What is the difference between coffee, cappuccino, espresso, and Frappuccino?

What is the difference between coffee, cappuccino, espresso, and Frappuccino?

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  1. First. Brew ing is the way as you make the coffee drink, literally unbind all the solubles from ground coffee with (usually) water. There are many different brewing methods (high pressure/low pressure, high temperature/low temperature, fast/slow etc.). Espresso brewing is only one of them. Based on usual meanings of these drinks you mentioned, all of them are based on espresso.
    Espresso: 20-30 ml of beverage made by high pressure (around 8 bars) brewing of 7 to 10 grams ground coffee at about 95 degrees celsius.
    Cappuccino: espresso + foamed milk with a rather dense foam/froth on top. As a reference, italian cappuccino is around 100 ml (30 ml espresso + 70 ml raw milk, later frothed up to about 100-110 ml). Beverage filled OVER the top of the cup. Italians drink it only before noon, usually as a part of the breakfast.
    Lattes: usually a single shot of espresso with about 150 ml milk (usually warm, sometimes frothed). Variants: Latte Macchiato: sofly frothed milk and a shot of espresso layered between the warm milk and the milk froth. Caffé Latte: a serious amount of milk (usually over 200 ml), warmed up to 60 degrees of celsius, little or no froth on top. If it has some froth, it may be called as Flat white.

  2. Definitions of each can vary depending on the country where the question is asked. Having established and operated over 20 outlets in Australia serving coffee, I would identify the differences in the following way:

    * Coffee: Is a term often used to describe a hot beverage made from roasted coffee beans. Various methods can be used to make a hot coffee beverage and include the espresso, Turkish, percolated, instant, drip or plunger (French press) method.
    * Espresso: This can describe (1) one method of making coffee that consist of forcing hot pressured water through finely ground coffee beans in an espresso machine to extract the coffee oils/essence that form the basis of various drinks or (2) a specific coffee drink that is also known as a ‘short black’ and served in a demitasse cup/glass. Italians refer to a coffee drink consisting of simply the expressed oils from the ground coffee beans via an espresso coffee machine as – espresso.
    * Cappuccino: Is a specific hot coffee drink made using…


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