What’s your favorite alcohol to add to coffee?

What’s your favorite alcohol to add to coffee?

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  1. Three come to mind right off the bat:
    Congac to make a Coffee Royale, add a little heavy cream or triple cream and sugar to make a great after dinner drink.
    Second, a really good Irish Whiskey to make Irish Coffee, my choice is either Black Bush, Phoenix or Red Breast, the older the better. Add heavy cream, sugar, Freshly ground Nutmeg and you are good to go!
    Kahlua with Cinnamon and cream in a tall coffee glass. This might be my fav after Coffee Royale.
    Your mileage may vary.

  2. How to prepare coffee is not really difficult if you understand the principles when combining ingredients together. The passionate and new blend of coffee and wine will give you an unforgettable taste. Wine coffee has many different mixing styles. Here we go
    – Coffee powder
    – White wine
    – Sugar
    – Vanilla milk
    How to prepare alcohol coffee:
    1. Give the sugar in line with your drink taste and dissolve it in water.
    2. Use a filter or drip to prepare black coffee. You can reduce the amount of coffee according to your preference of dark or light drink.
    3. Put alcohol and vanilla milk in sugar water. Stir to dissolve the mixture.
    4. Slowly pour the pre-filtered black coffee into the mixture.
    5. You can get the coffee to the cup to enjoy right away. Or put in the refrigerator compartment to use it slowly.
    A few notes to have good alcohol coffee:
    – There is not an accurate quantity in brewing coffee because it depends on your taste but normally the standard rate is 2 cafe and 1 wine.
    – When adding sugar to the water, pay attention to stir the sugar. If you want to drink a lot of sugar and have trouble stirring it, you can boil the sugar water up and let it cool afterwards.
    How to prepare this wine coffee very quickly should be suitable for busy people. Just take a few minutes, you already have an attractive glass of wine. Hope this recipe will be one of your favorite ways to prepare coffee!
    . You should choose 100% pure, unmixed to retain the taste of the coffee when enjoying.


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