What’s your best trick for waking up that doesn’t involve caffeine?

What’s your best trick for waking up that doesn’t involve caffeine?

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  1. That is a good question. I have tried making weaker and weaker coffee. I have a coffee maker that uses a pod to make one cup of coffee. I keep opening the machine and putting it down again to fool the machine into thinking I changed the pod. That way I am making 24 oz. in two 12 oz cups and the coffee is weaker. That is called fading. Pretty soon I will have only hot water. It seems to be working but I do like to have a little flavor of coffee in that hot water.

  2. Caffeine is a drug. With all drugs it’s easier to ween off. Less and less. It might take some time.. Although, everyone is different. Some can have a coffee before bedtime. Others have insomnia if they have a coffee after noon. I have no problem sleeping with one or two coffees.
    To not feel tired: Eat healthy, exercise, sunlight, and go to bed and wake up at the same time.
    Also, the effect of caffeine is only temporary. It does wake you up, but then you crash, unless you have more caffeine, which results in a bigger crash. This is drugs.

  3. The school mentions six ways to wake up without coffee:
    Perform morning stretches, such as head and shoulder rolls.
    Have a healthy and balanced breakfast.
    Drink a cold glass of water.
    Take a cold shower. Splash your face!
    Start the morning with an upbeat music playlist.
    Get fresh air and sunlight.

  4. Alarm plays an important role in waking up and the song that u wakeup, keep the best song that u frequently used which you feels better to wake you up in the morning, also most of the people’s use ringtones like cukoo sounds ,hope you like it and try once

  5. Here are some ways to wake up without any caffeine at all.
    Coffee – Drinking coffee can make people feel more alert, but it’s important to note that the coffee needs to be made extremely strong in order for there not be any biological effects that arise from high blood glucose or high insulin levels. Even then, though, coffee still has harmful health implications because of all the acid found in regular drip brew coffee.
    If this is something you’re interested in trying out, try boiling whole organic beans for about 10 minutes first before continuing with your morning routine so as to reduce stomach irritation and improve the flavor profile of the drink itself.
    Yoga – Yoga has become a popular alternative means of getting energy boosts throughout your day.

  6. Music 🎵- I can’t have caffeine unfortunately so I turn up the Volume with my favorite songs, I like most genres but anything from the BeeGee’a really widens the eye lids for me Lol

  7. I gave up all caffeine over a decade ago. I found that I have fewer ups and downs, so my “energy level” is pretty constant. I’m up at 4AM and back in bed between 9:30 and 10PM. I will, admittedly, have period where I yawn a lot between 10 and 11AM, but I would not say I’m less energetic – just more yawn-y ( I probably do need to try to go to bed earlier and get more sleep ).
    So, I don’t think I have an issue keeping my energy up throughout the day, and suspect that if your taking in caffeine then it may be that which is causing your lows. It is a drug, after all, and your body will grow to expect its effects.

  8. Have a small piece or two of dark chocolate with a large glass of milk! The chocolate will give you a bit of sugar to quickly wake you, while the milk will give you fat and protein to keep the energy level high until you’ve completed whatever pre-breakfast jogging/showering/etc routine you might have.
    MJM, who’ll freely admit that he might just be using the above as a good excuse to eat some chocolate within five minutes of awakening…

  9. Being tired seems to give me energy. I assert my self and push harder. It energieses me and I’m even better then if I was rested sometimes.
    BUT there is a point of no return I’m tearable at repeditive third shift working. I reach a point of exhaustion. All I can do is shake my head a lot and keep pressing forward. Eventually I fight threw it and have tremendous energy.
    But sometimes I mentally collapse and can no longer think, period.
    Well that’s why I don’t do third shift.

  10. I drink 2 glasses of water on waking. That starts the wake up process, followed by coffee!
    I used to follow the coffee with a run on my treadmill, then a cold shower. I was awake by then!

  11. I never drink coffee. I use exercise to stay awake. I start with a workout first thing in the morning, one with lots of cardio to get my blood really pumping. I do another workout right after work. (Sometimes I do a third workout a bit later in the morning) No problems staying awake.

  12. Quest of fresh and cool breeze halps me in waking up early.
    Warm water with lemon detoxifies my system after which i feel very freshe.
    So according to me its all in mind, that coffe can wake you up.
    According to a study our body responds nicely upon habits, so cofee is just a habit which you can replace with something healthy.

  13. open a window get a blast of fresh air and breath it in deeply. Drink your coffee at the same time or try a herbal tea instead. Like green tea.

