What’s the big difference between putting butter in your coffee vs. heavy cream for a bulletproof-type morning start?

What’s the big difference between putting butter in your coffee vs. heavy cream for a bulletproof-type morning start?

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  1. Butter needs to be blended; cream just stirred.
    Cream tastes better!
    Butter has very low milk sugars (carbs) or milk protein: in theory butter coffee will cause a lower insulin spike than cream. Not sure if I can find a study to prove that or if it is significant.
    So, to remain in a ketotic state and keep blood sugars low, butter is better.
    Butter has a high fat content so a butter coffee will have higher calories.

  2. Dairy Chemistry lesson 101
    I like to give a brief introduction to dairy chemistry 101, milk is an emulsion, where fat in suspended in liquid (water), it is called oil in water emulsion. Heavy cream is also an emulsion, milk fat is still suspended in water medium. Milk fat comes in the form of fat globules and these globules are protected by a membrane, it is called fat globule membrane.
    Heavy cream versus butter in the coffee:
    Now when we put heavy cream in the coffee it mixes well with the water media of the coffee and as you say “ bulletproof-type” morning start.
    On the other hand when we make butter, by churning we break the emulsion now the fat is not in small micro globules it is in a semi liquid form, by force we have broken the emulsion ( in technical terms we call it reverse phase), in other words once fat was suspended in water, now water is suspend in fat.
    This fat from the butter will not form an emulsion in the coffee, it has lost all the native (original phase) now it will float on your coffee like an oily layer, in the industry we can form an emulsion with a machine called homogenizer but that machine is for commercial processes.
    For now please use heavy cream or milk or light cream for your coffee.
    I hope you learned some thing about : milk fat, fat globule membrane, emulsions, and breaking the emulsion and the reason not use butter in your morning coffee.
    with best regards

  3. Putting cream in your coffee marks you as run of the mill ordinary and dull.
    Putting butter in your coffee marks you as trendy hip and all too willing to follow the latest fad. Remember to order the avocado toast on gluten free bread with your coffee.

  4. Use this baby every morning. Put half your hot coffee in your mug on top of 1 pat of butter. Add MCT oil (1 teaspoon) if desired. Wait 30 seconds for butter to partially melt whip with this Amazon.com: Bonsenkitchen Electric Milk Frother, Automatic Milk Foam Maker for Bulletproof Coffee, Matcha, Stainless Steel Whisk Battery Operated Mini Drink Mixer Blender: Kitchen & Dining . Froths beautifully, no cream necessary, tastes like a great latte.

  5. When I first found out about this fad one or two years ago I gave it a try using high quality butter as is recommended. It seems to me that the butter conveyed the fatty mouthfeel of cream without impinging so much upon the native taste of the coffee. So if you’re a black coffee drinker, you might find it a pleasant change. I use cream and I didn’t find butter so much offensive as I did find it foreign. My objective taste judgement found right on the line of good/bad. Summary: not tasty enough for me to do it more than once.

  6. Eww.. that’s disgusting, why would you like to put butter in your coffee? I understand that you may like cream or milk in your coffee, but butter sounds like ketchup in your OJ.


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