What kind of coffee does McDonald’s use?

What kind of coffee does McDonald’s use?

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  1. The answers so far seem to cover the topic quite well. That said—
    I drink a nice cold bottle of Poland Spring water before I’d venture into a McDonald’s for coffee. Not sure about other places, the franchise holders here in the North East (specifically New Jersey and New York) have some of the most god-awful tasting swill. Suspect they may SOURCE their coffee from some of these places, I’d suspect the blend created might be regionalized AND speced out to be ch…

  2. McDonald’s sources its coffee from three major suppliers:
    S&D Coffee is a Concord, NC-based coffee distributor that supplies to many in the food service industry. It’s been privately held since its creation in 1927, which makes it harder to track the specific producer origins of their beans. However, their website (http://www.sndcoffee.com/) does show that they have one Fair-Trade certified blend, and four 30% Rainforest Alliance certified blends.
    Gavina Gourmet coffee is based out of Vernon, CA and was founded by family of Cuban migrants that still privately holds the company. Their website (www.gavina.com) indicates that they source their coffees from 19 different countries, but do not disclose what specific producers they work with. They do carry four certified-organic lines.
    Distant Lands (www.dlcoffee.com) owns and operates coffee mills in Costa Rica and Colombia, in addition to partnering with farmers and millers around the coffee-producing world. They say they are a part of a vertically-integrated organization that is considered to be one of the world’s most socially and environmentally conscious coffee farms. (http://www.dlcoffee.com/sustainability.htm)
    McDonald’s also sources its drip coffee in New England from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.
    (primary source: http://www.coffeehabitat.com/2009/08/mcdonalds-coffee/)

  3. McDonald’s only serves its house brand, McDonald’s Premium Roast Blend, in its restaurants across the world. It is made by Gaviña Coffee, a company based out of Southern California.
    Gaviña Coffee has provided McDonald’s billions of cups of coffee dating back to the end of the 1980s. Back then, Americans were drinking coffee, but few brands could hardly call themselves gourmet. McDonald’s tasked Gaviña with creating the perfect blend with robust flavor and no bitter aftertaste. Today, Gaviña harvests enough expertly crafted beans to serve up 400 million cups of McDonald’s Premium Roast Coffee each year. This makes it one of the largest coffee vendors in the entire world.

  4. In my country (Indonesia), both KFC and McDonald’s use their own medium roasted arabica house blend.
    I’m surprised on how they actually care about the quality of their coffee, it becomes my “to-go” option if I couldn’t find a decent coffee shop.
    I don’t know about other countries though, because my country is the 4th biggest coffee producer in the world now, it’s just obvious if the fast food chains also have access to good beans.


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