  14. Replace preparing drinking coffee with a different “wake-up” ritual, gradually, and you’ll find yourself no longer “needing” the coffee to wake up (or technically make you alert, since caffeine doesn’t actually wake you up).

  15. Plain water seems to have a great ability to rouse sleepy individuals. I’ve only heard this anecdotally, but sometimes sleepiness is a symptom of dehydration. Coffee and Tea have a dehydrating effect, so they would make this work. Water or fruit juice would help hydrate you.

  16. the only way to do that is either to sleep in mid day for a half an hour or an hour, or change your diet (not to lose weight but to gain as much as you can and gain the right nutrients for energy and a functioning body).
    the body wasn’t designed to be working 18 hours without a break for all day.
    yes there are a few amazing people but not everyone.
    there are many solutions and everybody is looking for the best solution to stay awake 24/7 without ever losing time sleeping.
    i drink a natural based energy drink called “indigo energy blend” which holds me up when I’m ready to go to sleep for no less than 4 hours. thankfully i don’t drink coffee anymore, i quit on drinking other energy drink and I’m mainly sticking to water.
    hope this helped you 🙂

  17. OOOOHH a nice long shower (cold water), and a nice cup of tea.
    A nice hot cup of tea, and a slice of toast.
    A nice 4 bacon on toast, to go with the tea.
    A nice 2 eggs, 4 bacon slices, 2 sausages, and some beans, on toast. to go with the tea.
    A nice warm bowl of porridge, to go with the tea, if you dont fancy toast.
    All great ways to wake up, without resorting to coffee.

  18. First step is to get enough sleep the night before. Next, stop walking around whining “I’m soooo tired.” Drink a full glass of water. Eat a piece of fruit (apples work).
    Original question: How can you wake yourself up without coffee?

  19. If you can’t tolerate caffeine, I have good news for you. The solution is really simple, and more healthy than caffeine.
    Get enough sleep.

  20. One way you could become more alert without consuming caffeine every morning is to stay hydrated with water. Drinking water consistently and cutting caffeine is proven to give people more energy. This is because when you do drink coffee in the morning, it does give you energy but you also crash after the caffeine has worn off.
    You can also dedicate yourself to 45 minutes of working out per day. I’m in the gym everyday and since ive been working out, a good workout wake me up!! And keeps me energized for the entire day. But be sure to fuel yourself with good healthy foods.
    Not eating healthy foods day to day will also provide you with weak energy. Fuel your body with healthy carbs and fats and you’ll notice a big difference in energy.

  21. I wake up just fine, thank you. With no need for stimulants, I’m ready to go as soon as the alarm sounds or when I wake up naturally. A brisk walk or some other exercise is all I need.

  22. I time when I go to sleep so when I need to wake up I will be at the end of a sleep cycle. One sleep cycle is approximately one and a half hours.
    I ensure I am emotionally ready to let my day go at the end of the day before I go to sleep.
    I don’t vary my “going to bed” time a great deal.
    These are some of the sleeping habits I have learned over the years.
    Don’t get me wrong.
    I still drink coffee, but it’s because I like the flavor, not because I NEED to drink it.

  23. If you don’t drink plain water regularly, as in at least 5 bottles a day, start there. You would be surprised at the massive change in your energy and alertness. I really enjoy having half of a 5 hour energy, caffeine free. They are made of mostly B vitamins you can buy in pill form. Kratom if it is legal in your area, a little bit goes a long way.
    Supplements help a lot. I take these olly vitamins: daily multi, undeniable beauty, libido (the ashwaganda is a great mood enhancer, it brings on a pleasant state of contentment)
    A good brand of vitamin D3, occasionally iron because I don’t think I’m anemic and don’t want to over do it. Vitamin C, Manuka honey & honey with tumeric and ginger. Showers with citrus smells are a good way to wake up. Stay away from red bull, they’re toxic

  24. I always liked to take a shower in the morning; it helped me wake up. You could also do some simple exercises, take a quick walk around the yard, or drink a tall glass of cool water. I have no idea how the water helps other than alleviating dehydration, which can make you feel tired. That suggestion was on another answer for a similar question.

