What is your favorite independent coffee shop in Pasadena, California?

What is your favorite independent coffee shop in Pasadena, California?

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  1. Jones coffee roasters, that owns coffee plantations in Guatemala and roast in Pasadena. Very cool place.
    2nd is Jameson Brown, roasters too. Usually packed.

  2. This is a tough question. Tastes are subjective, but here’s my opinion (still not worth the $0.02)
    Intelligentsia – They get my order right every time and it’s always the right amount of caffeine vs. foam. They are wizards that work magic with those beans.
    Jones Coffee – Very solid coffee. I like their ambiance and they have unique events there. Excellent word-of-mouth, too.
    Copa Vida – I like their tea, but my friends enjoy their beans. Not a fan of the pricing, but it’s definitely above average (Starbucks)
    Unincorporated (Altadena) – They have this wicked Lemonade Espresso drink that sounds hideous but is unbelievably delicious. It’s super smooth and not acidic at all. Highly recommended.
    Coffee Gallery (Altadena) – I prefer to office out of here because they have really good food options and do smoothies, as well. They use Counter Cul…

  3. Jones Coffee on Raymond.
    They are local, independent, attentive, and do business the right way:
    With Coffee and the Customer in mind.

  4. It would be Zona Rosa. It’s more because of the atmosphere. Don’t get me wrong, their coffee is excellent! However, their setting with an upstair room and couches and tables to enjoy your coffee makes it feel like home.

  5. Intelligentsia (cappuccino and espresso) and Copa Vida (good cappuccino and breakfast wraps). I like Vanilla Bake Shop too since they offer a cup of Stumptown coffee with a doughnut for $5.00


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