What kind of coffee do you use for espresso?

What kind of coffee do you use for espresso?

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  1. You can actually use any kind of coffee for espresso. The manner in which espresso is made is what differentiates it from, let’s say French Press or drip coffee. Often, coffee sold as espresso blends is typically dark roasts. This is most likely because of Italian coffee traditions. The espresso in Italy is usually a rich and dark roast. This pairs well with milk, which is often the goal in brewing espresso! Who does not love a good cappuccino in the morning?
    At the end of the day, it is up to your flavor preference! You can experiment with various coffees for espresso, not just a bag labeled ‘espresso roast.’ There is an incredible variety of coffee out there. I also suggest checking out local coffee shops and/or roasters to see what they are choosing to brew for espresso.


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