  25. What I do is as soon as the alarm goes off, I rush to the bathroom and take a shower. That wakes me up. I’ll then go drink energy drinks and go jogging. This days, the streets are less crowded and so I now sprint in the road.
    By 9AM, I’ll be on my office doing office work for clients. I don’t feel sleepy compared to my old routine of relying on coffee

  26. I understand that there is an element of a boost that caffeine give people, but I think that there is more placebo effect in a cup of coffee than caffeine that is giving people that magical boost.
    That being said, for religious coffee drinkers to go without coffee, it would take an adjustment period where you feel very different waking up without your warm cup of coffee. Over time, you would get very used to it and wouldn’t really notice it as much any more, most likely.
    I’m assuming by “wake up” you mean gain energy and ready for the day, not doing the job of an alarm clock. With this assumption, there are other ways to “wake up.”
    Going for a run or doing some sort of activity in the morning releases dopamine early in the morning and gets your blood pumping, waking your body up and making you feel good. Also, taking a cold shower or starting cold and turning up the temperature throughout the shower works well, because the cold tends to wake us up.
    One last thing is check your sleep habits. If you rely on coffee as a crutch so that you don’t need to get sufficient sleep, then you are probably relying on it to wake you up, because you’re sleep deprived. If you started getting sufficient sleep, you will feel naturally more refreshed in the morning from the healthier sleep amount anyways and in less need of a drastic wake up daily from coffee.

  27. I personally like to use cold water on my face. It help for a little while otherwise when I am super tired and need to wake up I do 5 to 10 push -ups.
    Hope that helps!

  28. Unless someone started an IV the night before, for the purpose of a coffee infusion, you would HAVE to wake up without coffee. It’s more of a question of how you can function after that ‘wake up’ event.
    From my perspective, it’s NOT possible!!!

  29. I like to drink water with a drop of 100% essential Peppermint oil in it, it’s very refreshing especially when it gets hot out. Between that regular cold water I will take a quick stretch break and then go for a little walk to get my mind off of work for a few minutes.

  30. I have no idea, but I heard having a cold shower in the morning usually wakes you up. Never tried but let me know if it works

  31. It all starts well before you feel like you “need” the coffee. It starts with your circadian rhythm.
    Here are 10 ways to get your body in sync so that you don’t need caffeine to wake up or stay awake:
    Get to bed around the same time each night. Aim for at least within a 30 minute window. If it ends up being earlier than normal, that is better than later than normal. But either way if you can’t, get back at it the next night.
    Subsequently, wake up around the same time each morning. Around a 30 minute window.
    Aim for at least (and probably more) 7.5–8 hrs sleep per night.
    When waking up, DON’T lay there in bed, scrolling on your phone. GET UP and do something semi-active. This “tells” your body it’s wake up time. Even just light walking. However I like to do push ups and/or planks. Stairs are good to walk too if you have them at your place (most should).
    Front load your calories throughout the day. As the saying goes, “breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper.” I’ve experimented with intermittent fasting but contrary to the “normal” intermittent fasting, I’ll skip dinner occasionally. There is some interesting research on this (eating within a window during the day, avoiding calories at night/after a certain time in the evening).
    You asked about replacing caffeine but if you do have it, avoid having a lot and avoid having after noon.
    Avoid or limit (if you do have some, don’t have much) alcohol, or keep it late afternoon as a “happy hour” rather than right before bed drink. People feel like it may help you go to sleep, which it may, but it being in your system affects your natural REM/deep sleep patterns. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, work on fixing that (and getting your circadian rhythm back to normal per these suggestions) rather than a band-aid solution of alcohol-induced sub-par sleep.
    Look into sleep tips (i.e. keep your room as dark as possible, keep your room cool, use white noise, etc.).
    Avoid lots of bright screens late at night. At night, avoid things that tell your body it’s time to be awake. Try to finish exercise earlier in the day. Again, keep your later in the day meals small (and earlier in the day large). “Wind down” before bed, by reading, stretching, etc. If you do have a screen in front of you, have the app that limits blue light.
    Try to get at least 20 minutes of actual sunlight during the day. This doesn’t necessarily need to hit your skin (though that may help, due to Vitamin D synthesis), it just needs to be captured by your eyes so your body knows it’s “wake time” during the day. If you work inside all day long, get out for a walk or at the very least hopefully you can catch some sunlight during your commute.

  32. I feel your pain, and I make sure that NEVER happens in my house! I currently have 9 bags of best Colombian coffee, in my kitchen cupboards – and nothing would induce me to drink instant coffee!!

