What makes you think coffee keeps me awake?

What makes you think coffee keeps me awake?

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  1. The active ingredient is caffeine. Actually cheaperCoffees may have more caffeine.
    I kind of prefer chocolate covered mocha coffee beans. They taste pretty good and have a reasonable dose of caffeine
    But be careful not to overdose and don’t use this as a crutch for chronic sleep deprivation

  2. I love the smell of coffee!
    I hate the taste of coffee!
    My caffeine source of choice is high caffeine Scottish Breakfast tea.
    The brand I use delivers 46 milligrams of caffeine, but that’s because I let it steep a relatively long time.
    That’s about 50% of the average 95mg in a cup of strong coffee.
    So two cups of tea, and I have the same caffeine I would have — without the horrible taste.
    I get twice as hydrated as a coffee drinker. Plus, my kidneys hate me less, and my bowels hate me less.

  3. For me, the best coffee to stay awake is a hot cup of dark roast coffee, black. Cream and sugar seem to dilute the caffeine impact. Obviously, decaf coffee won’t do the trick.

    What makes you think coffee keeps me awake?

    I enjoy quality coffee beans, which I grind at home before brewing coffee. I tend to stay away from instant coffee crystals. I use a fair amount of ground coffee in my coffee maker, about 1/3 more than is recommended.
    I have no opinion on the efficacy of any particular brand of coffee in helping me wake up or stay awake. Here in the Unite…

  4. What makes you think coffee keeps me awake?

    Death wish coffee has a bold taste and great aroma with a smooth dark rich consistency. For me, the best coffee to stay awake is a hot cup of dark roast coffee, black. Cream and sugar seem to dilute the caffeine impact. Obviously, decaf coffee won’t do the trick.

  5. Any brand or style you like. Just be sure its real coffee with its original caffeine. Decaf will not help with wakefulness as its caffeine has been removed.
    M. IL.

  6. I like Folger’s Columbian coffee and I make it strong. If you want a stronger coffee, Expresso will definitely keep you awake.

  7. A regular cup of drip coffee at Starbucks at 310 mg of caffeine. I think this is your best bet. 10 popular Starbucks coffees, ranked by how much caffeine they have

  8. AH, the lighter the blend the stronger the coffee so Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s ‘’HOUSE BLEND’’ works really fine..I”m on it right now. 2 cups and your out the door taking care of business. But if you like a strong blend anything at Starbucks should keep you up. Their product is just highly roasted and you get a stronger taste. Or you can go and some kind of so called ‘’gourmet’’ coffee and pay more.

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  10. I tap pressure points about my collar bone.. However, I just discovered that freshly roasted green coffee beans boost hyper-activity value. In the least, it seems to improve the flavor for me.

  11. Deathwish. I had a boss so addicted to caffeine that he started buying beans and grinding it fresh himself. I had to stop at two cups and stop before noon, because I’d be up at LEAST 12 hours after finishing the last cup

  12. Perhaps an espresso drink. I don’t use coffee to stay awake. I drink it for the taste. It does help with my workouts but I really think one ought to train the brain to stay awake on its own, otherwise, well, you’ll lose the ability to do so over time. Not a good thing, to lose natural abilities, don’t you think?

  13. The best coffee to stay awake is , rather obviously, the coffee with the greatest amount of caffeine. Since jars of coffee don’t say how much wakey wakey stuff they have I suggest trying checking out Energy Drinks which usually show caffeine content.
    And for gods sake work out this kind of simplistic question for yourself

  14. Actually to stay awake the best thing is Matcha. It has 3x the amount of caffeine with ZERO jitters or stimulation. Its the only caffeine that actually allows you to sleep if you needed to. Not to mention how delicious it is once you discover Matcha lattes. The caffeine in matcha also makes the mind sharp and alert (unlike coffee) and does not overwhelm the system like the caffeine in coffee does.
    Note to mention: Starbucks matcha has no matcha (as their chai has no chai, all artificial flavoring) so don’t order it there. Its super simple to make at home (easier then coffee) and can be found at nearly all healthy cafes and natural shops.
    Hope thats helps and enjoy, matcha is AMAZING.

  15. Good tea is the best 🙂 Caffeine from tea absorbs differently, slower and keeps you awake longer, sedate and don’t put you in a rush.

  16. What is the best drink to keep you awake?
    6 Best Caffeinated Drinks for Staying Awake During Finals Week
    Caffe Latte. Caffe Latte. …
    Java Monster Energy Drink. monsterenergy. …
    Green Tea. Pexels\ …
    Mountain Dew. Though they are usually not associated with all-nighters, some soda drinks have enough caffeine to have the same effect as coffee. …
    COGO Hot Chocolate. Pexels. …
    5 Hour Energy Decaf. 5hourenergy.

  17. Derek….try Death Wish coffee ☕ (there’s a disclaimer right on the 📦 package)…That coffee will definitely keep you ⏰ awake after 1 cup, because of the 😱 frightening amount of caffeine..beware of ❤ heart palpitations after consuming…

  18. I think you’ll find that you can choose almost any coffee brand for that. For the record, the ingredient that “keeps you awake” is called CAFFEINE and most coffee’s contain that. There’s some “decaffinated” types which have no caffeine as the name suggests but apart from those you should find products with caffeine in them. Also, some sodas like Coke and Pepsi and even the “Diet” versions of them contain caffeine.

  19. It may depend on strength, amount and taste altogether or some of them, though this is from my personal experiences as someone who drinks coffee as a foodie and collector.
    The strength would be determined by the amount of shots inside your coffee, for which of course more shots means more caffeine means more attention. The taste of a powerful shot set can also help.
    Though in ways strength may not always matter as much of you don’t consistently drink the coffee, as a quick gulp can give you a short burst that concludes soon. Having a large cup of black coffee which can be drunk throughout a session may help keep you awake consistently.
    As for the taste or flavour, there are variants that range from cereal to floral tones, and different ranges of acidity. This differs with people but personally I’ve had more success with more acidic (bittery buzzy) tastes (to compare with cheap shop coffee, Starbucks VS Costa). But this by far may just be the least determining factor. I would say quantity and shot amount matters the most in that order.
    And a strong note, black coffee will always work better than milky coffee in most cases.
    Finally, our body is very smart and intuitive so no matter how much coffee you drink, you will eventually feel sleepy if you’ve stayed up for too long. This is even more true for people who drink coffee very frequently for whom the effects can become moderated.
    Tip: if you’re not used to black or strong coffee, that’s a helper since tasting something out of bounds can make it interesting even if it is disgusting at first.

