What is White Coffee? (ca phe trang)

White coffee is brewed like regular coffee using raw green beans with lower caffeine than traditional options. It can be steeped for shorter periods to get the full health benefits without feeling too bitter.

Start your morning off right this cold January day with a cup of wholesome white coffee.

1. What is White Coffee:

White coffee is a type of coffee that is brewed using the white beans of the coffea plant, rather than traditional green beans.

This creates a much less acidic and more palate-friendly beverage and has been shown to include health benefits (see below). It can be steeped for shorter periods to achieve these results without sacrificing taste.

2. Why Drink White Coffee vs Regular Coffee:

What is White Coffee

Caffeine Content: White coffee includes lower caffeine content when compared to traditional options.

A single 8oz cup of white coffee contains roughly 30mg, which is small enough for those with sensitive stomachs. In comparison, a regular cup of coffee typically ranges from 95-200mg in the same serving size 

 Furthermore, anecdotal evidence suggests that over-consumption of caffeine can lead to worse stomach conditions, which may deter those who suffer from chronic digestive issues.

Effects: Protein and Antioxidant Content

White coffee contains high protein content, due to the process used in its production (see below). In fact, one study found that white coffee contained 20% more protein than bean-less brewed coffee 

White coffee also contains high antioxidant content, which may have positive implications on the cardiovascular system, inflammation levels, and overall immunity.

Consistency: White coffee is much less acidic due to its lower caffeine count. This allows it to produce a mellow taste that can be enjoyed by most individuals.

As a result, it is less likely to trigger stomach discomfort for those with sensitive stomachs like caffeine usually does, making it suitable even for morning use (before breakfast).

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Variety: White coffee can be steeped for shorter periods of time to achieve varying levels of caffeine content, depending on personal taste preference. This allows you to enjoy it as a safe option that is less likely to cause stomach discomfort.

3. How to Make White Coffee:

The first step to making a cup of white coffee is acquiring a bag of white beans. Many specialty grocers carry these beans, as well as select health food stores. You can also purchase white coffee from internet retailers or even directly from some coffee companies (see sources below).

Once you have your bag of white beans, follow the instructions for your preferred method of coffee storage. Remove the beans from their packaging and grind them in a food processor, blender, or burr grinder according to your specific machine’s instructions.

Then, add ground white beans with two cups of hot water into the machine that you will be using for steeping (see above). For example, with an Aeropress, follow the step of inserting the plunger into your machine, but do not press down.

Then, add in ground beans and hot water, stir for a brief moment to ensure even distribution, before flipping your Aeropress upside down to begin steeping.

In all cases, take care when preparing white coffee to maintain consistency if you choose to store your beans in the fridge. Ensure that you grind them immediately before steeping, as cold coffee has a much harder time brewing than room-temperature beans do.

4. Health Benefits of White Coffee:

According to studies conducted by researchers at UCSD and San Diego State University, white coffee is an excellent source for antioxidants and protein. In fact, one study found that white coffee contained 20% more protein than bean-less brewed coffee

White beans also contain high amounts of anti-inflammatory properties because they contain significant amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These fatty acids are essential for proper growth and development and may help to prevent cardiovascular disease and arthritis (among other ailments).

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5. How to Store White Coffee:

What is White Coffee

Many people choose to store their white coffee in the freezer, but this is not necessary. In fact, storing white coffee in the fridge will help it keep its freshness longer than leaving it at room temperature or freezing it.

If you do decide to store your beans in the freezer, make sure you grind them immediately before steeping in order to maintain consistency.

6. Where to Buy White Coffee:

Several coffee roasters and retailers carry white coffee, such as Kicking Horse Coffee . They sell whole-bean white beans that can be ground in a food processor or burr grinder before brewing.

Alternatively, you can purchase these specialized beans online from places like Amazon.

7. Recipes for Making Your Own Blend of “White” Beans:

There are many ways to incorporate white coffee into your life. Here are some simple recipes to begin with:

– To make a cup of black coffee, replace the filter basket in your machine with ground white beans instead. Depending on your method of brewing, you may need more or less than two cups of water for this type of steeping process.

– Place a heaping tablespoon of ground white coffee in your French press and add hot water. Adding milk or coconut oil is also an option for some palettes, but note that both of these ingredients will alter the taste and caffeine content of your white coffee brew.

– It is possible to make tea using whole beans instead of tea bags by filling a tea ball with ground coffee and adding hot water. Let steep according to your preferred method of brewing: 4-5 minutes for black tea, and 2 minutes for green and white teas.

8. Other Interesting Uses for “White” Beans:

Many home and coffee enthusiasts also choose to use white beans in order to maintain the quality of their coffee machine.

White beans can help clean out clogged nozzles and remove residue from inside units. Simply add a few tablespoons of ground white beans into your coffee maker’s water reservoir, turn on as normal, and run through one cycle (note that this may void your warranty).

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1. What is the best method for brewing with white beans?

There are several methods for steeping in ground white coffee: auto-drip (usually 2 tbsp per large mug), French press (equal parts water and beans), or single cup pour over (about 1 tbsp of grounds per cup). Experiment with ratios until you’ve found the perfect combination for your taste.

2. Do I need to add milk or sweetener before drinking white coffee?

Adding a splash of milk or cream is perfectly acceptable, but many people choose to drink their white brew black, as it really allows the flavor notes and caffeine content to shine through (approximately 75mg).
You can also experiment with other natural sweeteners before drinking, such as stevia or coconut nectar. This will also improve the taste of your white coffee if you are sensitive to bitter flavors.

3. How long does ground white coffee last?

Ground white beans are best stored in an airtight container at room temperature for up to two weeks. However, it’s likely that they’ll spoil long before then due to their quick rate of oxidation.

4. Can I use the same coffee maker with white coffee beans?

Yes, but you must be careful when changing up your filtration method for brewing. If using a standard filter in the machine is too difficult (i.e., no clean-up or dealing with paper filters), you may need to purchase a pour over stand or attach the filter basket to your faucet.


Decaffeinating coffee beans is a highly effective way to remove caffeine, but it comes with many pitfalls that can affect flavor and overall quality. Luckily, you don’t need to worry about any of these issues when it comes to white coffee beans.

If you’re looking for an easy way to enjoy high-quality, flavorful decaf at home, simply go with a blend of white beans. Not only will you get all of the flavor, but you’ll also enjoy a caffeine content of around 75mg.

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