  33. Before I started drinking coffee in the morning, I had a couple of tricks to wake up.
    Drink tea. Tea is so healthy for you, you just gotta find your favorite taste. Green tea, mint tea, apple cinnamon tea, rosehip tea… As long as you stay away from chamomile tea because that’s known for its “benefit” of letting you feel sleepy etc.
    Do a little exercising in the morning. Just run outside around the block or go by bike to your work (if it is not so far away from home). Exercising is a good way to stay healthy as well.
    Drink water before you start eating breakfast. Your body will get cleansed from the inside, your intestines can wash away any waste left into your body after sleeping. It may sound disgusting (the intestine story) but I hope you get it.
    Drink some hot cocoa with a teaspoon of cinnamon. It woke me up, just like coffee does to me now! You get the chocolatey taste, you get a little kick of the cinnamon. Yum, and you think of fall right away.
    That’s all I used to do before I started drinking coffee.

  34. I find staying upright helps a good amount, the second you lean over your body essentially thinks you’re lying down to get some much needed shut-eye, so when you’re ploughing through that 3rd box set at 3 In the morning do not lie down on the sofa! Sit up straight.
    Also getting up every one in a while for a bit of exercise, be it a few star jumps or a brisk walk, will keep you awake like nothing else.
    If all else fails just drink tea instead of coffee (probably not what you were after though)

  35. *Edit: I see you’ve tweaked the question a little, so let me tweak my answer.
    Maybe you should look into what theine is. Because I don’t think you can say “I’m a tea drinker, so I’m not into caffeine”. Tea just like coffee is full of caffeine but we call it different.*
    Cold water works. Just run the tab, let the water get really cold. Hold your hands underneath and make sure it reaches your wrists as well. And throw some of it in your face. You can also start by showering with cold water for a couple of seconds before you turn the warm on.
    Another option is a bit of dextrose. If you’ve just woken up, your cortisol levels are high. By ingesting a quick carbohydrate like dextrose this creates an insulin spike. (Insulin is a dire…

  36. Get sufficient sleep at night to keep you awake and alert all day. Works for me. Avoiding all stimulants like caffeine will help you sleep better at night.

  37. Hi there,
    there are many great options…
    To mention just a few:
    Make sure you slept enough (I’m sorry, but this is the easier quick fix 🙂
    Take a cold shower – it’s gonna wake you up
    Drink Green tea or Yerba mate tea
    Drink 2 glasses of water
    Those tricks usually work 🙂

  38. There are a few ways:
    1) Eat apple.
    This works particularly well in morning. Rather than having coffee or tea you can eat an apple.
    2) Take breaks (5-10 minutes long) every 40-45 minutes.
    It has been scientifically proven that one can continuously concentrate only up to 40-45 minutes.
    3) Walk around/exercise, listen to music if you wish to in those 10 minutes break. Don’t think about the project at hand.
    4) Drink Water.
    It reduces tiredness.
    5) Exercise daily. (Long term Benefit)
    This is must if you want to stay active longer. If you can’t manage long exercise daily, do simple stretching exercises.
    6) Drink Tea (Green tea preferred) or energy drink if all else fails.


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  40. always keep your stomach little vacant never full your stomach otherwise you will have hard time at waking .[oxygen which your brain need to stay active is given to stomach for digesting food ].
    eating less is also good for your health , Eat less but eat healthy .
    when I need to stay awake like for night I used to skip dinner and eat 5–6 biscuits when I feel very very hungry but never took a proper dinner and drinking water in good quantity .
    thank you
    forgive if any grammatical error

  41. Good question. Many people I know drink natural energy drinks. For example, I have a friend who is an Arbonne representative, and she helps people with Fizz Sticks ™. DoTerra has natural products as well. Also, starting your morning with drinking alkalizes ionized water gives your body desperately needed water. You have to figure that after you wake up from 7/8 hours sleep, your body is dehydrated. So rehydrating first thing in the morning will give your body the water it needs, and you will be energized because everything will be able to start working properly the way it should. Othe…

  42. 10 Ways To Wake Up Without A Cup Of Coffee
    Try Some Uplifting Stretches. Getty Images. …
    Chomp On An Apple. Walter B. …
    Roll Out Of Bed And Work Out. Jordan Siemens via Getty Images. …
    Get Some Fresh Air And Sunlight. Eli Rees Photography via Getty Images. …
    Take A Cold Shower. Fuse via Getty Images. …
    Pour Yourself A Very Cold Glass Of Water. …
    Try Tea. …
    Call Mom.

