What is the strongest Starbucks coffee?

What is the strongest Starbucks coffee?

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  1. Ah, this is a very interesting question, and goes right to the heart of why some people hate Starbucks coffee, or “Charbucks” as they refer to it.
    Many of Starbucks’ blends are fairly dark roasts. A dark roast does give a bolder flavor, but that’s not necessarily the same as “strong coffee”. As many of you know, it’s very common to go into a restaurant in America, order a cup of coffee, and be served a liquid so weak that you can see right through it to the bottom of the cup. That is not coffee. You can not see through coffee. Iced tea, yes. Coffee, no.
    The standard coffee “recipe”, which has nothing to do with Starbucks, is one standard coffee measure of ground coffee, or approximately 10 grams, for each 6 ounces of cold water. I guarantee, if you’ve never been to Starbucks, you’ve probably never had coffee that strong. I mean, “delicious”.
    The darkest roast coffee that Starbucks sells is French Roast. This is one of the three “classic” dark roasts: French Roast (the darkest), Italian Roast (middle), and Espresso Roast (the lighter of the three). While I absolutely love dark roast coffees, I don’t personally care for French Roast. It’s roasted so dark that the flavor has gone from “coffee” to what is usually referred to as burnt toast notes. Some folks love it. If you’ve tried it and found it too dark/burnt for your taste, try Italian Roast. It’s the next lighter roast, and is outstanding. The lightest roast coffees that Starbucks sells are their new Blonde Roast line. These are very, very lightly roasted and mild coffees.
    But here’s the kicker: If you make a 10-cup pot of French Roast coffee using a total of one scoop of coffee, it will be so weak it will be almost tasteless. And if you make a pot of Blonde Roast coffee by filling the filter basket all the way to the top with ground coffee, it will be so strong you couldn’t drink it.
    So, to answer the question: What coffee is strongest? The coffee you make with the most ground coffee for that amount of water. You decide how strong it is. This is really separate …

  2. Why is Starbucks the strongest coffee I have ever had?
    If you think Starsucks has strong coffee, you apparently have never been in the military.
    It could very well be that Starsucks is the only coffee that you have ever had that you didn’t make yourself, and you don’t make a strong cup of java in the first place.
    Besides, Starsucks doesn’t even sell coffee…they sell caffeinated milkshakes 😛

  3. Do you mean strongest in flavor, as in the roast, or strongest in caffeine? Roasting affects the caffeine content, you might say roasting “burns” off some of the caffeine.
    So if you want a stronger (bolder) flavor, I’d try the darker roasts. I personally prefer a medium roast, most of the time. Either way, you’re going to get plenty of caffeine.

  4. If you mean which coffee has the most caffeine then it’s their nitro cold brew (NOT iced coffee).
    If you mean which has the most flavor, it would be their blonde roast hot coffee.
    If you mean which has the boldest flavor, it would be their dark roast coffee.
    If you want a good mix of bold flavor and caffeine, the strongest beverage value-wise is a shot of espresso.

  5. The strongest Starbucks bean I’ve had is the Yukon Blend.

    What is the strongest Starbucks coffee?

    Among the different Starbucks beans I’ve tried, this one had the strongest kick. By that I mean it gives the strongest head hit for a coffee high.
    It edges out Komodo Dragon, which is probably the next strongest.

    Victor Allen’s

  6. It really depends on your taste. That said, my spouse likes only dark coffee, so for him I buy Starbucks Komodo Dragon (bold dark), Yukon (also bold), Espresso (dark bold), Verona (dark, with chocolatey taste), and some of their reserve coffees.
    A really good strong bold coffee from Peet’s is Arabian Mocha Sanani. It’s also their most expensive coffee at $25/lb.

    What is the strongest Starbucks coffee?

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  7. Generally, Starbucks brews three roasts-light, medium and dark (if you go to one very early or during the holiday, there’ll also be decaf).
    They are usually:
    Light: Veranda (strong in terms of caffeine)
    Medium: Pike
    Dark: Verona (dark in terms of taste).
    According to Starbucks, French Roast is the darkest.
    The lightest is either Veranda or Willow.

  8. All of Starbucks drip coffees available for purchase are brewed the same strength. Strength is determined by the ratio of beans to water. Any drip coffee Starbucks serves uses the same recipe for what the company has determined to be correct for each batch size. What customers often confuse is the difference between strength and flavor achieved due to the length of roasting time. Darker roasts generally have a fuller-bodied flavor. You want the most caffeine for your buck? Go with a blonde roast. It’s not as flavorful as a darker roast but the shorter roasting time leaves more caffeine in the bean.

  9. Hi just want to check if you mean the bold coffe by saying strongest
    The darkest coffee available at starbucks in india are Sumatra , Italian.
    French roast is the darkest and very bold at starbucks which is not available in India .
    Hope it helps


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