What is the one car feature you could do without?

What is the one car feature you could do without?

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  1. Adjustable air shocks. I had a Cadillac with these, and it would re-level the car anytime you weren’t perfectly even, whether you were in the car or not. I came back to a dead battery on countless occasions because I’d done something so foolish as to park on a slight incline. Get into the car? Compressor starts up. Get out of the car? Compressor starts up. Tire goes flat? Compressor starts up. I finally ripped out the whole system and put in standard shocks, instead.

  2. I can surely go without one of those fancy touchscreen LCD infotainment devices on the center console of the car. I will be fine with a simple radio with an audio jack.
    Leather, or plastic leather-looking dash. They usually reflect light into the windscreen and obscure your visibility. Suede or Alcantara will do.
    I don’t even want to have a sun roof, it maybe preferred by some consumers but I’m fairly sure rarely from consumers who live in the tropics. So convertible tops may also be less preferred, but unless it’s a BMW Z3, or a Mazda MX-5, then I might have some second thoughts. Perhaps a hardtop?
    ABS! I know it’s for safety, but I don’t usually drive that fast that braking would lock the wheels and cause some skids. Also not having an ABS makes one very attentive in driving as well as being careful.
    Also I can certainly go without these…

    What is the one car feature you could do without?

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    Speaking of pretenses…

    What is the one car feature you could do without?

    If you look closely, under the face of the “alloy rims” is a generic steel rim. Why put the looks if it adds more weight? This is very notorious with those Hyundai Eon.
    Few things I would love to have though are the following:
    Accident avoidance system – well, this may come along with the ABS but this is a must have as sometimes we can’t detect and react immediately on a possible collision.
    Variable window tint or whatever it’s called. You will see these in airplanes but it would be nice if this tech is used in cars.

    What is the one car feature you could do without?

    But say you are in this situation, you go to work early in the morning and your facing the bright scorching hot sun, where you may prefer a tinted windscreen. But here you home at night but a dimly tinted window hinders your visibility. A variable tint would be very nice to have. Tinted during the day, and no tint a night.
    Also it would be best if the tint blocks UV as well.
    So far, that’s all.

  3. I think I’m pretty much over CD changers
    And I’m also pretty sure that at this point, built in video entertainment systems are passé.

  4. A sunroof ,or as I call them a moon roof . Nothing worse than blazing hot sun burning your head making you sweat through the roof of your car . However as a moon roof it’s quite nice to have it open during night drives but in saying that I could totally do without that feature

  5. Sunroof. Totally useless for me (being bald make the sun bear down uncomfortably on the top of my head, so it is left closed permanently) and it cuts down headroom.
    Back camera. The lens gets dirty and you can’t see behind. Or it is clean so you can see what’s behind the car on the screen and this incites the driver to not look around to make sure the situation is crear all around before backing up

    Victor Allen’s

  6. Auto start feature, that requires you to both put your foot on the brake, AND press the start button, even though the engine is already running.
    Automatic up/down on windows, that forget how to do that after changing the battery.

  7. Autonomous driving.
    Reasoning is because it is insanely costly to repair. As well as the fact when there is an issue esspicialy after an accident the vehicle needs to go back to the dealer to be programmed ( looking at you VW)
    The systems out are not perfect. It can fail and it has. Although not often. And personally I don’t like having a computer controlling my brakes steering or throttle (I’m old school throttle cable is for me)
    It also drastically increases the cost of the vehicle.
    I feel if you are going to drive a vehicle then drive put the gadgets away and pay attention and keep control of your vehicle like a responsible driver.

    Eight O’Clock

  8. Car alarms. People today barely look up from their phones to look at each other walking by. Do you think anyone cares about your car alarm going off. Now I don’t look up for the alarms. Cars are harder to steal so now they wait til your in them and shoot you to get the car. Some improvement. Now we need pistols mounted in the door shells to repel the carjackers at a button push.

  9. Keys! They are noisy, annoying, prone to getting lost especially when in a hurry or need them urgently or are far from home, or for me, I go to the car in the garage to get something and it is locked, requiring a trudge back into the house to get the keys.
    Although different kinds of entry systems and starting devices have been developed, they continue to require a device in your hand. The “in your hand” part is the part that causes the issues.
    It would be grand if cars had a biometric entry system and a different one to start and run the car. This way kids and other family or friends could get into the car but not drive it. Voice command? Fingerprint analyzer? Retinal scannner? A Breathalyzer-type device that measures alcohol and drugs, including p…

  10. ANY €®£¥[#”&##/;@ , F´ing ALARM or SECURITY SYSTEMS OF -ANY- Variety , Period.
    Ridiculous things adding expense and unnecessary complexity to cars that will stop few thieves in the modern sense , BUT……….
    And I’ve only said this for…..? 35-ish years now
    Edit: I must temper my lament right ? These things DO make cars harder to STEAL. A more sophisticated mind IS now required. No more breaking in,or Slim Jimming too many interlocks.
    You may NOW have to puncture the Battery so it drains out,thus allowing yet , “Another Parking Criminal”,to be Towed Away for the Public Welfare at large.
    No tow truck available for malfeasance ? Can’t just bust a column / shifter key lock any more,what can a simple minded ne’re-do-well, DO these days?
    SO NOW YOU GET CARJACKED WITH a GUN( s ) in your face. “ That’s the way you do it ! I won’t hav’ta ,Move NO, Refrigerators or 8 foot T.V.’s “
    But at least THE CAR IS OKAY, RIGHT ! ?!
    And very SECURE once it’s parked. ;^}


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