  43. Hydration with water can be just as effective as caffeine. Drinking anything warm like tea can mimic your morning warm cup of joe, and you’re still hydrating. My morning favorite substitute is a big glass of Tropicana orange juice with the calcium added.
    On the drive home from night shift I got tired of smacking my own face, while listening to heavy metal on full blast with the cold air coming through the open car window, so I started eating apples or chewing gum on the way home. Those apples really did the trick. You could also do celery or carrots, or anything crunchy. I like to keep a box of Corn Pops cereal stocked in my work locker. Just buy some milk and I have a quick pick me up. Plus if I forgot my lunch bag, at least I have something else. Nothing better on a quiet ICU night than eating Corn Pops and singing Kiss’ Beth with my co-workers.
    Beth I hear you calling
    But I can’t come home right now
    Me and the girls are nursing
    And oh how the call lights sound
    Just a few more hours
    And I’ll be right home to you
    I think I hear them calling
    Oh Beth what can I do
    Beth what can I do
    Beth I know you’re lonely
    And I hope you’ll be alright
    ‘Cause me and the girls will be charting all night

  44. Some orange juice, followed by fresh air and exercise. Nothing too demanding, a long walk around the block is sufficient, but I want to get my lungs working and restart my heart.

  45. Vitamin b-12 is supposed to give you a boost of energy, I believe. There are quite a few supliments and drinks that can give you this natural, long lasting energy. I find that it is so much better than caffeine and sugar because those don’t last long and often leave me deeling sick or even more tired. And, obviously, if you are already tired, especially from lack of sleep, water and exercise are not going to cut it.

  46. Millions of people rely on caffeine to boost their mind and body in the morning. But it’s not the only source of energy.
    There are natural alternatives:
    Get out in the sun. Sunlight is proven to help wake up our internal clock.
    End your morning shower with cold water. The cold will increase your metabolic rate and make you feel alert.
    Drink a glass of ice-cold water. This helps fight off fatigue and has a similar energy-unlocking effect as a cold shower.
    Eat breakfast. Some fiber and carbohydrates will give you that initial energy boost for the day.
    Drink some orange juice. It has the sugar to get you going as well as flavonoids that help you become more alert.
    Exercise. This increases blood flow and oxygen to your brain.
    Listen to music. Your favorite music helps to put you in a state of arousal.

  47. The realization that if I don’t get up now, my parents would be angry, I would eventually HAVE to get up, or that I get to wake up to video games.
    Oh also my dad whenever we have somewhere to be and he sprays water on me…
    That’s always fun’s for both him and me.

  48. Because of several health issues I quit drinking coffee. I find walking 2 or more miles about 2 hours before bedtime helps. In the morning I wake up about the same time every day and take my morning thyroid pill. After that I get in the shower which wakes me up.

  49. I agree with other posters that sunlight-not blue light from screens, a cool shower, getting some fuel in (EAT BREAKFAST) and hydrate, get moving (even if it’s just a few yoga stretches, deep breathing or better yet-singing and allow your own natural caffeine-cortisol to get you going.
    Hope this helps.

  50. Drinking cold water. Washing your face with cold water. Exposing yourself to something with a lot of noise, as in a morning TV show or radio news show.

  51. Tea has caffeine.
    I get up early to meditate so I am brewing a cup of tea and while waiting the few minutes for that I clean up the kitchen. It gets me moving a bit and then the tea does its part.
    Or take a shower.
    Or run around the block.

  52. I’ve never had coffee in the morning, I do not really like coffee. However if you replace “coffee” with “Tea” in your question then I can happily say that until the day’s first cuppa I am not at my best.


  53. The best way to wake up and not need caffeine to get going is to get enough sleep in the first place. Eight hours is what is recommended and very important to help the body heal and recover. (As an aside, the hours before midnight are way more restorative than the hours after midnight. For example, sleeping from 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. is way more restorative than sleeping from midnight until 8:00 a.m.)
    A smoothie with a shot of liquid B vitamins gives a great surge of energy also! Because low energy, especially in the morning is a common symptom of toxicity, supporting liver function (lemon and hot water in the morning) will eventually lead to great energy and no need for the stimulating effects of caffeine.

  54. A few tips:
    Forcing yourself to get up. (maybe thinking of all the work you have to get done…)
    Setting an alarm so annoying you wouldn’t want to go back to sleep.
    Putting the alarm a distance away so you have to get up and walk there.
    Splashing your face with water.
    Getting someone to annoy you until you get out of bed.

    Victor Allen’s

  55. I don’t know why but when my eyes open I am fully charged. Everybody I know thinks I’m crazy because I wake up chipper!

  56. You get more sleep or take naps during your breaks if possible. Not enough sleep will make you groggy/sleepy during the time when you’re supposed to be awake.
    I used to struggle with insomnia during time in high school. I’ll sleep whenever possible even 15 minutes brake and when I’m done after lunch I’m back to the classroom at my desk sleeping.
    It helps, taking naps when you have time.

