What should I wear to a Starbucks interview?

What should I wear to a Starbucks interview?

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  1. I went in wearing ripped dungarees and TOMS.
    The manager even complimented my style because it fitted the Hipster look Starbucks goes for and it made me more approachable towards the teen costumers.
    I don’t think they really cared that much about what I wore though. I could have easily walked in with a black dress and heels.
    The most important thing you should wear at your Starbuck interview is a big fat smile.

  2. 3.5 year Starbucks partner here!
    When I was hired I wore a blouse, dress pants & flats. Don’t wear ripped denim, cover up! No revealing clothes, if you wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it front of your grandpa don’t wear it to a job interview. Arrive a few mins early, let the baristas know you are there for an interview, if offered a drink, accept one. Be polite, be prepared to give answers to situational questions. If I recall correctly a lot of it was similar to “tell me about a time a customer was not happy. How did you handle that situation?” “Tell me about a time you were unsure of the proper course of action. What did you decide to do?”

  3. If you’re going to be interviewing at one of the stores, then it’s alright to dress more casual as long as you look professional and neat. So for guys, you can get away with a nice tee shirt or button down shirt and khakis. And for ladies, you can wear a nice blouse or dress as long as it’s not overly revealing.
    But if you’re going to be interviewing at the corporate level, then dressing up more would be better. So there’s a difference in working environments between the stores and the headquarters. And with the stores, y…

  4. Thanks for A2A
    My advice, just go very simple, avoid full suits
    I mean just shirt,, tie and trouser!
    As you applying for barista position, you don’t need too much details.
    Just go simple and tidy.
    Plus small arm bag to keep a copy of your cv and any other documents.
    Don’t forget about fresh perfume, it’s gonna make a huge difference, something like armani, gucci or channel, don’t worry, you don’t need to buy a bottle, just on your way pop to any perfume shop or a pharmacy and use the tester one.
    I wish you best of luck
    And don’t forget if you got the job to send me Starbucks card, as I’m collecting them from a different countries around the world.

  5. The general advice for any interview is that it’s hard to overdress. In a regular business setting, it would be OK to wear a suit and tie, a professional skirt, a dress or a pantsuit* the first day if you’re interviewing for a management or executive position, or if you’re interviewing for finance, marketing, legal, or other areas where people might normally wear more formal business dress. Even an engineer can attend the first interview with a tie. An interviewer at Sun Microsystems once said to me when I was interviewing, “And when you come back, lose the suit and tie or someone will cut your tie off with a scissors.” He was then kind enough to add, “And you will be coming back.”
    I say all of this for context. The situation at Starbucks is a little different. Employees wear something of a uniform that could be considered business casual. All companies expect candidates to be a cultural match. That means they want someone with values, style, an attitude, morality and personality that fits the business and makes both coworkers and customers feel at ease. Typical advice, again, would be to wear something similar to what regular employees would wear on the job, but here again, I would overdress slightly. Here are some suggestions (intermixing suggestions for male and female candidates):
    Overdress just slightly. Lean toward business casual. What’s business casual? The New Business Casual (for men) and What is Business Casual Considered These Days? (men and women). Unfortunately, mainstream publications like Vogue and Cosmopolitan do not get what real women wear to work. There’s no way you’re going to wear Jimmy Choos to a Starbucks interview.
    Look at what the hipsters are wearing. Starbucks likes hipster employees because it creates the illusion they are a hip place to work and a hip place to buy coffee. OK, it doesn’t really, but it helps. Just don’t over do it. Don’t be a poseur. Just co-opt the look where it works.
    Silk, wool, linen, cotton, rayon are all OK. No denim, particularly faded or torn denim. This isn’t summer camp.
    Wear a shirt with buttons. Polo shirts are out unless you have a really excellent one without a Nike logo or a little penguin on it.
    No visible words or brand names on shirts or pants. Go Giants on your own time.
    Leather, artificial leather or natural fiber shoes. No running shoes. No Vans. No Converse. TOMS are good.
    No overly tight fitting clothes. Look good, but not seductive.
    If you take my advice and you get the job, please send me a Starbucks gift card. Good luck! Smash it.
    * If you ever consider it OK to wear a pantsuit.


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