What’s the cheapest way to open a coffee truck?

What’s the cheapest way to open a coffee truck?

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  1. First, you need a truck. If your going cheap, it will be a used truck. Most likely a VERY used truck. Some smaller car dealers can scour the auctions for you, and pick one up at a good price. This may save you a lot of time and money. Or you can go through craigslist, and the classifieds, until you find one that works for you. Make sure you get a mechanic to go over it, and consider having a bodyshop paint it, and weld in the counters, etc.
    (I will spare you pictures of available dilapidated trucks)
    If you want even cheaper, consider a trailer

    What's the cheapest way to open a coffee truck?

    The Trailer perk (image from Pinterest)
    It is smart to check on prices for new or existing coffee trucks, to see if you ca really save a lot of money; For example, if you can buy a used truck for $75k ready to roll, does it pay to invest $50k and three months labor and sweat equity to build one? Getting to market faster means making money sooner. you also may be able to finance an existing truck, which may be deductible, lowering your cost of entry into the business. Know your numbers.
    Signage and a catchy name are important. you also need to set up your social media and web presence (or just work the numbers in a great location, like a subway stop).
    You also have to guesstimate how many patrons you may have at peak times (coffee is primarily breakfast and lunch operation, like 6AM to 1 or 2 PM).
    Speak to a wholesale food equipment supplier about coffee urns, cups per hour, etc. This will determine your marketing, pricing, etc. The good news is that you most likely don’t need a big truck. But you do have to have enough capacity to supply your patrons without an excessive wait.
    If you are going for cheap, I believe you should consider a very limited menu, so you can focus on coffee and simple add-on foods like buttered bagels, croissants, etc., which can be prepackaged and sold with a cup of joe.
    Think of the old saturday night live routine, where every customer in the diner got a cheeseburger. One product, one method of preparation, easy pricing, easy ordering (just don’t muck it up by asking for something “off menu”).

    SNL Cheeburger skit, based on “the Billy Goat Tavern” in Chicago.
    But it’s not just a low-cost operation, you need to know everything you can about the coffee business…

  2. So your biggest expenses are the truck, espresso machine, electricity and plumbing.
    The truck you can get a trailer. Horse trailers are even cheaper….
    Buy espresso machine used and then have refurbished by your local tech. Learn his favorite beer and favorite pizza before asking him. It will save you money.
    Electricity should be done by an Electrician with certs.
    Plumbing can be done by an apprentice. See your local community college to find eager apprentices…
    Paint can be done by yourself or have some one else paint. Skip the wrap.
    Fridge can be bought used.
    Buy your grinder new.
    The cheapest way is often the slowest. Keep this in mind. I have tons of videos on this subject if your serious.
    Good luck and keep truckin!
    (for more info on expenses see this video:

  3. Do not open a coffee truck.
    Well-o-well. This is the cheapest way.
    The second is—probably—to buy a business which is recently bankrupted. You’ll possibly have all the stuff needed. The only thing you must do is to change the business plan (location, service, etc.) to make it work better as a business.
    Thanks for asking to answer.


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