  57. Aderall ‘n home made apple cinamon sauce! What’s that saying? An apple a day keeps the doctor away ? More like an addy a day keeps your doctor at bay! Unfortunately a prescription for stimulant meds like adderal or Dexedrine are hard to come by and are really only prescribed to ppl with ADHD, weight loss disorders ( helps prevent stress/binge eating) and narcolepsy.
    If you can’t have a caffeine or amphetamine your wake up tool ten try doing. Jumping jacks and reaching for the ceiling. reps of 10 at a time. Works great for me in my off days that I take a medication holiday. considering I only take the meds 2–3 days a week when I’m prescribed them every day. 7 days a week. Doctor is aware an fine with the days I don’t take them.

  58. Tea? Any non brown or black leaf should he caffeine free. Browse a Japanese or Chinese grocery for easy choices. Jasmine is a pressed flower, cafgine free. But don’t drink that for breakfast. One of it’s touted benefits is sleep lolz. I only bring I up to show tea isn’t what you’ve been told it is. Research and a new world of hot beverage s opens up to you.
    Everything else that’s hot and liquid might be an acquired taste. Like miso soup. I have chicken broth. A lot of people juice. Cold. There are hot juices. I just can’t doysrlf though.
    Grapefruit juice will wake you up
    Oh oh oh! Hot Apple Cider. Tasty. Hot. Caffeine Free.

  59. Wash your face
    or take a shower
    Go for a walk/brisk walk/jog
    Sit in the sun and absorb the sun’s warmth and energy
    Drink warm/hot water

    I personally prefer to drink hot tea (not sure if it has caffeine), as it helps with blood circulation and gets your organs moving.

    Cold water may give you a jolt, but in the long run it can be harmful, as it does the opposite effect. It stagnates your organs, hindering the functioning of your immune system and digestive tract. It shrinks your blood vessels and causes indigestion.

  60. Deep breathing exercises. Count to 6 breathing in and count to 2 breathing out. Do this for 3 minutes and you will “wake up”:)

  61. Doing stuff that absolutely doesn’t have anything to do with caffeine and eating.
    Watching tv, using your phone, exercise are just some examples of things nothing to do with caffeine.
    Eating foods rich in carbohydrates is also good.

  62. By far the best way I know to quickly become alert without caffeine is strenuous exercise .
    If you can get at least a quick, but high-intensity workout in, you’ll find yourself far more awake, alert, and energized. If possible, do something aerobic that really get’s your heart rate up:
    Running, especially intervals of sprinting and jogging
    Fast-paced cycling or spinning
    Even a very brisk walk can do the trick
    If you can’t get out to do a full exercise, try something like pushups that you can do anywhere.
    Finally, if we’re talking about waking yourself up first thing in the morning, I recommend combining the advice above about physical exertion with immediate sunlight exposure, which will suppress your melatonin levels and help you feel more alert.
    Hope that helps!

  63. I usually set my alarm like 20 minutes before I get up. It helps your body to slowly wake up and become more awake so when the time comes that you have to get up, it will be so much easier and also you won’t really be tired
    Another way is when you get up being tea. Healthier than coffee and a natural source of energy

  64. No matter how I feel the first thing to cross my lips in the morning is a minimum of 16 ounces of water. The only exception is when I wake up absolutely starving, and that is pretty dang rare. I suffer most mornings from cranky morning stomach, but I can always get some water down which gives me a feeling of control. Some cold water also perks me up, and hydrates me after a minimum of six hours without a drink.
    I don’t like coffee first thing because it makes me feel like I don’t have control. I have been at the point that I had to have coffee to wake up, and it’s a miserable feeling. Usually it will be an hour before I have coffee, unless I have a long car drive ahead and need the extra focus. Often enough in those situations I forgo the coffee and head straight for the vitamin B complex which will keep me perky all day.
    Another option if my stomach is really terrible and I have to eat (like when I’m getting ready to work outside all day) is green tea with honey. That’s really the only kind of tea I drink before 10 AM. I might drink some iced tea with lunch or in the mid afternoon. My preference for tea is usually for herbal soothing tea, not the kind that wakes me up.

  65. I don’t take any form of caffeine. I love my Fiber One cereal with whole milk and peanut butter on flax seed crackers. Later in the morning I have two eggs. I drink water. I do a crossword puzzle. I wake up very early in the morning and stay in bed for a while doing my crossword puzzle. Depending on how my blood sugar is doing, I take a walk either before my cereal or after my cereal. I’m also on Quora early in the morning which really wakes me up.

