What is the difference between a cappuccino and a flat white?

What is the difference between a cappuccino and a flat white?

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  1. I got an A2A on this, so apparently someone’s looking for different answers. Unfortunately, I have little to add to Sebastian Stephenson’s excellent response.
    It’s not magic. Different people will tell you that you need to use a ristretto shot but I’ve found that with decent medium roasted arabica that’s not necessary. I believe the ristretto requirement was to compensate for the over-roasted beans used in the big chains. (And let’s not just pick on Starbucks… Illy has some pretty poor coffee out there in the market, so the Italians are not immune to the same burnt-bean-syndrome.. )
    Before “flat white” became a thing, I’d order a latte with an extra shot of espresso. Caps became barista versions of milk shakes with competing amounts of foam, so the latte was my beverage of choice but I preferred more espresso to milk, like a traditional cap. So a latte got me free of the extra foam and the extra shot got me back to a real coffee taste. (After trying unsuccessfully to order “a cap, no foam on top” and watching baristas twitch, I realized that they didn’t understand that the ratio of espresso to milk was the real determining factor between a cap and a latte, as it is with all milk/coffee concoctions.)
    The added bonus with a flat white order is that it generally gets by as the “plain Jane” of the barista shop and the trainees don’t practice making their tulip latte art. I’m a cynic. If I want pretty pictures, I go to a museum. I want to drink my coffee and enjoy the taste, not feel like a book burner for destroying someone’s “creation”.

  2. A CAPPUCCINO is made with the ratio of milk and coffee: 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, 1/3 frothed milk or microfoam
    It should be served In a cup 150 – 180 ml. Its origin is, of course, Italy.

    What is the difference between a cappuccino and a flat white?

    photo credit: Flat White vs Cappuccino: Every Difference You Need To Know – Coffee Bros.
    When talking about a FLAT WHITE, the ratio should be a double shot of espresso with 2/3 of the volume steamed milk (with ideally microfoam ). It should be served as a cappuccino. A Flat White could be from either New Zealand or Australia, though they have not worked out exactly who is responsible.
    Enjoy either~

  3. The only thing you can say with certainty is that they are both a smallish drink consisting of espresso and steamed milk. Perhaps you could extend that to say that a cappuccino tends to be milder and foamier.
    I answered this in more depth here: Sebastian Stephenson’s answer to What is the difference between latte and flat white? Is there even a small difference?
    These drinks are made slightly differently everywhere depending on cultural preferences and economic pressures. Arguing over the “correct” way to make them is just semantics, really.
    A “traditional” Italian cappuccino is around 30 grams of espresso with about 120–150 ml of steamed milk poured into it. The precise “fluffiness” of the milk will vary — some make them quite wet, whereas others make them more dry. For the Barista Championships, the Specialty Coffee Association prescribes a foam depth of about 1cm. A flat white typically has more espresso — around 40g — with about the same amount of milk. Foam depth will usually be closer to half a centimeter.
    The idea of 3rd espresso, 3rd milk, 3rd foam seems to have been an invention of big brands in an attempt to differentiate their drinks from one another. I was never served a cappuccino like that anywhere in Italy, for what it’s worth.
    During the “Second Wave” of coffee, the cappuccino got larger and larger. American-style chains engaged in portion wars in an effort to provide the most bang for one’s buck. Partly as a result, roast profiles got darker in an effort to cut through so much milk.
    When Antipodean cafes began moving toward smaller blends of higher grade coffee, they began roasting lighter in an effort to preserve some of the coffees actual flavor. Lighter roasts don’t do well under a huge amount of milk, so the flat white in many ways was a reclaiming of the smaller milk drink.
    And that’s really all it comes down to — different amounts of coffee and milk. If in doubt, simply ask the barista how they make their drinks.

  4. A flat white is made with whole milk and ristretto shots. It also has a microfoam! A cappuccino is made with 2% and regular espresso shots and it mostly consists of the foam and shots.

  5. A Cappuccino and a Flat White can be made at Starbucks in any size but Trenta.
    A Cappuccino is made with shots, steamed 2% milk and about an inch of foam.
    A Flat White is made with an extra Ristretto shot and steam Whole milk.

  6. Traditionally a cappuccino is made of equal portions is espresso, steamed milk and froth/foam. It should be served so these products are homogenized. It should be 6 ounces This drink originated in Italy.
    A flat white is traditionally five ounces, 1.5–2 ounces espresso. 1.5–2 ounces steamed milk, 1–2 ounces froth/ foam. This product should also be served in a homogeneous fashion. This drink originated in Australi.

  7. What is the difference between a cappuccino and a flat white?
    The difference is in the ratio of milk-foam-espresso, as well as what portion of the milk is used and which portions of the espresso shot is used. I love a good flat white.
    “ A flat white is essentially the opposite of a “dry cappuccino”, which has dry frothy foam but no liquid milk. A flat white has milk (or microfoam) but no froth. The ‘milk should be velvety rather than fluffy … therefore “stronger”, which requires a shorter, “ristretto” [espresso shot] run to avoid harsh flavours ‘.”
    Flat white – Wikipedia

    What is the difference between a cappuccino and a flat white?

  8. A cappuccino uses regular espresso, 2% milk, and they ariate it for around 8–10 seconds.
    A flat white is made with Ristretto shots, whole milk, ariated for around 4–6 seconds, and has to be perfectly poured at the right angle, so that there is a perfect white dot in the middle


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