What major coffee chain offers the best free wifi for remote work?

What major coffee chain offers the best free wifi for remote work?

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  1. Starbucks. A thousand times Starbucks. Note: I am in no way affiliated with Starbucks and they are not paying me to write this. But allow me to reiterate: Starbucks.
    Starbucks has partnered with Google to provide lightning-fast wi-fi that can accommodate many users simultaneously without throttling speed. This puts them head and shoulders above other major chains in my area (southeastern Pennsylvania) when it comes to overall customer experience.
    I don’t want to sound ungrateful for the many other chains out there that also offer free wi-fi. They have all served me well at various points in my work-from-home career. That said, there are some notable drawbacks that prevent me from giving a ringing endorsement to any others — some with the wi-fi itself, some with the overall working atmosphere (which will vary from location to location, so your results may vary). Some problems I’ve encountered at other major chains:
    Panera Bread’s wi-fi slows down dramatically during peak hours (think lunch rush). It makes you periodically refresh your connection and login and honestly seems to discourage using it for any extended period of time.
    Dunkin’ Donuts suffers from a more utilitarian seating arrangement where very few locations offer adequate space for settling in and working. Their business model is less supportive of the “come in and chill for awhile” vibe. They’re of the mind that you’re coming in, grabbing your coffee, and leaving. The free wi-fi here is probably mostly an afterthought. Oh, and it’s slow and times you out periodically, much like Panera’s.
    McDonald’s (and other fast food chains) mostly make you look creepy for hanging out there. And their coffee is gross. Points for ease of accessibility, negative points for environment.
    I’m told Peet’s is good, but they’re not ubiquitous on the East Coast (yet). So I can’t enjoy their free wi-fi because it simply does not exist for me.
    Starbucks is everywhere and offers the most bang for your buck. Or, more aptly, the most bang for exactly zero bucks.


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