What is the best way to do a coffee enema?

What is the best way to do a coffee enema?

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  2. Disregard the negative information you run across, people have been doing coffee enemas for a long time, and enemas in general for a very long time. It’s not complicated, and anyone with a little common sense should be able to safely give themselves an enema. While I’m a little skeptical about some of the claimed benefits, there are many people (including myself) who claim to have benefited from coffee enemas. If you think you may benefit or are merely curious as to what it is like, there’s no good reason not to try it.
    Some people have trouble retaining the enema especially if it is their first time, and some people are apparently a lot more sensitive to caffeine than others. Most sources recommend starting with a small quantity of really weak coffee, and don’t think that just because you have a quart in your bag you have to take it all. You probably want to be near the toilet, place a towel or two in the floor so you can get comfortable.
    Check the temperature, either using a thermometer or your hand. It should be at body temperature or slightly warmer but not hot. Make sure the clamp is closed before adding the coffee to your bag, then once the bag is hung open the clamp to get all the air out of the hose. The bag should be hung relatively low so that it doesn’t flow too fast but you can regulate the flow with the clamp of my pinching the hose with your fingers if necessary.
    Lay down and get comfortable, lube the nozzle and yourself with a suitable lubricant, and gently insert. Relax for a moment and slowly open the clamp. Most clamps have multiple positions besides wide open and it will be easier to retain if taken slowly. If it starts to get uncomfortable stop the flow. Try to retain it for a few minutes if possible, but if the urge to go starts getting strong get to the toilet. After you’ve done it a few times you’ll have a better idea as to how long you can hold, and how long you can wait before making a dash to the toilet but the first time or two it may slip up on you so err on the side of caution.

  3. Well, go to Starbucks, pull up in the drive through and unbuckle your pants.
    Seriously though coffee enemas have made a huge comeback. They are touted as being able to cure anything from depression, to cancer, to MS, which I suffer from.
    If you are inexperienced, and by asking this question I would guess you are, make the coffee weak, the amount small, and the pressure low.
    It’s a really good idea to take a plain water enema of 1 to 2 quarts first to clear. the rectum of any fecal material Again, for novices I would stick closer to the low end. Having a clear rectum and lower colon makes it much easier to retain the coffee enema.
    When you do the coffee enema keep the amount of liquid around 2 cups (250 ml). What’s important here is to retain the enema for 15-20 min. This gets easier with practice.
    As far as actual techni…

  4. The best tip is to not do it. There is no benefit except if you like putting things up your bum. Then go ahead, but I’d suggest using a dildo. They are easier to wash as most of them are dishwasher safe.


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