What is the monthly rental of a Cafe Coffee Day vending machine?

What is the monthly rental of a Cafe Coffee Day vending machine?

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  1. Suggestion: While the machine and material quality is good ,the customer service is very poor.
    You need to submit security fee of Rs 25000 which they will never return. It’s better to buy a machine instead of running behind them for each and everything.
    Required Info:
    Coffee/Tea Vending Machine commercial terms-(commercial for year 2018)
    Refundable Security deposit of Rs.25000/- per machine.
    Machine installation charges of Rs.1000 /- per machine.
    Monthly Fee: Service & Maintenance would be Rs. 1500/- per month for Celesta Machine.
    Commercials of Coffee day Vending Machine Consumables are as follows:
    Particulars-Price in Rupees
    CD Estate Blend- Rs 600
    Assam Tea/ Plain Tea/ Assam Gold (per box / 100 Tea Dips): Rs 150
    Flavored Tea (per box)- Masala, Ginger , Cardamom (100 Sachets): Rs 200
    Green Tea (per dip/sachet): Rs 5
    Flavored Green Tea (Mint, Honey Lemon, Lemon)- Rs 5
    Hot Chocolate (per sachet): Rs 5.00
    Badam Milk (per sachet): Rs 5.00
    Soups (per sachet): Rs 6.00
    Coffee Day Branded Paper cup 150ml (per unit): Rs 0.67
    Coffee Day Branded Paper cup 200ml (per unit): Rs 0.89
    Stirrer (per unit): Rs 0.16
    Coffee Day sugar sachet (per kg/ 200 Sachets): Rs 120.00
    Coffee Day Tetra Pack milk (per ltr): Rs 59
    General Terms
    MOU has to be signed before installing the machines. The agreement term would be 1 year with a renewal clause.
    Minimum locking period of 1 year from the date of installation i.e. Coffee Day machine won’t be pulled out/ switched off for min. 1 year at the respective site.
    All Consumables would be supplied to the various branches through our Authorized Coffee Day distributors, and all payments for the same should be made to our authorized distributors within agreed payment terms.

  2. As of November 2019, rent of machine is around 3000 per month. Machine we are using here in office is given below and its having few common drinks options like
    Coffee : Cappuccino
    Coffee : Latte
    Coffee : Espresso
    Hot Milk
    Hot water

    What is the monthly rental of a Cafe Coffee Day vending machine?

  3. I am not really sure, but some people say that it is based on the number of cups it has dispensed and some say it is just the raw material that you have to buy from the cafe coffee day company.
    If you browse through the menu, it would show the count of cups for each of the flavor it has dispensed. It might be even true that they will charge based on number of cups, because they might want you to avoid using third party coffee beans, in which case their income becomes zero if they charge only for raw material.


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