What mushrooms contain caffeine?

What mushrooms contain caffeine?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “is there caffeine in mushroom coffee

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  1. A quick search doesn’t reveal any mushrooms that contain caffeine by production that I can find and I have never heard of any that do. But the mycelium of many fungi can pick up and even isolate contaminants in the soil so picking up caffeine could be a distinct possibility in one species or another. Of course the caffeine would have to have a source. Most cultivation of mushrooms on coffee grounds is on used coffee grounds though and the caffeine would be mostly leached out of that.
    There are fungi that have a very nice stimulant effect like chaga. I enjoy the earthy flavor of the canker as a tea with a little milk and maple syrup but it is becoming readily available on the internet as Mushroom Coffee from many sources as a combination of chaga, lions mane mushroom and coffee.


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