What is the ideal Coffee Meets Bagel strategy for men?

What is the ideal Coffee Meets Bagel strategy for men?

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  1. Hrm, honestly, don’t be picky. And try talking to all of the girls that you match with. Haha. There may seem like there are a lot of girls that like you back, but even if you open with a greeting, they may not necessarily answer, because they are already talking to many other guys, or have started dating someone. And be patient, don’t be turned off right away if a girl says she’s busy, because she probably is. If she says she’s busy, just respect her space and ask if she’s free another time (especially if you really like her.)
    Also, I would have any close friends of yours (of the opposite sex) help you with your profile. For my guy friends, I just helped them edit their profile, and I think that I just chose pictures that I thought they looked good in.
    Some tips:
    Don’t be controlling
    Be yourself
    Have fun!
    Meet for coffee, and if you’re really attracted to her, then maybe suggest having a meal together?
    Be willing to travel (within reason, of course)
    Be proactive
    Be open-minded
    Plan fun dates, and plan things that the girl is probably interested in also (especially if she has talked about it, or it is in her profile)
    Hope this helps! 🙂


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