  20. The best source of energy comes from restorative sleep while maintaining a moderately healthy diet.
    If there is a situation though that you absolutely have to stay up all day or all night though, I would recommend a light roast coffee (such as blonde roast from Starbucks) because there is higher caffeine content due to the beans not being fully roasted. This is because when beans are roasted darker, they lose some of their caffeine content. This is one option if you prefer to consume hot coffee.
    Another option is cold brew with or without the addition of nitro (which makes the caffeine content more concentrated). Since cold brew is brewed under cold water for 12–24 hours, much more caffeine content is transferred to the coffee than would be of iced coffee.

  21. The coffee that is in your cup. Coffee in someone else’s cup does you no good but sometimes just the smell can make you have to take a dump. Other than that, their coffee can’t keep you awake.

  22. If u go by just dark roast vs light roast it’s more of measuring thing. The dark roast had a higher quantity of caffeine per volume, whereas the light roast has less dense volume. If u use the same mass of light to dark the dark will really get ur motor going. The Arabica been & the Robustas been are 2 of the …

  23. You want maximum caffeine. Coffee loses caffeine as it’s roasted darker, so get medium roast or ‘blonde’ roast. And if you’re making it yourself, you can make it a little stronger. And a larger size—of course 12 oz of coffee has 50% more caffeine than 8 oz. Cream and sugar don’t matter.
    8 oz of coffee is about 100mg of caffeine. Some ‘experts’ have said you shouldn’t have more than 500mg in a day, but everyone has a different sensitivity to caffeine. If it’s not making you twitchy or ‘buzzy’, and you can sleep okay, I’d say you haven’t had too much.
    Also I have to mention that if you’re nodding off all day it could be because you didn’t get enough sleep the night before.

  24. well, this is complicated because caffeine affects everyone differently, but blonde roast coffee has the most amount of caffeine for a regular coffee roast. I would also suggest asking for blonde espresso in any cafe drinks.

  25. Black tea contains caffeine which stimulates your brain to stay awake but the quantity is way lesser than coffee . This makes black tea ideal to keep you up late.

  26. Shock Coffee: The Strongest All Natural Product. Shock CoffeeGround
    The Strongest Caffeinated All-Natural Coffee
    Napalm Extra Dark Roast
    Napalm Coffee
    100% Arabica
    Single Serve Cups for Keurig K-Cup Brewers
    12 Count
    Wish: The World’s Strongest.

  27. I’m a shift worker and I have used the free coffee in the lunch room. I’ve used other coffee. But most of all, the coffee sometimes works, sometimes not.
    As a celiac with a history of gut complications too numerous to mention, I used to write it off as another complication of my gut biome. So I bought caffeine pills which work consistently. Consistently poorly at times I have too little protein in my system. Consistently OK when I’ve had a protein meal in the previous 2 to 3 hours.
    So what about coffee?
    It was just a few years ago I discovered how the polyphenols in coffee act on the brains orexin system to make me sleepy. So kinda satisfying that here was a problem that I didn’t have to blame on my gut.
    I’ve not looked into which coffee making method gives you more polyphenols. And I don’t know which polyphenols cause the sleepyness.
    While caffeine is known to come out of coffee quickly, in my view of coffee making, so does the colour or the polyphenols. The caffeine might beat out those other ingredients by a few seconds.
    So my best guess is that coffee that is brewed very rapidly is best for obtaining the caffeine. Prevent the grounds from sitting in the water for more than a few seconds. This won’t make great coffee. But it will do a better job staying awake.

  28. You really want coffee to stay awake? Take coffee grinds, I’ve found it doesn’t matter what brand, and tuck them between your upper lip and gum. The caffeine soaks straight into your bloodstream and hits your system faster.

  29. I think the different levels of caffeine in coffee are negligible. Drink whichever kind you like. I like Nespresso. Drink espresso, it’s more concentrated. Coffee is essentially espresso with more water.

  30. Personally, I make mine in a French press, and I use regular ground coffee. Two cups and my eyelids snap open with a crack (think whiplash for the eyes). Of course, then you can’t shut me up for a couple of hours….

  31. I am not sure there is not much difference in the amount of caffeine in one coffee than another. You might find “no dose” an answer.
    I do not find coffee or no doze keeps me awake, as I have been drinking it in large amount for many years and I can still sleep no matter how many large mugs of coffee I drink or how strong it is.
    The question you should be asking yourself is why do you want to stay awake? Why can you not stay awake?
    Is there a medical reason for this? Are you getting older and need more sleep?
    Depriving the body of sleep just for the sake of it, will cause you harm, at any age, as we all need to sleep.
    If you can answer these questions, then you have an answer as to why you may need to see a doctor, just to make sure you are not feeling sleepy, because of a medical reason.
    If it is because you feel low mood/depression, that too can be helped, but if you see a doctor you will get a drug that changes the way your brain works and that may not be you, if you talk it through with a psychologist, then you will get better answers.


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  33. Caffeine has never jacked me up or kept me awake. Doesn’t affect me in any way. I SAID IT DOESN’T AFFECT ME IN ANY WAY, DAMN IT! NOW GET OFF MY BACK!!!

  34. I recently bought Dharkan coffee from Nespresso, 11 in intensity. It has a sublime aroma without feeling too roasted.
    I highly recommend it if you have a Coffee Capsule machine.

    What makes you think coffee keeps me awake?

  35. If you want to drink coffee to stay awake, you’re gonna want to get a high caffeine coffee. The average cup of coffee has 95 mg of caffeine. Decaf coffee has a very small amount of caffeine, but it isn’t meant to keep you awake like a caffeinated coffee will. Caffeine pills are another option. They vary, but they usually say the amount of caffeine on them. Don’t snort them though, take them orally, or by whatever route it says on the bottle.
    If you’re going to be taking large amounts of caffeine, I’d recommend taking an adaptogen like L-theanine or ashwagandha. 400 mg of caffeine a day is about the upward limit for healthy adults. Be extra careful if you have a caffeine sensitivity.
    Here’s a guide for dosage:
    Caffeine Dosage Guide | BeamZen
    A website that tells you the caffeine content of various things:
    Caffeine Content of Drinks
    And an article about nootropics:
    Nootropics & Adaptogens: The Low-down
    Good luck!

