What is the best traditional coffee brewing method?

What is the best traditional coffee brewing method?

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  1. This is dependent upon the type, quality and roast of the beans available and the quality/consistency of the grinder.
    For most coffee an espresso enables a good cup and the flexibility to allow a wide variety of different ‘drinks’. Espresso can extract the flavour without the bitterness in a very short time. It also allows from the initial extraction a large variety of drinks to be constructed. Straight espresso, cappacino, cafe-latte, flat white etc etc.
    When you start moving to the more exotic and subtle coffees the deep roast that is normally used for an espresso will overpower many of those subtleties. For these you will need a lighter roast and a different brewing method.
    Probably the best method for getting the most desirable flavours and least bitterness etc is syphon or vacuum brewing Vacuum coffee maker – Wikipedia . The partial vacuum softly pulls (technically it’s pushed by the external air pressure) the water through the coffee grounds resulting in a ‘softer’ more subtle drink.
    Cold drip is best for when you want cold or iced coffee. A number of acidic oils are extracted when using hot water or steam. While these can be desirable in a hot/warm coffee they will over a few hours go rancid resulting in that characteristic cold coffee taste. Extracting coffee with cold water doesn’t pull those oils out and so retains a consistent flavour after brewing for far longer.
    It’s also really nice with sparkling/soda water
    tl:dr Espresso for general use, syphon for special high quality coffees, cold drip for iced coffee.

  2. If it would be the brewing method that produces the best tasting cup, then it would have to be espresso, apart from enjoying it on its own, I also like the drinks that uses it as a base, e.g. cappuccinos, long blacks, etc.
    But if it would be the best in terms of accessibility, affordability and still produces great coffee, then it would either be a pour over or french press. They don’t cost an arm and a leg to get started, learning curve isn’t that steep and has the capacity to make single or multiple cups.


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