What is wrong with Boise?

What is wrong with Boise?

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  1. Unfortunately when a nation falls to socialism and everyone has to flee, surrounding neighbors pay a price as well.
    Colombia worried over massive influx of Venezuelans | DW | 06.03.2018
    The same is true for states.

  2. Full of “refugees” from other places—looking for a cheap place to bring their cash—who are driving the original population out of town. But even thats not working anymore because of the urban sprawl that is being fueled by second and third wave refugees. Add that to the greed and avarice of the building and real estate industries and poor city/county planning. Those government agencies have been fighting for years and have been behind the eight-ball because of their inability to cooperate. Proof: do you see one major traffic corridor (other than I-84) that had been planned to take the load of commuter/commercial traffic? Nada. Example: Eagle Road is farce. Add to that a load of poor drivers with out of state plates who try to ram their cars up your _ss as you are driving the posted speed limit in an attempt to intimidate you to speed up or get out of their way. Where are the cops—oh I forgot—no money for local policing, due to local cash poor cities.

  3. A rather significant problem is that middle class Californians are subjugating the local population financially.
    The financial disparity between the two states is so huge that a normal Californian can very easily sell their home in Cali, move to Boise, and buy two houses 2–3 times the size of their original home.
    They then rent out the one and live in the other, using the rent from the one to finance all of their expenses.

    This is transforming Boise into a two tier society, where the incoming Californians are forming a ruling owner class, and the locals are forced into ever more expensive rental housing as they are priced out of home ownership.
    Wages are not rising with the growing cost of living, and so locals have no way of competing with the Californians who do not even need to work.

  4. “What is wrong with Boise?”
    There is nothing Americans are better at than complaining.
    “Nobody cares about us in Idaho. They all think they’re better than us and just treat rural America like some forgotten wasteland.” …Then people start moving there and jump-starting the economy and it’s “We’re being invaded! They need to leave because they’re ruining the local culture.”
    [They seem to be particularly aggrieved that “Californians” (those tramp-like creatures that are also supposedly invading Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, and Texas) are buying up property they may not live in full time, but who similarly bought up property in California? Russian oligarchs, Chinese billionaires, Saudi royals, etc. the world’s elite bought up Cali property, creating a housing shortage in the cities, and people actually in California complain about that too.]
    The same people whining they’ve been ignored would now love to be ignored again, because there’s no pleasing most people—and that’s a hard fact. When we’re in good times, we wish we were in better times. There’s a drought for decades, and people are miserable; then it rains a few weeks, and they’re worried about floods.
    With Boise, it’s the same tribalistic s*** that happens all over the globe. People worry about losing a culture that was never “theirs” to begin with. Right now, half of Eastern Oregon is trying to secede from Oregon and join Idaho (instead of just picking their butts up and moving to Idaho), but native Idahoans are complaining even Idaho “isn’t the same.” Nobody’s happy because they have no persp…

  5. Well housing prices are totally out of line with wages in the area(thanks all you Californians moving here). Other than that I can’t really think of much, I mean the North and East end areas are full of hippies, but that’s not really Boise’s fault.

  6. Hey, I was born in Nampa in 1936, It was a great place to grow up in, but my dad could not make a living there so they moved back to Denver in 1947, which was also a great place to grow up in. I went to LA Ca. and it wasn’t too bad in the 70′s- 90′s. I moved back to Denver in the late 90’s and it had started to radically change, and now it is an over populated liberal wonder land. I went back to Idaho two years ago and guess what, over populated like the rest. The traffic was terrible from Caldwell to Boise, which is thirty miles apart.
    The last time I saw open ground and small towns closing down was in Kansas, N. Texas, western Wyoming, Nevada, N. Mexico and other places where there was no way to make a living. In short rural areas with no infrastructure.
    The front range, ( Denver, Ft. Collins, Colorado spring) is becoming one big city now.
    The politicos want us off our private property and living in Chinese style apartment buildings, that are popping up all around here, even in the Peoples Republic of Boulder Co. that used to be rabid about green belts and open spaces.
    The trash problem has grown exponentially with the influx of immigrants as well.

