What is the Starbucks coffee cup size scam?

What is the Starbucks coffee cup size scam?

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  1. There is no scam. You can get ingredient lists for everything online or ask for them in the stores.
    It’s your choice to buy a larger size that still only two shots of espresso as comparted to the medium size which also has two shots. You can always ask for an added shot if you prefer more espresso added.
    I pretty much always buy the medium size unless my son is ordering for me, he usually gets me a large.
    You get the size drink you pay for. If you need more caffeine added, then request it. I drink mine caffeine free anyway, so I don’t really care.

  2. It’s actually a funny incident, scam or real i can’t comment but yes since the dispute never reached to any court we can consider it as propaganda or publicity stunt. There is nothing wrong in saying it a scam too.
    It started with some videos and later a lot of videos from people across the globe.
    The videos showcase that the grand cup holds the same amount of coffee you get in a venti cup with ice added. The videos claim the cup size to be much smaller, and a venti cup should ideally be 20 oz while they give you 15 to 16 oz.
    Furthermore, the Trenta cup available for tea and coffee is the largest cup size. It contains 360 mg of caffeine which equals five cappuccinos.
    Based on the video, the Starbuck cup sizes are smaller while the actual size should be different. Besides, multiple videos on the internet and YouTube demonstrat…


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