  36. If you want to stay awake, you’d probably want a coffee with the most caffeine!
    Your best bet is any regular cup of coffee. It’s a myth that darker roasts have different caffeine content than lighter ones, they’re all the same.
    Espresso on the other hand, has more caffeine than drip coffee, ounce for ounce. A regular 8 ounce cup of coffee should have more caffeine than a single shot of espresso, which is why it’s fine for most people. However, if you really, really want the most caffeine, espresso is will have more , if you’d rather drink several shots of it.

  37. Sorry don’t know much about coffee, you could google “strong coffee types” but I personally would just use Redbull or monster, but too much caffeine is pretty unhealthy

  38. well, as a former coffee addict I never had a problem sleeping even with drinking copious cups of coffee….but as of 2008 I haven’t been able to drink coffee as i had my gall bladder removed, and now even the smell of it makes me feel sick 🙁 .. not the answer you were looking for , but the only one I can give

  39. I drink so much coffee that I can drink it and to sleep. From have I learned to in my ts trus3
    Columbian coffee is the strongest. After tspn

  40. Caffeine is not the answer. The higher your intake–the faster you’ll be depleted.
    People always talk about caffeine when coffee is referenced. There’s much more to the bean than that.
    If you want to get the most out of coffee, you need to brew it for a longer time (than a usual Espresso) but not to long you’ll overextract volatile compounds you do not want (Cold Brew).
    Enter: Pour Over Method
    Or Alternatively you can brew with a French Press with a function which cuts off the brewing – like the Espro System.
    The beans should be of high quality with natural processing, and from a decent roaster. Roasting can make or break, and bad roasting breaks the compounds you want and leaves you with the volatility- no matter how well you brew it.
    My advice isn’t to perfectly brew a coffee to stay awake, but to work WITH your body, not against it- by giving your nervous system an electric shock!
    Work with your circadian rhythm, eat well, relax, exercise and keep the fuel intake based-in natural sources.
    Also don’t forget to dream!

  41. So based on this information I would recommend you to slowly drink several cups of brewed or filtered Arabica coffee during your night shifts. That should keep you caffeinated and awake more effectively than espresso plus you get to drink delicious coffee all night long.

    What makes you think coffee keeps me awake?

  42. I prefer to take a 20 minute nap at 4 pm and then have a cup of caffeinated coffee to restart my afternoon. I usually buy George Howell coffee, some light roast, but mainly for taste and not for caffeine content.

    Victor Allen’s

  43. Beware…coffee sometimes has the opposite affect and causes drowsiness. This happens to me sometimes but I haven’t figured out why. I think if I’ve been under a lot of stress, a little coffee knocks me out….i just googled it. Caffeine blocks adenosine receptors. Adenosine tells your body it’s time to sleep. Even though the brain is blocked, your body still makes more. All of this affects the nervous system. I’m pretty sure mine isn’t “normal”, but coffee can make you tired.

  44. Thanks for requesting my answer.The answer would depend on many factors,the origin of the coffee,roast type,the brew,hot or cold brew and many more. So to recommend you it would be a bit difficult to recommended to which coffee is the best to stay awake.Take some coffee try different roast,different brews and different origins and see if it can make you stay awake.

  45. That which is the most freshly made. Even the best coffee, when re-heated, doesn’t quite have that ‘edge’, that fresh burst, instead of a kinda ‘meh’. If I m trying to stay awake, that means I m doing something, with mind and hands, so I want that edge, that burst that a fresh brewed cup has. Brewed wise,( and I m going out on a limb here) for me, would be Folgers. Gets the job done, doesn’t hang me up on taste, and doesn’t mess up the wind down when things are done. Peace

  46. Death wish coffee I believe is advertised as the most caffeine for coffee. Taste isn’t something I personally enjoy. Personally I would recommend a little walking in addition to coffee.

  47. Not sure if you’re asking about bean varietals/origins or coffee beverages. I’ll assume beverages.
    If you’re on a road trip in the US and need to perk up, I’d recommend Starbucks drip coffees. They’re reasonably priced, very tasty and not weak . Drip coffee anyplace else is a gamble IMO, both on the flavor side and the strength side. Now, you may have heard that espresso has more caffeine than drip coffee. There are Quora answers on this that are pretty detailed so I won’t get into that (really, it depends), but I think the take-home message is that while a shot of espresso might have more caffeine than a six-ounce cup of drip coffee, you’re likely to get more caffeine for your money by going for the drip coffee.
    Let’s assume those two things are equal. I believe a venti Starbucks latte will have two shots of espresso and will cost you what, maybe $5–6? Meanwhile a grande drip coffee is 16 ounces and therefore equivalent to 2–3 shots of espresso (making the above assumption) and will cost you around $2.50. If you’re really tired, get the venti drip coffee. More caffeine, still cheaper than the latte.
    And here’s my favorite part. The drip coffee actually tastes like coffee. Good coffee! Unlike the latte, which is really just very expensive milk.
    If you’re really tired but not in a big rush, you can ask for a pour-over. Most “real” Starbucks will make you one (as opposed to a Starbucks in a Target, etc.) and you can ask them to make it extra strong. The price is always reasonable too, closer to the drip coffee, but expect it to take a solid 10min to make.

  48. Dripdash is the strongest coffee available in the US. 225 mg of caffeine per 6 oz bottle, which is equivalent to 2 Redbulls in about 1/4 the amount of volume.
    We’ve had customers stay awake for over a day due to drinking too much. And it’s the healthiest, most delicious, and least acidic coffee out there.
    Find more on our website at http://www.dripdash.com

  49. 1. Hot Chocolate

    What makes you think coffee keeps me awake?

    Hot chocolate is one of the best comfort foods ever.The theobromine in dark chocolate helps boost energy levels – just what you need when sleep gets the better of you. What’s more? It is low on caffeine and even known to promote mental alertness (thank flavanols).
    According to a study published in the journal NeuroRegulation, dark chocolate can increase brain characteristics of attention – something that is crucial in keeping you awake at odd hours.
    Hot chocolate is way more effective than coffee in keeping you awake. Since it is closer to being natural, it doesn’t acts as a weight gainer as well. Being rich in Vitamin B12, chocolate not only helps the digestive system but also helps in growth and brain function.
    2. Green Tea

    What makes you think coffee keeps me awake?