  7. Omg!!!! I totally applaud you and you couldn’t be more correct. I moved to Boise back in 2000. I love it here. It was a small quiet town. Today I now live in Mountain Home which I think after Boise, Meridian, Nampa and Caldwell are over run they will head our way. The traffic is unfricken believable. That’s all you see outsiders. Lol. I’m so glad I don’t have to head West. That’s absolutely ridiculous the amount of traffic that is now here. Maybe Trump is on to something and Idaho should close it’s borders. Lol. I agree 100% with the absurd increase in cost of living. The company I work for has sadly raised all their prices and they didn’t raise it just a few cents it went up in dollars. Thanks Cali for nothing good there. I think wages should absolutely go up so those of us trying to make a living can actually afford to live. Well said!!

  8. I moved to Boise in 2013 and left in 2017. In that time we bought a house in 2014 and watched it sky rocket in value. While I aboslutely love Boise, we couldn’tafford to move back, which one day I’d love to do.
    I am from the south and Boise is by far the nicest place I’ve ever lived. You get the big city amenities, but a smaller city feel. I love the outdoors and recreational activities within walking distance. It’s just a beautiful and great city.
    I currently live in Alexandria, VA and can definitely say the housing situation is not unique to Boise. You cannot find a place here that’s under $2000 and I know not everyone that lives here is making the $76k minimum a year that needs to be made to actually live here. Also the cost of actual living like groceries is ridiculous. For example, I went to the grocery store to get stuff to make pot roast (leftovers for a few days) it was $82. In the last town I lived in it would have been about $30–40.
    Prices all over are going up for things—housing, rent, food, healthcare, childcare, etc …. Hopefully something will swing it back into balance soon.

    Victor Allen’s

  9. lots of answers about the growth, and Boise is really struggling to keep it’s identity even from 2014 in 2018 because of it. but I want to bring up something else. the 2 Boise’s:

    What is wrong with Boise?

    What is wrong with Boise?

    that’s the same basic angle. the first is the summer smoke and the other is sans smoke.
    Boise is located right against a mountain range . I’ve been to a lot of citites and only salt lake is located similarly. this has a crazy effect on air flow in the city.
    in the winter you get inversions, a few days to a month where the cold air gets trapped, the sky is gray all day and it’s colder in the valley than in the mountains. this trapped air includes all the trapped pollutants from cars..and let me tell you we in Boise fear the new car pollution more than the new housing prices.
    in the summers inversions are even worse..they are smoke..from California again! or Oregon or maybe Washington. that smoke gets up here and it sticks against the mountains. and it doesn’t leave for weeks. those mountains in the picture are less than 5 miles away and you can’t see them through the smoke.
    Boise and it surrounding areas are often marked as the worst air quality for weeks at a time across the whole country because.of.its location. check out Boise, ID Air Quality
    about 40–44 weeks a year Boise is the best city in America to live. but for 12–8 weeks…it’s got serious issues. and growth with it’s air pollutants is only making it worse.

  10. The wrong kind of growth.
    Boise was great when it was below a certain population level. The food scene keeps improving, as well as the job market.
    However, everything else is devolving rapidly.
    * “Economic refugees” from other states, of which I am one, are arriving in droves to consume every possible unit of housing that is built, or if those are unavailable, to start bidding wars on the existing housing stock. It is either-or. If not enough stock exists to absorb the inflow, existing inventory gets bid up.
    * People who ran away from the failed policies of other states and their consequences (i’m not talking job growth or GDP, I’m talking outcomes for the middle/working class and overall GINI) then immediately try to reform the ‘farm people’ and bring their narrow minded beliefs with them, while thinking the people they are displacing are the only narrow minded ones.
    * “Smart growth” does not exist and is an oxymoron, outside of a few exclusive parts of town.
    * 99% of development is car-mandatory, isolated single-use zoning strip mall or disconnected suburban SFH development.
    * Everything outside of the city center is built on a 1 mile by 1 mile farm grid. Those rural farm grid roads, with no connections between each other for a mile or more, are the new “arterials”. Anyone with half a clue in urban planning would know this absolutely physically cannot scale, but it gets built anyway, and the roads get widened with the expectation that will somehow help. Surprisingly, it doesn’t help. (below photo credit: Strong Towns)

    What is wrong with Boise?

