What is the fastest way to make coffee?

What is the fastest way to make coffee?

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  1. Coffee is one of my favourite drink, and it is very important to make coffee perfectly . I make my coffee by the following method . You should also try it , i sure you will love thi recipe of amazing coffee.
    Make around 35ml espresso using your coffee machine and pour it into the base of your cup.
    Steam the milk with the steamer attachment so that it has around 2-3cm of foam on top. Hold the jug so that the spout is about 3-4cm above the cup and pour the milk in steadily. As the volume within the cup increases, bring the jug as close to the surface of the drink as possible whilst aiming to pour into the centre. Once the milk jug is almost touching the surface of the coffee, tilt to speed up the rate of pour. As you accelerate, the milk will hit the back of the cup and start naturally folding in on itself to create a pattern on the top.

    What is the fastest way to make coffee?

    This is called LATTE .

  2. I got through two graduate degrees by keeping a jar of Folger’s Instant coffee at hand. I would shake some into my mug, walk down to the water fountain, add a bit of water, agitate to disolve the coffee, and then fill up the cup.
    It was cheap, fast and nearly effortless. It didn’t taste like coffee, but taste wasn’t the point….

  3. The fastest way to make coffee is obviously to use bean-to-cup coffee machines. They will ground the coffee beans, and then they make any cup of coffee of your choice. But, the biggest downside of those coffee machines is their price. The price for them might exceed even $5K. So, if you aren’t ready to pay such a price, you better look for alternatives.

    What is the fastest way to make coffee?

    Personally, I prefer to brew coffee in a French press. I have a similar one to this https://www.amazon.com/French-Double-Wall-Stainless-Mirror-Finish/dp/B00MMQOZ1U . The brewing process takes a couple of minutes, and the preparation process. So, you can do something else while your coffee is brewing. Another advantage is that you can brew several portions at once. While for many coffee machines, you can prepare only a single cup at once.

  4. Put coffee grounds in disposable paper filter. Tie filter closed with rubber band. Submerge in hot water. Pull coffee bag from water after a few minutes. Drink.

  5. Probably an fully automatic coffee maker. From the time you turn it on to the time you are holding your coffee in your hands you will only have to wait seconds. Not saying this is the best coffee method but probably the fastest.

  6. Personally, I find my tinypresso really fast compare to the other coffee machine out there. It is small, convenient and portable so you can make coffee anytime, anywhere.
    Check it out:

  7. Microwave a cup of water for two and a half minutes, then throw in two or three heaping teaspoons of coffee grounds, and stir.
    That’s about the fastest way to make coffee. It is not the best way to make coffee, but you didn’t ask about that.

  8. If you mean actually brewing fresh coffee, not just rehydrating it, then a properly pulled espresso shot should take 30 seconds to fully brew. I don’t count instant coffee, because that’s already made (poorly) and you’re just rehydrating it as you would powdered soup mix.

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  9. By using an espresso machine . They use very finely ground coffee, so no brewing stage or slow drip is required to extract the soluble components we want. Hot water is forced through the ground coffee at a high rate and directly into the cup.

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  10. Step 1: Choose a Nespresso/Keurig capsule from your wide selection (10 seconds)
    Step 2: Turn on the machine and wait for it to heat up, while its doing that you can refill the water if its out (10 seconds)
    Step 3: pop your capsule in and start the machine, wait till end, add sugar as needed (10 seconds)
    Congratulations, you have you 30 second coffee!
    Wait you dont have an expensive machine with expensive capsules? Alright, here is another alternative:
    Step 1: Fill kettle (4 second)
    Step 2: Turn on kettle and wait for it to boil (10 seconds)
    Step 3: Add Nescafe/Instant coffee powder to your cup and add water, stir (6 seconds)
    Congrats, you have your 20 second coffee!
    Even faster? Right.
    Step 1:find yourself magically in a self service coffee shop (such as the one in ikea) (0 seconds)
    Step 2: press the button for coffee on the machine (0.5 seconds)
    Step 3: wait (5 seconds)
    There, your 5.5 second coffee!

  11. Q: What is the fastest way to make coffee?
    A: Well, there is brown liquid, and there is coffee. They are not the same thing. But if speed is important to you, then just get a Keurig machine and a K-cup, put the k-cup in the machine, and press the go button. In about 60 seconds, you have brown liquid called coffee. Of course, this assumes that the machine is already turned on and heated up.
    Otherwise, the fastest way is to put a small pot on the stove and turn on the heat to get it to boil. While the water is heating, place a Melitta filter holder over a cup, with a #2 filter in it, and put 2 Tablespoons of good drip grind coffee in it. In a very short time, the water is boiling, so now you pour it over the coffee in the Melitta filter holder, and the result is a hot cup of good coffee.
    There are those that prefer French Press, Aero Press, or even mountain coffee. But all of these assume that you must steep the coffee somewhat, so they won’t be as fast.
    If you love Espresso, then you can substitute a Nespresso machine in place of the Keurig machine above. You get actual good espresso coffee, but then that’s a different animal and a different coffee pod.


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