What is the taste profile of colombian coffee?

What is the taste profile of colombian coffee?

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  1. There is no flavor profile for “Columbian” coffee, because coffee from Columbia can be any number of botanical varietals, can be grown at any number of altitudes, may be from wetter or drier mountain slopes, can be from plants in different soils, may be shade or sun-grown, can be picked at different levels of ripeness, processed with different levels of pulp removal, may have different degrees of washing process, may be stored for short or long periods before shipping, can be blended or single origin, can be roasted from very light to extremely dark, and can be brewed by anything from a home coffee maker, to simple infusion, to espresso preparation.
    Coffee s (note plural) from Columbia share most of the same features of the various coffees from Central and South America, in that the higher quality coffees are sold from individual farms, are from the highest elevations on volcanic soil, are fully washed and then sun dried, are packaged and shipped with care, and purchased by those willing to pay a bit more for properly grown and handled beans. These buyers/roasters almost never roast these beans more than what most would call a “medium” roast and are served as a single origin or carefully blended with other origins from other countries to make a kind of symphony of flavor. The moderately light to medium roasted Columbians provide a very clean, middle “note” in a quality blended coffee, especially a blend intended for espresso.
    As such, high quality Columbians tend to be good solid coffees that taste like, well…coffee. While there are standouts, the main character is one that has no extremes: not too bright or acidy, not too fruity, not too floral, not too sugary, not heavy on cocoa flavors, and almost never tasting of tobacco or leather (like you commonly find in Indonesian coffees). Some Columbians are quite delicate in flavor, but most make really good crowd pleasing cups of good, honest “coffee.”


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