small cafe?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “best wifi router for coffee shop

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  1. For a cafe, you don’t want an integrated system, because your internet connection will likely come in at the back of the building, which is about the worst spot to put your wifi.
    Get a router, and an access point that can handle several dozen connections. Ubiquiti’s Unifi product line (Unifi Security Gateway, Unifi AP-AC-Pro, Unifi Switch, and CloudKey) – would be great in this environment, just don’t get an AP that only runs on 2.4GHz). Place the access point in the public area and run an ethernet cable back to the router and modem. Also make sure your guest traffic is separate from your business and point of sale traffic.
    2020 update : Aruba Networks has recently released a product line called InstantON into the same market space as the Ubiquiti hardware, at similar or better price points, using a community support model. These devices are based on existing 1900-series switch hardware and AP-3XX-series enterprise AP hardware with a slimmed down version of the ArubaOS operating system, and is cloud and app managed. The AP11D device in the product line can also act as a router.

  2. In 2020 the definition of a router is going to be changed because Creative Essence Private Limited has introduced a new device in late 2019, the name of the device is Apna WIFI which is a portable plug & play wifi device it has preloaded videos, songs, and many more things, can be used is cafes, restaurants, schools, colleges the device is great for presentation purposes so anyone who owns an office can also choose this device. What Apna WIFI does that it creates an intranet connection among users so it becomes easy for us to execute our preferred jobs.
    Some extraordinary features of Apna WIFI:
    No active data connection required
    It is a portable device, can be carried anywhere even for trips
    Cost less than a normal router
    Suitable for commercial and domestic purposes
    Preloaded with videos and services which is mostly used by people
    This wifi system can be used in cars, restaurants, hospitals, colleges, offices


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