    Green tea is a healthier alternative to coffee.Coffee might lead to an increased level of energy just when you think you need it the most. But it is short-lived and can leave you exhausted. Choose green tea instead as it is a healthier option. Just the right amount of caffeine to keep you up without adding unwanted calories. Though you will need 3 to 4 cups of green tea to get the same amount of caffeine.
    The caffeine levels in green tea are low as compared to coffee. So, you get the right amount of caffeine to stay up without compromising on your health. 
    3. Black Tea

    What makes you think coffee keeps me awake?

    Black tea is as effective in keeping you awake as coffee.Black tea contains caffeine which stimulates your brain to stay awake but the quantity is way lesser than coffee. This makes black tea ideal to keep you up late.&nbsp.If nothing else works, get a little exercise, eat a diet with low-gylcemic foods, eat nuts and high fibre vegetables.

  50. My personal favourite usually filtered coffee using V60 to brew the coffee in the morning. I think hot coffee works best to stay awake rather than iced. But of course it depends on your personal preferences.

  51. Coffee doesn’t keep me awake! I have a big mug of strong black coffee before bed.. I have no probs sleeping!
    But, someone else, the opposite may happen.
    Best coffee…try the strongest roast,(5)…at full strength, or even stronger… if it partially works, keep on adding extra coffee till it does work!
    BUT, if driving…stop, have a break, have some food, and coffee ,( Red Bull etc)… better arriving late, than not at all!!!!

  52. Expresso is typically brewed the strongest although Turkish coffee is perhaps the thickest, strongest coffee brew one can easily find.Best, GW

  53. If I was really tired, I would go for a long double espresso. Black, and unsweetened.
    My reasoning for that is, obviously the double espresso will help with wakefulness, and I personally find that having coffee black and unsweetened helps me to feel more awake.

  54. Death wish coffee has a bold taste and great aroma with a smooth dark rich consistency. For me, the best coffee to stay awake is a hot cup of dark roast coffee , black. Cream and sugar seem to dilute the caffeine impact. Obviously, decaf coffee won’t do the trick.

  55. Which is the best coffee to stay awake?
    Being insensitive to caffeine, I’m afraid I wouldn’t know.
    They all send me to sleep.

  56. For me, I already have insomnia so really any coffee after 6 pm is going to keep me awake all night. But if I want to do a real number on myself and absolutely guarantee no sleep, nothing beats Cafe du Monde coffee. This coffee + chicory root combination makes me super-alert and helped me power through law school.
    I hope this helps.

  57. Try an Americano. Ask for 4 shots of coffee. Take is when the baristas fill four spoons of ground coffee inside the espresso machine to make one cup of coffee. Try Vietnamese Coffee. It is made with robusta bean and is more potent than Starbucks arabica beans coffee.

  58. I found this on the internet…….
    6 Best Caffeinated Drinks for Staying AwakeDuring Finals Week
    Caffe Latte. Caffe Latte. …
    Java Monster Energy Drink. monsterenergy. …
    Green Tea. Pexels\ …
    Mountain Dew. Though they are usually not associated with all-nighters, some soda drinks have enough caffeine to have the same effect as coffee . …
    COGO Hot Chocolate. Pexels. …
    5 Hour Energy Decaf. 5hourenergy.
    6 Best Caffeinated Drinks for Staying Awake During Finals Week | Fresh U

  59. Coffee doesn’t keep you awake so much as it adjusts your attention receptors. To stay awake, you need good quality sleep. Without that, pouring on the coffee to stay awake might have a short term effect but it will compound to wreck your sleeping pattern.
    On top of that, our brain adjusts to the caffeine so it doesn’t have the ‘wake up’ effect it once had when we were caffeine neutral. Our bodies adjust and create a new tolerance so it doesn’t really fire up the brain cells quite same way. We continue to drink it due to its addictive qualities yet don’t get the same wakefulness boost.
    Use coffee to tweak and adjust your attention but really take care of the other, more important factors like good quality sleep, exercise and nutrition that are the basis for wakefulness.

  60. Thanks for the question! If only I knew what the best was, I’d recommend it! Sadly, I’m not a coffee aficionado like my husband. I can brew a cup for my guests (oh how many I’ve brewed), but I really prefer a herbal tea.
    ‘Best’ so far as bean flavour and brewing techniques go is quite a debate with some people. Some argue on the merits of chemistry alone, while for others it’s purely subjective.
    My US friends like drip-filtered coffee, but my immediate family and friends here in Australia prefer it via expresso machine (common in many kitchens here now):
    Espresso machine – Wikipedia
    I can’t offer you advice on ‘best’ coffee. But if you are looking to include caffeine only as a pick me up in your work routine, and you have some stupid midnight shift work to contend with, then I’d highly recommend the ‘Active Mind’ supplement from Nature’s Bounty. Two a day. Or night, LOL.
    Each tablet of this stuff contains 1000 mg Citicoline, 100 mg L-Theanine, and 50 mg caffeine. So you get nootropics as well as a caffeine stimulant. There’s a cumulative effect of the nootropics over time. Your recall will improve.
    For comparison, a standard cup of coffee contains just 40 mg. Also, warning Will Robinson, one shouldn’t be taking any caffeine mix supplements if there is a history of caffeine sensitivity. Or if you’re breast feeding, which somehow, I sense will not be an issue for you.

  61. I would have to say Cuban coffee. I’ve come to call it Cuban crack. It’s served in a small styrofoam cups and shared with multiple people with little thimble sized cups to drink it out of. I don’t drink coffee but when I’m in Miami around Cuban cafes I drink Cuban coffee.

  62. For that purpose, I recommend Death Wish coffee.
    Here is a link to their website: Death Wish Coffee Company: World’s Strongest Coffee

  63. try to find green coffee or failing that, the most lightly roasted coffee you can get.
    the reason for this is simply that caffeine is very heat sensitive, as in they will rapidly break down when heated for over a period of time on high heat (basically by roasting it you’re actually lowering the caffeine strength)

  64. In my experience, Cold Brew works best, because it has v high caffeine content. Espresso shots actually have quite low caffeine content. The amount of caffeine content increases with the amount of time the coffee stays in contact with water. So on that basis, cold brew is quite unbeatable. I take about 10 hours to make a batch of cold brew using a 1 drop per second drip machine.

