What is the best sugar substitute to use in coffee?

What is the best sugar substitute to use in coffee?

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  1. You could try honey but that might not work. I wouldn’t recommend artificial sweeteners as they’re not good for you. There’s a natural sweetener called Stevia which I believe comes from a leaf of a plant. Best thing is just to do without if you can; takes a little while to get used to but not impossible and you’ll soon become accustomed to the taste without.

  2. When my wife was cutting sugar from her diet, I went along with it and tried several sugar substitutes. Everyone has their own tastes, but for me Splenda worked OK, without having some of the pronounced aftertaste of some of the others. Here is what I did fairly soon after trying sugar substitutes……….I quit using sweeteners in my coffee at all. I stopped cold turkey and have only drunk black coffee since. Now I can actually taste coffee the way it should be tasted. The variety is surprising. It was all masked by the sugar and cream. I’ve enjoyed coffee much more and even roast my own at home. I hope you find a sweetener that suits you, but if you can’t stand them, give black coffee a try.

  3. Try Putting This In Your Coffee Instead Of Sugar
    True coffee lovers are always on the lookout for the next best thing. In this case, the next best sweetener. There are so many healthier options to sweeten your coffee than just plain sugar . All-natural spices and sweeteners give your coffee that extra kick you need in the morning. Regular, granulated sugar isn’t always the healthiest option and besides, if you never try anything else, you might never discover that there are other options that taste really good. Why not add a little boost to your coffee? Adding healthier options is that much more beneficial than just your typical caffeine fix. Oh, and caffeine is pretty good for you as well, by the way. From antioxidants to heart health benefits, natural sweetener options are just the way to go, IMHO.
    These options can even taste better than regular sugar as well. Maple flavored coffee? Sign me up! Who doesn’t like a little extra something when it comes to their morning cup of coffee? It’s the best wake up call that you can get. Wondering what type of healthy options to add to your coffee? Here are a few of my personal favorites to jump start my coffee. Oh, and don’t forget to Instagram your final creation — that’s important too.
    Honey—Honey is the ultimate healthy sweetener. It has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that make hit a great way to super charge your morning coffee.
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  4. Xylitol tastes just like sugar, is a natural substance from birch trees, has antibacterial properties and health benefits to sinuses and to dental health.
    Xylitol: The biggest game changer for dental hygiene – MoonlightBeachDental.com

  5. No sugar at all.
    Over a period I weaned myself off anything being added. How? Partly shame, partly by design.
    I used to take those little blue sachets of sweetener. One of my work colleagues would scowl at me, telling me just to use sugar instead. Fine. OK, I did.
    Then I went on the Whole 30 Challenge (well, 45 days). So I had to cut out those little moo moo creamers, and the sweetener altogether.
    After a few days – I was golden. I got a better taste for coffee (stopped drinking Starbucks) and in the end enjoyed my coffee more. I didn’t turn into a snob, but I got used to buying nicer coffee from smaller roasters. And I was healthier overall for it.


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