What is the most accurate list of calories per food?

What is the most accurate list of calories per food?

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  1. The United States Department of Agriculture’s searchable Food Composition Database is probably the most complete and accurate list. You can find it here: Welcome to the USDA Food Composition Database . It’s an incredibly useful resource, although not as convenient as a smartphone app – so most of the time I use the MyFitnessPal app to look up calorie values. That data, though, is hand-entered by users of the app, so if the entry there isn’t marked as being verified and seems like it might be wrong, I will cross-check it against the USDA data.
    On the USDA database search screen , you can choose between searching only brand-name products, only generic standard measurements, or both simultaneously. When you enter the food you are searching for, it will oftentimes give you many options for both raw and cooked versions of the food, which is important because weights and measures are changed by cooking. The results page for any given selection lists calories in the second row (labeled “Energy” with units in kcal, which is the scientific term for what we call “calories”), along with many other nutrient values in other rows. The columns are for different measurements, so for example if you enter 0.75 in the column labeled “Value per 100 g” and press the Enter key, it will change to showing the calorie value for 75 grams.
    They also have a pretty cool “Ground Beef Calculator” page on the USDA site that takes lean/fat percentage and cooking method into account to give you results.


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