What is the difference between Kahlua and Baileys?

What is the difference between Kahlua and Baileys?

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  1. They are both coffee based, but to be more clear: one is like black coffee and booze (Kahlua) and one is black coffee with cream and booze (Baileys, Carolina’s, etc.).

  2. Kahlua and Baileys both are under the categorisation of liqueurs, which made with a base of spirit(Whisky, Vodka). Usually consumed as digestifs or in combination of shots, the famous shot is B52.
    Baileys is a typical Irish whisky based liqueur made in Republic of Ireland in 1974, whereas, Kahlua is coffee liqueur originated in Mexico in 1936.
    Baileys can be made with fresh whipped cream and Irish whisky.
    Kahlua can be made with freshly brewed coffee and Vodka.
    Alcohol by Volume: Baileys: 17%; Kahlua 20%
    Famous Cocktails: B52; Espresso Martini; Black Russian: White Russian
    Substitutes: Tia Maria, Amarula, Jagermeister, Grand Marnier

  3. Kahlua is dark, has a very coffee-like flavor.
    Bailey’s is light, a creamy taste. Doesn’t taste like coffee, tastes like “Irish Creme” – whatever that actually is!


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