  66. I have on many occasions used strong mints ( altoids for example )
    on long drives or listened to radio stations or podcasts that have views
    that are in diametric opposition to my views or tastes … with a deliberate
    purpose of trying to understand a viewpoint , a way of thought or perception
    it takes quite a bit of mental discipline .. but it works for me.

  67. Fruit smoothie. Buy a blender and frozen and fresh fruit! Best way to start the morning, kills all cravings for sweets and junk food.

  68. Water. Just splash water into your face and after you overcome the initial shock you should be up and about. If you’re looking for a less painful method I’d suggest watching a tv episode. It focuses your eyes and wakes you up.

  69. I love my coffee but I always awake tired. This is due to my bad sleep habits which are formed by my fear of unconsciousness and my nearly daily nightmares. There have been some suggestions to awake yourself other than coffee that include washing your face when you wake up. The water on your face seems to awaken people. Some people find showers help to wake them up. Going for a walk can also help as your body is moving and so essentially so is your brain, giving it no time to be tired.
    I hate exercise yet it’s something that is beneficial for many things. This includes heart health, losing weight, emotional and mental health, defeating depression, having better sleep and many other things.
    A morning coffee is alright for some. Some can’t handle any caffeine whatsoever. Most can handle caffeine if taken early. Nobody should take caffeine 6–8 hours before bed. It can affect sleep and thus disturb sleep.

  70. Tenacity, grit and a no-fail option for your personal life. Coffee is just a byproduct of old behavior and can be overcome with discipline.

  71. Drink drinks like soda, energy drink or ice cold water. The last one surprisingly helped a lot. Also, if you want to stay away you should keep moving. Don’t be lazy

  72. How do you wake yourself up in the morning aside from coffee? I’m a tea drinker, so I’m not into caffeine.
    I’m a tea drinker too, but my morning cup of tea is my own mixture of green tea and black tea-a bit of caffeine in my first 2 cups of tea helps.
    As a retiree, I no longer schedule early morning appointments. My personal circadian clock has reset itself to being awake at night (usually until about 2AM) then waking up between 9–10AM.
    These spring days, however, I’m apt to be awakened by the dawn chorus and I love the sound so much I just don’t go back to sleep. So I may nap for an hour in the afternoon if I’ve spent the sunny morning in my garden.
    When I worked I had 3 alarm clocks. One by my bed to hit snooze on (it went off 30 minutes before I had to get up). Then next one was set for 15 minutes later and was on my dresser-it was a more irritating beep-my bedside alarm was set to a local music station.
    The last one was in the kitchen and it was really loud and annoying-it increased in sound until one of us actually got up and turned it off. By then going back to bed wasn’t an option so I’d start the (made the night before) coffee pot and get the oatmeal going for my kids breakfast.
    Retirement is payback for 50 year of 5:30 AM awakenings.

  73. At the end if your shower, make it freezing cold for a while. It sucks, but toughen up, because afterwards, you feel better than coffee can ever make you feel.

  74. Physical movement. Push ups or jumping jacks work well. The key is physical movement. Good water and proper hydration provides energy as well…

  75. Yes you can. It’s fast, cheap and good for you.
    Take a cold shower.
    Either totally cold right away or you could do what I do – after your regular shower turn the water to cold and spend 30-60 seconds under it.
    I have been doing this for about 10 years now (95% of the times that I shower, including nights) and I have gotten so used to it that I hate not being able to take a cold shower.
    This works best if you get cold water. Unfortunately in some places (USA south, lot of the beach tourist destinations) the water isn’t as cold as it is in my home, Estonia.


  76. I exercise regularly, eat healthy, and get a good night’s sleep. I think “struggling to wake yourself up” is a symptom that you’ve already lost the battle and now you’re scrambling to patch things up. Don’t get me wrong: I have sluggish days like anyone else, but I take these as a sign that I need to invest more time into my sleep.
    Or a cold shower after eating a spoonful of raw cacao powder. That works too.

  77. Eat fruits or drink fresh squeezed fruit juices. The easy to digest fruit sugars will boost your metabolism. Sucrose, fructose, etc. Not to mention the vitamins you get “for free”.

  78. Start with a complete cold glass of water. There are caffeine free green teas, but I’ve found issues with nausea if I haven’t eaten. So, yeah. Ice water and maybeligjy yoga or stretches.

  79. Caffeine doesn’t give you energy. It merely “wakes up” your brain. Pretty much, anything that has calories gives you energy.
    If you want to be alert without a dose of caffeine, try brisk walking, or going up and down the stairs. Have a protein bar or shake for calories.