  65. If you’re still tired after finishing your go-to caffeine drink, consider trying one of the following six caffeinated beverages listed below to give you a pick-me-up!
    Caffe Latte
    Unlike other lattes with extra flavoring, such as hazelnut or chocolate, caffe latte is just steamed milk with one or more shots of espresso. You can request extra shots, but the standard will definitely be enough to keep you wide awake. In fact, Starbucks claims that its caffe latte drink has 150 mg of caffeine. Visit your local coffee shop or consider splurging on an espresso machine with a built-in milk frother.
    Java Monster Energy Drink
    With 160 mg of caffeine in 16 oz, this Java Monster Energy drink will make you forget the word “sleep”. Just as the Monster Energy website states, its products, especially the Java Monster Energy drink, will “unleash the beast”, giving you the energy to ace your exams or to finish up that 10-page paper. Order a 12-pack from Amazon here.
    Green Tea
    If you’re tired of coffee but want a hot, energy-fulfilling drink, green tea is a great alternative. With 25 to 29 mg of caffeine in 8 oz, green tea will help you concentrate, and will also give you a good dose of antioxidants. In fact, green tea has many health benefits, making it a fantastic drink to add to your daily diet.
    Mountain Dew (or your other favorite soda)
    Though they are usually not associated with all-nighters, some soda drinks have enough caffeine to have the same effect as coffee. So if you want a cheaper beverage with a similar energy boost, Mountain Dew would be a considerable option, with 16 oz containing 72 mg of caffeine.
    COGO Hot Chocolate
    COGO Hot Chocolate is the best of both worlds for hot chocolate and coffee lovers. With just this packet, you can make a cup of hot chocolate with the same amount of caffeine as would be in a 8 oz coffee. Who said hot chocolate can’t be comforting both on stress-less rainy days and tough study nights?
    5 Hour Energy
    As the label suggests, you’ll be able to gain the strength for 5 more working hours with the 5 Hour Energy drink, which contains 6 mg of caffeine in each ounce. Unlike other energy drinks, this bottle is mostly caffeine and has barely any sugar.

  66. For me, the best coffee to stay awake is a hot cup of dark roast coffee , black. Cream and sugar seem to dilute the caffeine impact. Obviously, decaf coffee won’t do the trick. You want maximum caffeine .

  67. The problem with using coffee to stay awake is that it will not work well once your circadian rhythm kicks in.
    It will temporarily give you alertness, but it will be followed within two hours or so by a crash, making you even more tired than before.
    If you can get hold of a prescription of Adderall, this will keep you awake for sure. Follow doctors instructions please.

  68. 3 Best Coffee To Keep You Awake
    Shock Coffee: The Strongest All Natural Product. 647 Reviews.
    Napalm Extra Dark Roast. Napalm Coffee, EXTRA DARK ROAST, 100% Arabica, Single Serve Cups for Keurig K- Cup Brewers, 12 Count.
    Wish: The World’s Strongest. 30,215 Reviews.

  69. No coffee is healthy because it causes heart irritation and other reactions. Try to go to sleep in time and wake up early. You shouldn’t be doing anything after 10 AM other than relaxing and going to bed.
    But if you want to drink coffee try making it out of rye or take half a liter of lukewarm water with half a squeezed lemon, which is the best tonic.

  70. Which got maximum amount of caffeine .A google search shows that “Black Label – Devil Mountain Coffee Company” got 1555 mg per 12 fluid ounces brewed.
    So try this one.

  71. Thanks for the A2A. Unfortunately for your question, I’m a tea drinker. So, my recommendation would be a good, strong, English Breakfast.

  72. “Wish” The world’s strongest…… ,, Dark!!!
    According to the manufacturer,
    this is the “World’s Strongest Coffee”.
    (Organic, strong Coffee grounds from arabica)
    This product all is about strength high caffeine concentrations.
    Wish gets its magic by coupling the aforementioned caffeine-induced intensity with an appropriately bitter, muscular flavor.

  73. Coffee that has a lighter roast usually has a higher caffeine content by volume, but the difference is very slight – the best coffee for you may be the one you enjoy most! There are ways to maximise that caffeine kick though. If you want to use coffee to help you work or study for long periods, small amounts (maybe with a little sugar or a small bite of something sweet) every couple of hours are better than downing a giant mug all at once. That way you can maintain your energy rather than getting jittery and then crashing.
    Here’s a great article I found with tips to make your coffee work more efficiently for you:
    How to optimize caffeine (and improve your productivity)
    Just be sure you also drink plenty of water, rest adequately, and eat well. Your brain needs nutrients, sleep, and proper hydration to perform at its peak, so if you are burning yourself out coffee will actually just accelerate the process. Pay attention to how your body and brain respond to coffee and don’t overdo it. And finally…don’t forget to take a second to savor the delicious coffee experience!

  74. in your lotta, you’ve got to be able to finger the tremor of the milk the reason for this, you got a little bit more milk into a latte, it’s all in the pouring in a cappuccino’s 30% coffee 30% of milk.
    the rest is all froth in a shop environment when we’re doing a cup the cappuccino is always served in a cappuccino cup preferably ceramic as you can see it’s got a little bit more of a dorm on top.
    so the cappuccinos got more froth in it compared to a latte so this is a cappuccino if you even if you shake it you won’t spill it because it’s full of prop on top it originated from Australia for what almost piccolo lass a same a thing piccolo latte is a smaller latte.
    the same amount of coffee less milk this is your flour white nitro coffee is a cold brew with nitrogen in it nitrogen basically what it does it gases you can see the pouring method coffee is coming down it’s going to turn into a nice black liquid underneath you’re gonna get a nice little beer head on it this is our nitro brew guys.
    as I said we’ve made the six of the most popular coffees around the world we’ve got our espresso macchiato flat white latten air cappuccino followed the most famous not your brew coffee our pleasure doing these coffees for you guys off is the best in the world copies like this out

  75. Assuming you are looking for coffee with the highest caffeine levels, a mild roast Robusta coffee is what you are looking for. Robust beans have about 50% more caffeine than Arabica beans do. A mild roast will preserve most of this; darker roasts lower net caffeine content. The Wegman’s chain of markets sells a blend called “Blast Off”, which is entirely Robusta – you’ll be sweating after 6 ounces of it.

