What is the cheapest way to have coffee every morning?

What is the cheapest way to have coffee every morning?

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  1. A2A – Thank you.
    I love coffee – Instant AND freshly ground.
    However, I’m clueless on how to make prepare the latter.
    So, most of my coffee consumption is limited to Instant Coffee.
    If you’re looking for the cheapest method, I’d recommend that.
    You need to ask yourself, “Is coffee really that important to me?”
    For a lot of people, coffee is a just fad. Switch their gourmet coffee with instant coffee in a hipster setting and they won;t even be able to tell them apart.

  2. Good question. I was at the bank one day talking to the teller. She was saying how hard it was to buy a home in the Bay Area. I told her she had to make small savings steps and I could giver her a first area she where she could start saving. She was interested. ‘How much did you pay for that coffee drink?” “Six dollars.” ($6.00! WOW! ) was her answer. I told her she could start by drinking coffee she made at home or the bank’s. When I was working, unless I was eating in a restaurant, I never stopped off and just bought coffee. I brought my own lunch to work. Even when I owned my own business, it was a rare occasion I went out to lunch. And, I made coffee every morning – two pots – for me and my employees. Just think how much money you can save if you drank coffee you made at h…

  3. I prefer a really good cup of freshly ground, medium roast coffee, but what I need in the morning is something hot, caffeinated, available, and cheap. Tasting great is nice, but doesn’t make my daily top 4.
    I just had to replace my trusty single serve ground coffee maker with timer ( worked great for 14 years, then it didn’t). I bought a new one from amazon for about $40 that came with a reusable filter on the single serve (14 oz, it can also make a pot), and has a timer. I prepare it the night before (using pre-ground coffee – the horror), and it is ready when I wake up.
    I buy Choc full o nuts half caff pre-ground. It has a good aroma and decent taste (at least the first few cups have a good aroma, it fades pretty quick). I expect the coffeemaker to last at least 5 years, so really isn’t a factor in the total costs. A 10.5oz can usually be purchased for about $3 on sale. This gets me about 21 cups of coffee (14 oz), or just over $0.14/travel mug. I don’t use cream or sugar, so there are no hidden costs. I also usually get a new travel mug every year or so from someone for Christmas, so I don’t buy that.
    You may be able to save a bit more by going to a larger can, but for me, the last half lacks flavor. You could also try a store brand or discount brand, but you’ll save a penny per cup at best, and I’m content with the flavor.
    While cheap is not quite as important to me as convenient, buying pre-ground and brewing your own for about $0.14/14 oz cup is pretty hard to beat.
    You could improve the taste by grinding your own, but I leave my house every morning before anyone else is up – grinding at 4:15 am would be impolite and potentially hazardous to my health.

  4. Thanks for asking!
    I’ve found that the best way to save money and have coffee every morning is to simply make it at home and take it in a reusable cup

  5. Ways to Stop Spending So Much Money on Coffee
    Prep your coffee machine at night. …
    Get some equipment you’re excited to use. …
    Learn the ins and outs of your office’s coffee and coffee maker. …
    Talk walks instead of coffee breaks. …
    5. Make coffee shop coffee a special treat. …

  6. What is the cheapest way to have coffee every morning?
    Find the lowest price green coffee beans, roast them to your level of taste, grind them just before brewing and drink it black.
    Not sure that is what you wanted to hear. The alternative is to find a hotel or office, either yours or another company that offers coffee to their guests and customers and employees. Free is better than cheap.
    The cheapest coffee actually is probably instant coffee, which technically is not coffee, it is instant coffee.


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