What is your favorite role of Norm MacDonald?

What is your favorite role of Norm MacDonald?

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  1. I guess the Weekend Update on SNL. I’m actually not that familiar with his work, but I admire his fight against cancer and the way he chose to leave this world.

  2. What is your favorite role of Norm MacDonald?
    I barely knew who he was. I don’t live in the USA
    In fact, when I read the news of his death I thought he was the “Norm!” guy from Cheers.
    Then Google reminded me that he was one of the Weekend Update guys from old SNL shows that back in the 2000s a cable channel put on their programmation.
    I don’t remember much, except that his style enervated me, it was like he never knew his lines and had a permanent “I don’t know what I am doing here” grin.
    After his death, I learned that this was his comedy style, but I wasn’t very fond of it.
    The things from him that I found on YouTube are mildly funny. It is obvious that he was a master of his comedic style and now and then he managed to get a smile from me but he wasn’t really my cup of tea.
    So, no, there is no favorite Norm MacDonald role from me.

  3. “SNL” in the 1990s always conjures up Norm MacDonald as Burt Reynolds. It was as lethal an impression as anything by Kate McKinnon. He captured Reynolds’ as a cocky, gum-chomping “Celebrity Jeopardy!” contestant. MacDonald’s Reynolds schemes up ways to rile host Alex Trebek, played with stoic perfection by Will Ferrell. In each new sketch, Reynolds stops at nothing to zing Trebek — even changing his own name to “Turd Ferguson” on his podium to force Trebek to say it. MacDonald had a gift for seeming to be the hippest person in the room and yet including his audience. May he rest in peace.

  4. The gutsiest thing I Norm ever did was during one of his Late Night stints with Conan O’Brien.
    Apparently, the show was running seven minutes light when the producer ran out during a commercial break and asked Norm to fill it. Norm, who had just completed the segment he’d signed on for, responded that he had no material left, nor anything to say.
    The producer was desperate; Conan had nothing to fall back on and no place to hide. So Norm took a joke that he had just heard from someone back stage — a quick joke about a moth — and proceeded to go with it where no comedian had ever gone before.
    He fearlessly and spontaneously broke every rule of stand-up to fill that seven minutes, and pulled it off brilliantly. Norm didn’t just have ice in his blood, he was a genius; a genius that happened to love comedy.
    Moreover, as Conan O’Brien will attest, Norm wouldn’t hesitate to take a bullet for his friends. I would encourage any interested party to check out the moth joke on YouTube. Norm was a gift.

  5. I only knew Norm MacDonald as Norm MacDonald the comedian and the comedians’ favourite comedian like here in Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee when Norm MacDonald talks about getting older

    Norm MacDonald Hates Hot Sauce

  6. As a guest on talk shows most notably his appearances on Conan.
    Everything else he did was pretty bad. His sitcom, sports show, and VLog (video podcast) were all pretty lame.
    Second to his talk show appearances would be the compilation videos of his appearances on SNL’s Weekend Update, and his hosting of the ESPYs, The White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner, and guest appearance on The View.


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