  76. When I was writing actuarial exams I used to drink something called “Barryhouse Buzz” which advertised itself as “twice the caffeine, all the flavor”. No idea if that was correct but I survived.
    I went thru fourth year university finals living on caffeine tablets washed down with double strength coffee (and two hours sleep at night) – at the end of a month of this I was so tired I couldn’t even fall asleep.
    I would not recommend anyone try this. Especially someone who is naive enough to ask this sort of question here. (Hint Derek, this means you.)
    Having said that, there are lots of “high test” caffeine drinks on the market. The thing that worries me is a truck stop that’s half way between my son’s university and our home. It’s on the expressway and actually sells gas at a seriously discounted price which is why I stopped there in the first place. But if you wander thru the convenience store that’s attached you’ll find that there are two full coolers full of “energy drinks” (and when I say two cabinets I mean about 15 feet of space). And some of those drinks make things like Red Bull look like breast milk. The fact that they’re selling this and have a market among truckers is truly scary.

  77. If you really want the absolute best zing in your step from your coffee try to get hold of some ground coffee that uses 20–25% robust beans along with the usual arabica. The robusta does taste a lot worse but it has a much better stimulant profile to typical coffee (which actually contains stimulating chemicals other than caffeine) .

  78. Personally I don’t drink coffee to say a type that would be the most beneficial.
    But I can say that redbull will do the job as its highly caffeinated to state the obvious, although the healthier option would be coffee as it has other factors that are good and comply with different people.

  79. Anybody’s light roast or “breakfast blend” is going to have the highest caffeine per bean.
    You can also make it with some extra grounds but only up to a point. The flavor goes off if you try to make it too strong.

  80. Well ive never seen much difference between the light roasted ones or the dark roasted, but a doubt shot espresso would be the ideal deal.

  81. Tea.
    Just kidding. A lighter roast contains more caffeine. More caffeine also means more jitters, unless you supplement with L-Theanine.
    Tea contains L-Theanine and caffeine. Plain tea (without milk) also contains active polyphenols.

  82. French roast is said the have the highest caffeine content if measured in volume. Light roast coffee also tends to have more caffeine than dark roast, but it’s a slight difference. It only really makes a difference if measured by scoops and not volume. The type of bean makes a big difference. Robusta coffee beans have a little over 80% more caffeine than arabica beans. If you are really looking for coffee with the highest caffeine content, here is a site that lists some insane coffee.
    The 12+ Deadliest (Strongest) Coffee Brands

  83. Light roast coffee has the most caffeine in it.
    The dark roast has less caffeine in it.
    But it is better to get more sleep in the first place.

  84. People are notoriously uninformed about caffeine content in various brew methods of coffee. The assumption is espresso “is strong and keeps me awake”
    The reality is if you are looking to coffee to keep awake or to recieve a caffeine jolt the extraction method matters!
    When you pull an espresso shot the water is only in contact with the 7/14 gm of coffee for 25 seconds. Under 9 bar of pressure this means you end up with roughly 80mg of caffeine in your demitasse
    French press in contrast you can expect double or even triple the caffeine level. This is because the water stays in contact with the grounds for as long as you’re drinking your coffee from the French press.

  85. One of the coffee experts I follow is Peter Baskerville. His article cites research on caffeine content in coffee made using different methods. According to the article, coffee made using the drip filter method has higher caffeine content compared with espresso and decaffeinated coffee. I would argue that French Press and Moka Pot/Percolator coffee have high caffeine content as well.
    Another answer I like to give to questions such as this is posted here:
    Anil Bhat’s answer to What are the flavor and caffeine distinctions between light, medium, and dark roasts of coffee?
    In short, coffee labeled 100% Arabica may not have as much caffeine compared with coffee not labeled so. Note that most mass market coffee will not say how much robusta coffee has been added to their blends. So, it is difficult to compare caffeine content by brand. However, it is well known that instant coffee has high robusta content.
    Here’s another one of Peter Baskerville’s answers that you may like:
    Peter Baskerville’s answer to Does peaberry coffee have more caffeine than non-peaberry coffee?
    While not exactly comparing the caffeine content between peaberry and non-peaberry sub-varieties within bean varietals, he cites an accepted fact that Tanzanian Peaberry coffee has pretty high caffeine content. I enjoy Tanzanian Peaberry, not for the caffeine content, but for the taste.
    I need to warn you that some of the single origin coffee varietals with high caffeine content can also be highly acidic. The best way to consume them is through blends.

  86. The lighter the coffee bean roast, the more the caffeine.
    That said, light roast can be very light in taste, not much mouth feel, very acidic, I prefer medium.
    Dark roast, way overly roasted to oily, burnt beans, like Starbucks uses has has most of the caffeine nuked out of it.
    Starbucks doesn’t sell coffee, they sell coffee flavored milkshakes.

  87. I’ve already bored everyone ad nauseum on other questions with the drawbacks of habitual caffeine intake, so I’ll just say usually Spanish coffee has the most kick to it. Cafe Bustelo is a fairly common, inexpensive brand I use alot. The Colombians don’t fk around

  88. Light Roast. As fresh as you can get it. Whole bean would be best. Once it’s ground those caffeine oils start to dry out quickly. If your coffee doesn’t look like it has a thin oily slick on it then the caffeine won’t be as high.

  89. I like my coffee in the form of raw, green coffee beans … in a real fruit gummie! Punch’d Energy. I piece together 3–4 gummies every half hour or so and that gives my almost limitless focus and stamina for any strenuous activity. I also drink green tea, or an Americano with 3 shots of espresso.

    Eight O’Clock

  90. Americans like to drink coffee. On an average 200 milligrams of caffeine daily. This amounts to 2 cups of coffee, 4 cups of tea, or 3-4 cans of soda.
    Coffee as one of the good ways to stay awake can be your sidekick to help you power through the day. Here is our list of the strongest type of coffee to keep help you stay awake for many hours.
    Here my choice for coffee brands that will help you to stay awake:
    The Biohazard ground coffee has been called the World’s Strongest Cup of Coffee. This title seems to be well earned by this coffee brand with nine hundred and twenty-eight milligrams for every twelve brewed ounces.
    The beans are meticulously selected, then roasted to give you the Strongest Cup of Coffee possible.
    This dark roast will keep you up and be going nonstop to get you started on your day.

