What should I do if I forgot to drink my coffee in the morning?

What should I do if I forgot to drink my coffee in the morning?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “you’re my coffee in the morning

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  1. > What should I do if I forgot to drink my coffee in the morning?
    Call mummy and ask her, if you really need that degree of hand-holding in your life.

  2. This occasionally happens to me. I get so wrapped up in something that my coffee sits on the table, forgotten. Its terribly sad to think of such wasted Nectar of Life.
    If I happen to remember just before I leave Ill chug the cold concoction. Otherwise Ill grt one at work. The thought of going without is simply unacceptable.

  3. Man up! Keep calm and carry on. It isn’t the end of the world. You still have all the same responsibilities and tasks for the day. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get to work and put a shift in.
    If it is a real struggle then maybe the punishment of the suffering will make you remember tomorrow morning.
    If not then you don’t need a coffee every morning so it is no big deal.
    By man up! I mean use your naturally high levels of testosterone in the morning to make you get up and out and go hunting down your breakfast!
    You can improve your body’s testosterone and cortisone production by your first meal of the day being high in protein and fat. This can give you a double reward as you are rewarding yourself for winning by getting up early and hunting down your breakfast, and you will get another reward in the future from the increase in hormone levels, making it easier to get up and out.
    Go to a coffee shop on the way to work
    Or get instant coffee from a shop and boil the kettle at work or school or wherever.
    Or moan about it all day.

  4. You’ve had it . In a couple of hours the dip in caffeine levels will cause you to fall irreversibly into a coma . Call up all those people that you never told how much you loved them and the people you to whom you should have apologized to years ago .
    OR get a coffee as soon as you can , maybe from the coffee machine or nip out for ten minutes and get one .

  5. nothing unless you left the pot on.then the coffee in the pot will be burned and you will have to scrub it.if on burner the house could catch on fire.


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