What is your favorite coffee shop in Los Angeles? Why?

What is your favorite coffee shop in Los Angeles? Why?

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  1. Tiago Coffee Bar & Kitchen on the border of Hollywood and West Hollywood is VERY nice for a number of reasons. The prices are quite reasonable for that location and the coffee and food always taste fresh and good.
    You can bring your laptop or just check out the muscle boys who come in from their gym workouts or hikes in Runyon Canyon. There is both indoor and outdoor seating and they even have a little art gallery! One of my favorite hangs in LA by far.
    Parking is out back and they validate for a minimum purchase of 5 bucks. Tiago is the perfect way to begin or end a walking tour of Hollywood. You can also connect with Hollywood bus tours out front.

  2. My fast favorite is The Coffee Bean because it’s been around since I can remember as a kid. I haven’t been to the coast in so long though so I don’t have a local favorite currently :/

  3. I left Orange County (IMHO part of the LA metroplex—sue me) quite literally at the end of the last century. Haven’t been back for nearly two decades so have not the least clue what may have transpired in that time…
    So, this comment has the twinge of time attached to it…
    Back then my go-to coffee haunt was Diedrich Coffee shops. I would literally drive past any given Starbucks to go to a Diedrich store. The house blend was just awesome and they would feature, on occasion, some single estate Central and South American coffees.
    And the ambiance at every Diedrich shop, while not cookie cu…

  4. The coffee shop I frequent the most is Dupar’s. For the excellent pancakes! Hint, bring your own real maple syrup.
    Swingers on Beverly is a hipster coffee shop. More modern food and not really my kind of place, but many people love it.
    101 Coffee Shop is retro a coffee shop on Franklin. Go for the nostalgic atmosphere. I’ve have good breakfasts and lunch, but once in awhile my choices were mediocre at best. One afternoon after a great hike, stopped in for iced tea and dessert. Yum!
    Two Googie coffee shops in LA are Norms on La Cienega and Pann’s on La Tijera. You can’t help but feel happy in these places. Typical diner food.
    The one I miss is Jan’s. Best beef barley soup ever. Good old fashioned coffee shops are a dying breed.
    Edit—I left out The Griddle in Hollywood. Famous for their large variety of pancakes (19, including banana rama, red velvet, teachers pet) and large portions!!


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