    * The area was originally rural and has a heavy native rural car-based culture. People who were born and raised in the area, especially in the originally rural or agricultural areas, grew up with and were raised on having to drive 30 minutes (with no congestion in site) to the store to get even the most basic things. This works fine in sparsely populated, rur…

  11. I was born in Boise and have lived here (Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell) for 32 years. I loved Boise so much. Big enough to avoid small town problems, but small enough to avoid big town problems. I absolutely cannot stand Boise (overall), anymore, and it literally breaks my heart. You never see literature about what to do when your community is changed so drastically, that it is not your community anymore. No one talks about watching the town that you knew and love get destroyed by things such as this. Most would say I’m being dramatic, but as a native Boisean that is just how I feel. I love all people, and I do not believe is treating people disrespectfully, in fact it is a hardwired core belief of mine to be a kind, caring person. However, I find myself so angry all the time now when in town. The stores are different, the values are different, the people are different, the vibe is different. All of which I could deal with perhaps on a small scale, but NOTHING is the same. But, this is not what kills me. What kills me is the greed and hallascious disregard for us people who made the economy before Idaho became a trendy 30 something hipster ville. This year alone, property taxes are increasing 3%. 3%! I’m seeing food go up in price 50-100%….in the last 6 months. Housing and rentals are an absolute joke for the actual pay the average person makes here. Everything is increasing, but pay certainly is not. Rentals I lived in 6 years ago have more than doubled in price. Houses that sold for $160,000 once upon a time are soaring past $290,000. I have clients who cant even buy a home. It is not fair to anyone but those who are coming in with the big bucks that are causing the price hikes in the first place. Boise/Eagle/Meridian/Nampa are not worried about those who made political votes, grew produce, or voted 10+ years ago. They are concerned with the newcomers with promises of green bank notes, and increased profits (or so it would seem). We have been pushed aside, to the very real point that most of us cannot afford to live here, and it is disgustingly sad. The power and destruction of money at it’s finest. I never thought I’d leave the area, but I personally can’t do it anymore. The constant traffic on ineffective road patterns, my inability to live comfortably despite education and licenses, and the constant disrespect by people coming in. Not only are we becoming unimportant in the Boise area, we also are getting treated rudely by those that are coming in. Thats what I miss the most. The area was NEVER perfect, far from it, but when I grew up, we never locked our doors, knew everyone around, and had some semblence of old town comoradite and friendliness ettiquette. I usually try to be logical and support my retorts with good research, but I admit this was an emotional response, but I feel this question deserved it. Goodbye Boise. I loved you, I always will. But you are not what you once were.

  12. When I was growing up, Boise was amazing even until like mid 2000’s….now it’s gotten so riddled with out of staters that you can’t grow up here and make a solid living. It’s progressed population wise but not progressed politically. Costs just about the same to live here as Washington and Oregon but minimum wages are half what they are there

  13. Boise Idaho is not perfect but it is much better than Southern California where I moved away from 19 years ago. What’s better about it compared to So Cal? The cost of living is cheaper (although it is rising). I was able to purchase a new 3 bedroom 2 bath house (1900 sq ft. ) for under $200K. 18 yrs later it is worth about $330K. This is still a bargain compared to So Cal prices.
    Utilities are cheaper as well. crime is much lower. The traffic is much less (although there is traffic at peak driving times.
    So What is bad about Boise compared to So Cal? The winters are cold and a big adjustment from fair weathered So Cal. Also, in the summer there are often days with smoke in the air from North West Wild Fires. There is no beach or ocean to visit which many So Cal People enjoy.
    My favorite part about Boise is the cost of living. It is definitely cheaper here. Although, as it has been said by others, it is getting more expensive for housing and Rent. I do feel bad for people here who don’t have good paying jobs because they are struggling more. I have been fortunate to have an above average paying job for a solid company while living here. However, that being said, I didn’t have a house to sell when I left So Cal 19 years ago so I didn’t have a bunch of cash to buy my new Boise home.
    When I moved here 19 years ago from So Cal it was said back then; get rid of your California Plates because local idahoans don’t like Californians because they don’t us for some of the reasons others have mentioned. I personally don’t think that this negative attitude is fair because I think that all people are entitled to pick and move to a place that they think will better. That’s what I did and I don’t regret it.
    I’m not overly happy about the increase in population and housing prices that have occurred over the years, but I can’t blame people for trying to make their lives better.
    While Boise is a nice place to live, I would advise anyone to make sure they have employment or it won’t be as nice. This is pretty much common sense that could apply to anyone moving to another town, but I’ve heard stories from locals that they have seen some Californians move here without having a job just because they are Fed-Up with California.

    Eight O’Clock


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