  91. forget coffee- take a cold shower or if you can’t then have ice coffee poured over your head [preferably with no sugar… but plain ice water would have the same effect.]

  92. I prefer to drink cold brew coffee to stay awake, the one which is brewed for 20 hours. I’ve tried some other strong coffee varieties but this one works with me more effective.

  93. I apologize for answering so late. Espresso is good, but I recently found out that Arabic Coffee works better. It kind of depends on how long you want to stay awake, but also be careful how much you take in.

  94. There is no “best” for staying awake. See the other answers for details, but the gist is “it depends”.
    It depends on the caffeine content, it depends on how you react to caffeine, it depends on how the coffee is brewed, it depends on how much you consume. Also, the term “awake” is equally subjective. I’ve known coffee junkies who were veritable zombies at work. They were so wired on excess caffeine that they Appeared to be running on autopilot, but could not remember crucial steps in a process nor carry on a comprehensible conversation.

  95. Biohazard Ground Coffee, The World’s Strongest Coffee 928 mg Caffeine (16 oz) …
    Now this all depends on your version of staying awake and levels!! As I have found there are different levels of coffee for different levels of staying awake…..
    The short answer is pretty obvious. Any coffee, as long as it’s not decaffeinated, keeps you awake. While that is true, it is also true that some coffees have more caffeine than others, some preparation methods contain more caffeine others and the ability of any coffee to keep you awake has obviously also limitations. If you are close to passing out from fatigue, than coffee also won’t help that much anymore. I’m gonna break it all down quickly.
    Coffee type
    There are two commercially important types of coffee beans. Arabica and Robusta. Arabica plants produce higher quality coffee with better and more complex flavors. However in terms of caffeine content Robusta coffee is much higher with roughly twice the caffeine in the brewed cup.
    Coffee preparation
    Generally speaking you could divide coffee preparation into two different groups. Espresso and everything else. Everything else has many sub groups that I’m not gonna get into too much now. The common understanding is that espresso is “stronger” with which is meant that it has more caffeine than other coffee drinks. That is true when you measure per ml. However due to the small servings of espresso the caffeine content one shot of espresso is lower than that of a typical cup of filter coffee. An espresso shot contains roughly 53mg of caffeine while a cup of drip coffee has more than twice to three times as much (115mg to 175mg) due to the bigger serving size. Turkish coffee has even higher contents.
    So based on this information I would recommend you to slowly drink several cups of brewed or filtered Arabica coffee during your night shifts. That should keep you caffeinated and awake more effectively than espresso plus you get to drink delicious coffee all night long. The maximum caffeine content you would get with a turkish style preparation, in my opinion the best trade off between caffeine and flavor would be drip coffee though. It’s lighter in taste so you can drink more as well. I would recommend Arabica for the better taste and possible health benefits as compared to Robusta. You don’t have to be afraid of negative health effects. Coffee is largely redeemed and is today even considered a healthy beverage with positive effects on cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, some forms of cancer, degenerative diseases of the nervous system such as Alzheimers and many more.

  96. Strong black coffee…nothing in it, no cream, no sugar, and I’d suggest you go to Starbucks and order just a black coffee….Starbucks has some of the strongest coffee I know.

  97. Caffeine content is the thing that you are searching for in coffee to help you in remaining conscious. The more drawn out the caffeine bean is simmered the more caffeine is signed off. So a light broiled coffee will contain more caffeine per cup than a dull dish.
    The espresso bean assortment likewise decides the caffeine content. Search for a “Robusto” assortment bean for the most noteworthy normally happening caffeine content.
    Fermenting strategy likewise decides the measure of caffeine that winds up in your cup of joe. Trickle prepared espresso takes the longest to blend and by and large contains more caffeine subsequently, with espresso fermented in a coffee machine containing less as a result of the constrained measure of time the water is in contact with the grounds.

  98. Whether it’s an energy drink, a spot of tea, or a good old-fashioned cup of coffee , this stuff is sure to help you stay awake . Caffeine is a psychoactive stimulant that increases wakefulness, attentiveness, the ability to focus, and overall energy levels.

  99. Well this is a tricky question.
    High doses of caffeine can be dangerous. It has a fairly low LD 50 (compared to other chemicals) and you can start to feel the effects of too much caffeine fairly quickly in the form of headaches. The LD 50 in albino rats is 367mg/kg. So use caffeine responsibly.
    Caffeine affects people in different ways. If you have been drinking coffee since an early age or just years, a normal coffee probably will make you more sleepy than alert. Other people will get jittery and then crash. So be careful if you are one of those two types of people.
    If you are a long haul truck driver, you probably don’t want to drink tons of coffee because of its diuretic effect (needing to pee a lot). Caffeine pills might work for that situation.
    If you want the biggest bang for your buck, you will need to skip the regular coffee and go for a latin roast espresso. Make it at least a double shot. As strong as you can stomach. Other good strong drinks would be Vietnamese coffee or Cuban coffee both brewed with the freshest latin roast espresso grind you can find. I would not recommend just shooting this rocket fuel down, but instead taking small sips whenever you need a “boost”.
    They make coffee from special coffee beans with ominous names like Black Death etc. You can even find some in your regular grocery stores, usually the bag indicates extra caffeine and has words like MAX or something added to the name.
    Light roasts even though they don’t taste like it- actually has MORE caffeine. So that is something to consider, however it is a matter of taste. I personally do not like how light roasts taste.
    If you want to feel alert and yet rested, drink some moringa tea. Extra vitamins and a healthy diet will probably do more good for you than more caffeine, to be perfectly honest. Getting plenty of rest is the best medicine. Another excellent stimulant is the tea Yerba Mate, which you can find at many latin groceries. It has a caffeine type chemical in it, that might stimulate you more than just caffeine. However these teas can be unpleasant tasting to those unfamiliar with them.

  100. Caffeine shutting the adenosine receptors in the brain down. Unfortunately, the brain has the ability to make more adenosine receptor cells to compensate for every cell that is shut down, requiring more and more caffeine to achieve the same effect.

  101. Eating a healthy diet is a way better option for you and you will naturally be more energetic. If that doesn’t work for you however I would suggest a red-eye. It’s a cup of coffee with shots of espresso and I can bet you can figure out why it’s called that.

