What’s the best electric kettle for making pour-over coffee?

What’s the best electric kettle for making pour-over coffee?

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  1. Any electric kettle with a good heating function is good for making pour-over coffee. However, make sure that the model you use has a fluid level indicator and auto switch-off function. The fluid level indicator will help you specifically measure the milk and water you need to prepare to pour-over coffee.
    Kutchina has a vast collection of electric kettles for coffee and tea preparation. The brand’s electric kettle models have a quick heating time which makes it easy for you to prepare to pour-over coffee in no time.
    Here, I have listed a few simple steps to prepare pour-over coffee using an electric kettle:
    Step 1
    The first step is to boil water in an electric kettle. Unlike using a gas stove, boiling water this way is less time-consuming. If you prefer milk coffee, boil milk using the appliance.

    What's the best electric kettle for making pour-over coffee?

    Step 2
    The second step is to prepare the base. To do this, mix three tablespoons of coffee with 1/4th cup of water. Add sugar to the mixture if you prefer your coffee to be sweet. It is important that the base has a thick consistency. Feel free to add more coffee to achieve a dark and thick consistency.
    Step 3
    The third and final step is to mix the hot water or milk with the base that you have already prepared. Make sure to stir well so that the hot water/milk mixes well properly with the base. If you are preparing pour-over coffee for more than one people, increase the base amount. The same goes with water or milk; boil them in more quantity in your electric kettle.

  2. A gooseneck kettle will be best, and a number of companies make perfectly respectable ones.
    The gooseneck kettle has a long, narrow spout that allows for precise control of the flow rate of water and where it is being poured, over a bed of coffee.
    Fellow is known for their Stagg electric kettle on the high end of the market. It’s coveted for its aesthetics and quality. Brewista also makes some fine electric gooseneck kettles as well.


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