  80. You just need willpower.
    Do you want to revise for a test while everyone else is sleeping?
    Do you want to work out when everyone else is sleeping?
    Do you want to be productive when everyone else is sleeping?
    Or perhaps you just need some more time to relax, and don’t you want more time?
    If your answer is “yes”, you have a desire to wake up early. If that desire is stronger than your instincts to continue your morning hours in bed – eyes closed – you have willpower. Willpower to wake up early.
    Cultivate the willpower to want to wake up early and achieve something. If you have that burning desire, you can wake up as early as you want.

  81. Tea does have Caffiene in it. Tea doesn’t have as much caffiene as Coffee does although, drinking Tea still will give you a minor caffiene boost.
    How can you get more of a boost from waking up in the morning?
    Doing Yoga when you wake up in the morning can activate parts of the brain that can make you wake up easier.
    2. Walking, Jogging, Running, or, Speedwalking
    Doing any of these will wake up the brain, getting your body moving will help you wake up. If you move your body this is good for blood flow to mover around your body which will make you wake up a lot easier.
    3. Drinking lots of water
    Drinking lots of water has been proven to actually give you more of an awake feeling rather then having a caffiene intake. Caffiene can get you a buzzed, alert feeling. Although, actually wanting to fully wake yourself up, water is another best way to do so. Drinking lots of water is very good for your health as well.
    You have to find things you enjoy, that will make waking up easier for yourself. I reccommend all of these options, because they are also good for your health.

  82. Going to sleep 10 hours before it’s time to wake up.
    Your body is sleepy, and the only way to battle this is to give in and get enough rest.
    (The 10 hour allowance includes at least 2 hours of tossing and turning before falling asleep).

  83. Is morning that time when the Sun starts to come up and I’m tired so I know it’s time for bed? I am really not a morning person but I am very much a tea person.
    Seriously though unless your tea specifically says it doesn’t contain caffeine then assume it has at least some. Strong black tea can have about 1/4 of the caffeine as the same amount of regular coffee. Before being processed the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant have more caffeine than coffee beans, but the leaves are processed and tea is usually not brewed as strongly as coffee so the resulting drink has less caffeine. Camellia sinensis is what green, oolong, white and black tea all comes from. The difference is in the amount of processing, green is barely processed while black is processed heavily. Herbal tea can be anything from mint to lavender to orange peels, it’s basically hot leaf juice. Herbal tea can have Camellia sinensis in it or not, and it could contain other thing that have caffeine, that’s why I caution you to make sure your tea says caffeine free if you’re really serious about avoiding it.
    As to how I wake up in the mornings that I do have to be wide awake at a certain time making breakfast really helps. Waffles and bacon, french toast and eggs, sausage and muffins etc. Even if I have to wake up extra early in order to make a real breakfast if it’s important that I be awake at a certain time it’s worth it for me to wake up early and cook breakfast rather than just grabbing something at a drive-through. Of course that means planning ahead, getting stuff for breakfast and if necessary going to bed at a reasonable time. When that doesn’t work caffeine is a nice fallback for me.

  84. I dont require caffeine for atleast 01 hour on waking up.
    No trick it is by inner wiring, undivided drive and consistency of a clock.II never if my siblings got up as well or not.I had learn things my way, assigned to me, i disliked .comparison.
    It helped.
    Tricks were applied by mom and dad tp positively reinforce early wake-up ritual from school days.
    Caffeine started in university
    It is by habit ingrained by my parents since childhood.Nearly since i was in 6th or 7th class.
    Was repulsive in start but became candy spice once emedded.
    I was up at 6am, down dimly lit 3rd storey to pick milk and newspaper, up home, ready and touch school in time.
    By practice, you can.
    Stay charged

  85. I cannot stand the smell of coffee. I lived next door to a student ( I was a student too) who used to drink black coffee very very early in the morning. The smell of coffee used to seep in from his room to mine while I was still sleeping and that woke me up. I tried to put towel under the door to seal it but the damn smell wouldn’t stop. It went on for a month then mercifully he moved somewhere else.

  86. You are consuming Theobromine which is a caffeine analogue, unless you are consuming herbal tea and not just any herb . Some other herbs are stimulative .
    I put on trance music and take a brisk shower , followed by 24 ounces of black coffee. Works every time .

  87. Assuming an occasional occurence ;
    Eat enough, esp. protein but don’t stuff.
    Use bright lights
    Be uncomfortable. When sitting, use a chair that is hard to fall asleep on. Keep a bit cool.
    Listen to music


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