  102. Best Coffee To Keep You Awake
    Shock Coffee: The Strongest All Natural Product.
    Napalm Extra Dark Roast. Napalm Coffee, EXTRA DARK ROAST, 100% Arabica, Single Serve Cups for Keurig K- Cup Brewers.
    Wish: The World’s Strongest.

  103. There are many coffees out there making that claim. Many of them aren’t.
    I’ve tried loads; at the moment I’m favouring Red Pelican Concerto… I want to try Black Insomnia & Death Wish as they sound interesting!!
    It’s fun to trial new beans & experience all the different tastes & aromas you can get from one little bean. 🤗
    Have fun searching for your favourite!

  104. Contrarily to popular belief the caffeine content of coffee doesn’t depend on the darkness of the roast, on how recently the beans were roasted, or on the actual strenght of the coffee (term used to indicate how much actual coffee dissolved in water, usually for filter coffee this value sits around 1.5%).
    The decisive factor in caffeeine content of your brew is water exposure time (combined of course with water temperature). This is why if you are making an espresso and let the water run past 30 seconds, the coffee will start having a bitter taste. Guess which component within coffee carries a bitter taste.. that’s right: caffeine.
    So the more water runs through the coffee puck and the more caffeine is picked up, with the water running through it in the first 20 seconds picking up very small amounts of it.
    So, to answer OP’s question: which is the best coffee to stay awake? The one with the most caffeeine. Which coffee contains the most caffeine? The one that is exposed for the longest time to the largest quantity of coffee. And which coffee is that?
    Enter the cold brew .

    What makes you think coffee keeps me awake?

    In this brew, water at room temperature is exposed to coffee for a time that varies between 8 and 18 hours. It’s true that the cold temperature will trigger a slower extraction, but after all this time, the final beverage will contain roughly 45% more caffeine than a hot brew made with the same water to coffee brew ratio.
    So if you need a prolonged kick, I suggest you to prepare a decent jug of cold brew coffee ahead of time and to keep it next to yourself along your journey into the night;) I recommend for this type of brew a flavorful african coffee like a Burundi or Ethiopia, these are the ones in my opinion with the more rich and fruit-like tastes that can really shine in an otherwise mellow beverage such as this.


  105. There are a couple of coffee brands that will definitely stand out and keep you awake because they are pretty strong. They are:
    Banned coffee ground worlds strongest coffee
    Biohazard ground coffee the world’s strongest coffee 928mg caffeine
    Death wish coffee.
    Then it boils down to what flavor preference you prefer.
    Banned Coffee has a heavy, smooth, bold taste.
    Biohazard is a dark roast that is rated as the world’s strongest cup of coffee and it has a perfect balance of aroma and taste.
    Death wish coffee has a bold taste and great aroma with a smooth dark rich consistency.

  106. By coffee I will assume you mean actual ground, brewed coffee, so I would recommend a blonde roast .
    Blonde/light roasts are made of beans with greater density than dark roasts. You will therefore have a brew that’s packed with more caffeine. You may find this helps you stay awake more so than a dark roast.
    If, however, by coffee you mean fraps and sugary drinks, beware. The sugar will wire you for a good while, but you will crash after that rush.

  107. I would say cold brewed coffee because you get more caffeine out of the coffee beans to stay awake when its cold brewed rather than hot coffee.

  108. The best way to be alert is to get enough sleep, enough rest, enough exercise and fresh air, and healthy food.
    Coffee only works until you get used to it.

  109. Caffeine content is what you are looking for in a coffee to assist you in staying awake. The longer the coffee bean is roasted the more caffeine is burned off. So a light roasted coffee will contain more caffeine per cup than a dark roast.
    The coffee bean variety also determines the caffeine content. Look for a “robusto” variety bean for the highest naturally occurring caffeine content.
    Brewing technique also determines the amount of caffeine that ends up in your cup of joe. Drip brewed cof…

  110. If you look out the store you’ll find lots of mixed coffees but compared to the pure coffee they have no effect on you. the best coffee for staying awake is Caffe Latte but I suggest you to always notice the caffeine amount of each product. you may not believe but green tea has also good amount of caffeine.

  111. I prefer cold brew. It’s one of the strongest coffees you can make. It does take you a lot of time to prepare it, but it is really worth it. Take a look on the internet on how to prepare it or ask a barista how. Half a cup of that thing is more than enough to wake you up anytime.


  112. There really is not “best” coffee to help you stay awake; so you can use the blend that you prefer.
    Just be aware that caffeine can raise your blood pressure, so be smart in the amount of coffee (or those energy drinks) you use.

  113. Any coffee. Though a dark and fine roast will usually end up with a slightly higher caffeine concentration per cup. Espresso is also an option for high caffeine content. The average cup of coffee has around 80mg of caffeine in it. If you need anything more than 200–300mg of caffeine in a short period to stay awake then you need to get sleep instantly. Taking in any more caffeine can be dangerous for long term cardiovascular health.
    I suggest a nice 2–3 cups of medium roast if you really need a boost to keep you awake. This means a total of 24oz of coffee or around 240mg of caffeine over a few hours to keep you going for a bit longer.

  114. Hi Derek, Oh the joys of the worlds most popular legally allowed stimulant (& endorsed,as available in nearly every government building & a $45 billion dollar industry globally)…lol. So my advice is short & simple,Find a label/brand/mixture you enjoy every cup of..theres little satisfaction drinking coffee if one doesnt enjoy it..
    PS : I love my coffee,always have & always will,ever since was 8yr old and the school I attended back then (was opposite Syneys 2nd largest police command centre & Court house location not too far from KingsCross) the school received a free contribution of arabica coffee beans and these were placed under the huge activity structure for cushioning falls.The rest of playground was asphalt/bitumen like roads made of.. It was left overs from one of Sydneys biggest ever drug import busts thenn. The drugs were hidden within shipping containers of coffee beans,& the beans left over were donated to school as a means of disposal,courtesy of local governments.Oh the way things were done in 1970s/80s are so different from now..lol. In modern times it would be required to be burnt/destroyed by police evidence disposal departments… I do believe its where & when my lifelong love of Ms coffee & I first started dating..lol… COFFEE ON !! Goodluck.

  115. A nice medium-dark tasty rost like Raven’s Brew, Kickin’ Horse, or Stevie’s Espresso.
    The roasts make little difference but there is more caffiene in light roasts.
    Try the mushroom coffees or Yerba Mate.


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